Minutes of the Planning Meeting
       held on Monday 21 September 1998 at 7pm in the Bowls Pavilion

Present:   RJ Farrington (Chair)   R Day   HM Smith   RT Summerfield
           LC Twinn and the clerk SJ Daniels.

       1.  Apologies for Absence: JE Coston  J Shaw  RLE Waters.

426/98 2.  Appeal
(94/98)    New Dwelling on Land at former Library Site at Coles Road
           Noted that the County Council's Appeal against SCDC's
           decision to refuse planning permission was dismissed. The
           scheme would be an intrusive addition to the street scene
           which would fail to preserve or enhance the appearance and
           character of the area contrary to the Local Plan Policy C31.
           The scheme would not be well related to its surroundings as
           sought by Structure Plan Policy SP12/10. The proximity to
           the buildings of no 14 Fen Road and 1A Coles Road would act
           to the detriment of the living conditions of the adjoining
           occupants contrary to the aims of good neighbourliness
           promoted in Planning Policy Guidance 1. The Inspector was
           concerned about the cramped nature of the scheme and the
           over development of its plot

       3.  Decisions Received

427/98     P Runham 49 Fen Road - extension refused.
(402/98)   Over development of the site and a significant loss of light
           and sunlight to no 47. The extension would also appear
           overbearing when viewed from that property.

428/98     Mr TT Tyrrell 162 The Rowans - front extension approved.

       4.  New Applications

429/98     S/0917/93 Rowing Trust - amended plans revised general layout.
(372/98)   The following comments were sent to SCDC.
           "1. Construction traffic must not use Fen Road Milton.

           2.  Consideration should be given to a link for cyclists from
               Milton Country Park along the southern end of the lake to
               be used as a local cycle route to the river.

           3.  We are concerned that as the whole scheme is being reduced
               in size the amount of spoil extracted will be concentrated
               on smaller areas of land thus increasing the height of the

           4.  We are concerned at the loss of the Country Park element.

           5.  We are concerned at the reduction in landscaping on the
               north/west side.

           6.  We are concerned in general about the drainage.

           7.  We do not like the design for the new aqueduct. Its capacity
               does not seem as large as the previous design. It would
               appear to be a sediment tank that cannot be cleaned out.

           8.  We are concerned about the maintenance of Public Drains.
               Are the Environment Agency aware of the problems of drainage?

           9.  If the lake is higher than the River Cam then water will
               flow into the Cam against the natural flow of the river
               at the outfall into the river.

           10. Does the Fen Road bridge allow for access for agricultural
               vehicles including combine harvesters? Will the bridge
               comply with the County Council standard for cycle bridges?

           11. We would like the assurance that the trees along the
               drift road will not be lost.

           12. We understand that the conditions as set out in the Draft
               Conditions (revision 6) dated 15/12/95 cease to have any
               effect without renewal of permission by December 1998.
               Is this correct?"

430/98     S/0840/98 P Runham 49 Fen Road  - amendments to lean-to.
(350/98)   Roofing panels omitted, velux roof lights added.  For
           information only.

431/98     S/0849/98 Mr & Mrs Heath 8 Goding Way - amendments.
(351/98)   Slight enlargement to front porch, two storey rear extension
           omitted, existing single storey utility room extended. For
           information only. Permission already approved - no objections
           by Planning Officer to amendments.

432/98     S/1442/98 Upware Marina 2 bungalows at r/o 8-10 Cambridge Road.
(137/98)   Preservation of the old farm hedge on the southern boundary

433/98     S/1535/98 Nickerson Biocem Ltd Science Park - 2nd flue stack.
           Information requested as to what was being extracted.

432/98     S/1536/98 Trinity (CSP) Ltd - erection of new security fencing
           to the southern boundary of the Science Park. No comments.

433/98     S/1537/98 Trinity (CSP) Ltd - land between buildings 290 and 320
           Science Park - Day Nursery for Children. No comments.

434/98 5.  Draft Regional Planning Guidance
(369/98)   It was agreed to support SCDC's sequential approach to

           "1st preference - development within Cambridge making best
           use of previously developed 'brownfield' land whilst
           maintaining the Green Belt intact.

           If development needs cannot be met from the 1st preference

           2nd preference - development in and around the ring of market
           towns which mark the present outer limits of the Cambridge
           Area, again making best use of previously developed
           'brownfield' land.

           If development needs cannot be met from the first two
           preferences then:

           3rd preference - growth on rural 'brownfield' land which is
           in sustainable locations - primarily land which is presently
           well served by public transport or where good public transport
           services can be guaranteed.

           And if development needs cannot be met from the first three
           preferences, only then:

           4th preference - limited release(s) on the inner edge of the
           Green Belt around Cambridge provided that the integrity of
           the Green Belt remains intact eg separation is maintained
           between Cambridge and the "necklace" villages."

 The meeting ended at 8.25pm.