Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
           held on Monday 12 May 2003 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   PK Oldham (chair)   HM Smith   EH Baker   RH Chapman
           JE Coston (from min 212/03)   IR Cowley   R Day   M Ellwood
           RJ Farrington   B Jefferson   CJ Lock   IF May   RT Summerfield
           LC Twinn   RLE Waters
           The clerk SJ Daniels and two members of the public (part)
184/03 1   Apologies for absence - JEC (at Landbeach APM). 
           The chairman welcomed Council especially the two new members, all
           of whom signed the declaration of acceptance of office.
           Congratulations to RTS for beiong elected district councillor.
           There were no declarations of interest.

185/03 2   Election of chairman and signing of declaration of acceptance of
           AGREED to elect PKO as chairman.  
           He signed the declaration of acceptance of office.  
186/03 3   Election of vice chairman
           AGREED to elect HMS as vice chairman.
187/03 4   Committees
           The document on Committees prepared by the ad hoc committee was
           approved (see mins 165-166/03). The following committees were
            Allotments         RD ME CJL  WD Booth  E Spong
            Cemetery           JEC RD ME BJ PKO  The Rector
            Community Care     RD ME BJ IFM LCT
            Community Minibus  RJF IFM  C Nunn  B Pain  G Sheen
            Finance            EHB JEC PKO  HMS RTS RLEW
            Highways           JEC IRC RD RJF BJ PKO  RTS LCT RLEW
            Planning           JEC IRC  RD RJF BJ CJL  HMS RTS LCT  RLEW
            Maintenance        EHB RHC BJ PKO HMS LCT RLEW
            MYCMG              EHB  HMS LCT  K D'Arcy (IVC)  L Henderson 
                               + Youth leaders
            Play               EHB JEC IRC ME CJL HMS RLEW  
                               H Ashford  T Feetenby  K Finney  L Henderson
                               D May  A Weeks  
            Youth              EHB RHC HMS LCT  L Henderson 
188/03  5   Representatives
            The following representatives were confirmed:
             Archaeological Warden     WD Booth
             Child Protection Officer  L Henderson
             Country Park (& Deputy)   PKO (RD)
             Day Centre                IFM
             Footpaths Officer         RLEW 
             Impact                    BJ      
             Landfill Liaison          HMS LCT RHC
             MCC                       RLEW 
             Milton Charities          RD IFM  P Harrold  BC Waterson
             Police Liaison            JEC       
             Press Officer             PKO
             Rowing Trust              HMS   
             School Governors          DJL
             Tree Warden (& Deputy)    PKO (SJ Snaith)
             Trolley Bus               JEC       
             Village View              JEC
             Website                   PKO

189/03  6   Minutes - the minutes of the meeting of 7 April 03 were approved
            and signed following an amendment to minute 164/03 - 3 abstentions.

190/03  7   Clerk's Report
(496/02)    Highways - there were still highway matters outstanding from the
            Dec 02 meeting.  Action: Highways Committee  

191/03      Christmas Lights
(144/03)    The clerk had received no quotation from Mr Langley of Waterbeach.
            In view of the probable costs involved it was AGREED not to pursue
            - 9 votes in favour 3 against and 2 abstentions.

192/03      Street Lighting The Rowans
(145/03)    SCDC would pay up to 25% of the cost. Advice had been received,
            however, to "lobby"the CCC for the light.
            Action: Highways Committee

193/03      Tesco
(168/03)    Tesco would give Council's comments "full consideration". The
            clerk would ask for a more detailed response. Action:  the clerk

            Four Key Consultations
194/03      Waste Local Plan Modifications
            This plan tackles the implications of how waste is managed in
            Cambridgeshire and Peterborough up to 2011 and beyond. A public
            inquiry was held into the plan in 2002 - no further comments.

195/03      Structure Plan Modifications 
            The Structure Plan for the county sets out the development
            strategy for housing, transport, education, community and
            environmental needs until 2016. A public inquiry was held into
            this plan in 2002 - no further comments.

196/03      Local Transport Plan
            This plan makes proposals for the future of the county's
            transport system and the bids to be made to Government for
            funding to make them happen. As the UK's fastest growing county,
            Cambridgeshire faces big challenges on how its transport
            infrastructure will support all this growth. The new Transport
            Plan aims to tackle these challenges and sets out policies for
            developing transport over the next decade - no further comments.

197/03      Rapid Transit System
            This consultation will be on the proposed route for a Rapid
            Transit system from Huntingdon to Cambridge. The high quality
            system will use the alignment of the former St Ives rail line as
            well as stretches of existing roads. The system is designed to
            help relieve congestion on the A14 and provide the new settlement
            planned for the Longstanton/Oakington area with good access to
            Cambridge and Huntingdon, helping reduce car use in that area -
            details needed. Action - the clerk

        8   Planning  
198/03      Application S/0571/03 9 David Bull Way -  noted that the Planning
(157/03)    Officers were recommending approval. RTS reported that this had
            been approved.

            Decisions Received
199/03      Mr & Mrs  Butterfill  21 Butt Lane - extensions - refused. The
(120/03)    dormer window would be a prominent and incongruous feature,
            seriously detracting from the traditional character of the house.
            As such contrary to Policy SP12/10 of the Structure Plan 1995
            and Policy HG17 of the South Cambs Deposit Local Plan 1999. The
            dormer window would overlook gardens of 19 and 23 Butt Lane and
            therefore contrary to Policies above.

            New Applications

200/03      C/11/17/72/1 Mr & Mrs Sylvester 7 Knights Way - tree surgery to
            ash (TPO) - no comments (delegated).

201/03      S/0205/03  J Holder Queen Anne Lodge Fen Road  -  garage/workshop
(116/03)    - amendment for information only.

202/03      S/0768/03 Mr & Mrs Romeo-Smith 36 The Oaks - extension - no

203/03      S/0800/03 Mr & Mrs S Campbell 54 Butt Lane - single storey
            addition to utility room and garage front of building.
            Standing Orders were suspended to allow a resident to express
            concerns about inappropriate development, health & safety issues,
            invasion of privacy,  soundproofing and loss of parking.
            Standing Orders were resumed.

            It was proposed that Council refuse the application - contrary to
            Policy SP12/10 of the Structure Plan (character of the dwelling/
            relating to surroundings) and HG17 of the Local Plan (not in
            keeping with local characteristics). 
            An amendment was CARRIED to refuse the application - contrary to
            Policy SP12/10 only of the Structure Plan - 9 votes in favour
            5 abstentions.
            The substantive motion was then AGREED 
            to refuse the application as it was contrary to Policy SP12/10 of 
            the Structure Plan 
            (9 votes in favour, 1 against and 4 abstentions).

            Due to the power cut the meeting was the adjourned at 8.40pm
            to The Sycamores Pavilion.
            Meeting resumed at 9.05pm.
204/03      S/0815/03 Q.ton Ltd  Unit 24 Science Park - extension to provide
            100 bedroom hotel, health / fitness centre and additional
            conference facilities after demolition of existing health and
            squash club buildings. 
            Standing Orders were suspended to allow a member of the public
            to speak. Following resumption of Standing Orders Council
            AGREED to refuse the application: (13 votes in favour 1 abstention)
            "- Over-development and contrary to the ethos and original
               planning conditions of the Science Park  viz low density, well
               landscaped buildings