Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
           held on Monday 7 July 2003 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   PK Oldham (chair)   HM Smith   EH Baker   RH Chapman   JE Coston
           IR Cowley   R Day   M Ellwood   B Jefferson   CJ Lock   IF May
           RT Summerfield   LC Twinn   RLE Waters
           The clerk  SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence   -   RJ Farrington.    
266/03 2   Declarations of Interest   - there were no declarations of interest.

       3   Minutes - the minutes of the meeting of 2 June 03 were approved
           and signed.

       4   Clerk's Report  
267/03     Seats
(108/03)   The seats were all in place. The clerk needed to resolve some
           issues with the residents who are sponsoring the seats. 

268/03     Allotments Committee
(187/03)   Ian May was elected a member of the allotments committee.  

269/03     Huntingdon to Cambridge Rapid Transport System
(197/03)   Council's response to the consultation:
           - Concerns about the effect on traffic on Milton Road
           - Possible impact on the Milton bus service
           - Lack of information and detail in the consultation document made
             it difficult to give an informed response.

270/03     Sewage Treatment Works
(255/03)   A letter from a resident was received thanking the PC for continuing
           to pursue AWA.
           Nearly 900 complaints had been received in response to the article
           in the Village View. Copies of this petition had gone to AWA, County
           Council, City Council, SCDC, MPC and the Environment Agency. 

271/03     Rowing Trust
           The Rowing Trust had removed that Article of Association which gives
           the Parish Councils the right to attend sub committee meetings as
           observers. Waterbeach PC had sent an objection to the Charity
           AGREED that Milton PC should also object.
           Action:  the clerk  

           The Rowing Trust now had 97% of the land needed. The County Council
           officers handling the sale of County Council land were aware of
           Milton's concerns and hoped to safeguard public access for local
           villagers. The County Council cabinet would decide on the sale in
           There were likely to be significant changes to the Section 106
           Agreement - MPC would be consulted.
           The RT would like to see the bridleway adjacent to the golf course
           turned into a one way traffic system for large events.
           Many issues were still be resolved.

       5   Planning  
272/03     Appeal - Mr & Mrs AE Dewey 49 Old School Lane - against refusal of
(74/03)    permission for a single storey rear extension, part two storey part
           single storey side extension - dismissed.  

           Decisions Received 

273/03     Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd  Science Park - variation of
(118/03)   condition 1 of pp S/1022/99/O to allow a further period of 3 years
           for the submission of reserved matters - approved. All details of
           reserved matters to be submitted for approval by 10 January 2006.

274/03     Mrs JA Rice 13 Fen Road - double garage - amendment - no
(133/03)   recommendation (delegated). Subsequently approved.

275/03     Mr W O'Connor  99 Pony Field  Chesterton Fen Road - siting of one 
(160/03)   mobile home and one touring caravan for single family occupation
           and grazing - refused. Contrary to various Policies in the Structure
           Plan 1995, the Approved South Cambs Local Plan 1993, South Cambs
           Local Plan No 2 (Proposed Modification 2002) and the Cambridge Green
           Belt Local Plan 1992. 
           These Policies are designed to protect the rural character of the
           countryside. Buildings would be permitted only if essential to
           agriculture, etc.
           The site is at risk of flooding.  Application therefore is contrary
           to Policies re flooding in the Structure and Local Plans.

276/03     Donarbon Ltd   Ely Road Waterbeach - erection of building for
(161/03)   reception of material for composting - approved. Landscaping scheme
           to screen the north-west and scheme to protect the permitted
           building against the ingress/ignition of landfill gas to be approved.

277/03     Mr & Mrs Romeo-Smith 36 The Oaks - extension - refused.
(202/03)   Contrary to Policy SP12/10 of the Structure Plan and Policy HG17 of
           the Local Plan No 2 (Proposed Modifications).  The extension would
           have a negative material effect on the neighbours' visual amenity
           with the building mass being unacceptably large.

278/03     Mr & Mrs S Campbell  54 Butt Lane - single storey addition to
(203/03)   utility room and garage front of building - approved. External
           materials to be identical to those used for existing building.

279/03     Mr & Mrs Corkin 58 The Rowans - conservatory - approved.

280/03     Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd Science Park - sports and social 
(206/03)   club building - approved.

281/03     Milton Parish Council - renewal of time limited permission S/0857/00
(208/03)   - approved till 30 June 2006.

282/03     Nelson O'Connor - Sandy Park Chesterton Fen Road - transit site for
(209/03)   gypsies and construction of access road - refused.   Details below.

283/03     Various applications for siting of gypsy caravans at Sandy Park
(210/03)&  Chesterton Fen Road [including retrospective application S/0938/03
(248/03)   for 2 mobile  homes for A Webb at  Camside Farm]. Contrary to
           various Policies as below. This site is also at risk of flooding.
           Application therefore is contrary to Policies re flooding in the
           Structure and Local Plans. 
           - all refused.  
             Contrary to various Policies in the Structure Plan 1995, the
             Approved South Cambs Local Plan 1993, South Cambs Local Plan No 2
             (Proposed Modification 2002) and the Cambridge Green Belt Local
             Plan 1992. 
             These Policies are designed to protect the rural character of the
             countryside. Buildings would be permitted only if essential to
             agriculture, etc.
284/03     Cambridge Regional College - extension to form store - approved

           New Applications

285/03     C/11/40/72 Symbian Ltd Ely Road - removal of tree - approve.

286/03     S/2320/2000 Mr A Hanson 24 High Street - additional window in rear
(131/03)   elevation - for information only.  

287/03     S/1154/03 D Miller 48 Butt Lane - vehicular access - approve.

288/03     S/1179/03 L Lindsay 17A High Street first floor extension above
           garage at side - no recommendation.
289/03     S/1216/03 Cambs County Council - Milton Primary School - single
           storey pitched roof extension to form a new group room; 3 additional
           parking spaces accessed from Butt Lane - no recommendation. 

290/03     S/1241/03 Mr & Mrs Henderson 28 The Rowans - second storey extension
           - no recommendation. Noted that SCDC Development and Control
           Committee had refused permission by 12 votes to 7.

           The above applications were decided under delegated powers.

291/03     S/1251/03 GJ & JM Wicks 28 Old School Lane - 1.8 metre high boundary
           fence - refuse - out of character in a rural street scene.
           (7 votes for 7 abstentions).

292/03     C/11/40/72 Cambs County Council - horse chestnut tree adjacent to
           bus stop High Street - raising of crown to 5 metres over road and
           pruning back from adjacent property by 1 metre - approve. (5 votes
           for, 2 against and 7 abstentions).

293/03     C/11/17/72/8 Edmund House - tree surgery on two oak trees - approve.

294/03 6   Highways - the minutes of the meeting of 9 June were received and

295/03 7   Minibus Update
           The minibus was being hired by a few organisations.

296/03 8   Landfill Liaison report  
           Recent meeting - update:  Planning permission was being sought to
           extend the working hours of the landfill site from 6am to 6pm
           possibly for 7 days a week.
           Concerns were expressed about the problems of traffic queuing on
           Butt Lane for the household waste recycling centre - as far back
           as to the traffic lights on occasions. The clerk would write to
           Chris Brown County Council about this problem.
           Action:  the clerk
           Household waste would eventually be taken to Donarbon.
           Richard Bowen Environment Agency wished to be kept informed of
           sewage works complaints.

297/03 9   MCC Update
           Tesco were able to help support financially another piece of
           equipment for the skate park.
           There were concerns about the lack of security at MYC building -
           new lock was needed on the door. PKO would ask MCC to arrange
           immediate repairs. 
           Action:  PKO
           The fence between Tesco and the recreation ground had still not been
           replaced  Trolleys were causing a nuisance both on the recreation
           grounds and in the village.  The clerk would contact Tesco about
           both of these issues.
           Action:  the clerk
           JEC had received a letter about motor cycles on the Coles Road car
           park. Complaints had also been received about cars "racing" around
           the car park late at night. It was suggested that a gate/barrier
           could be erected.  For MCC to discuss?

298/03 10  Accounts:
           - Internal Audit  - report received and circulated.  All procedures
             were satisfactory.
           - ills for Payment and Money Received - noted that a minibus account
             had been set up. Bob Pain treasurer was dealing with the day to day
             administration. Cheques drawn on this account were listed in the
             Bills for Payment schedule. The clerk had transferred £200 into
             this account.
             CONFIRMED  payment of cheques 2575 to 2579
             AGREED  payment of cheques 2580 to 2595
299/03 11  County Councillor's report
           A complaint had been received about cars parked at the bend in
           Coles Road near Thurlton and Norton Courts.
           Action:  Highways Committee to discuss
           Committee members  were being invited to inspect the manufacture
           of the cycle bridge on 21 July.
           Police report received.

300/03 12  District Councillor's report
           The Lion & Lamb public entertainments licence was now in place -
           same conditions as for other public houses viz 2 events per month 
           Saturdays and Sundays only.
           Household Recycling Centre - the City and County Councils were
           planning to allow 2 hectares (5 acres) of land at the sewage works
           for a materials recycling facility. SCDC officers were asking for
           more information from the County.
           Wheelie Bins -  collections to be on Tuesdays as from 5 August -
           wheelie bins from 2 December. 
           Community Safety Competition - details received.

301/03 13  Correspondence 
           SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks)
            - Annual Conference and Regional one-day conferences
              on quality councils 
           NALC - Annual Conference
           I&DeA (Improvement and Development Agency) - Guide for new members
           County Council - Changes to local bus services
           Environment Agency - Flood Action Newsletter Issue 1
           CALC - Bulletin & Members' allowances
           Fire & Rescue Service  - Corporate Performance Plan 2003/04
           Care Network - Community Care newsletters
           South Cambs NHS Primary Care Trust   - Bulletin and Newsletter
           Standards Board for England - Revised booklet re interests

       14  Dates of  Next Meetings
            Play        14 July
            Planning    21 July
            Finance     21 July
            Council     1 September
            Maintenance tba

The meeting ended at 8.57pm.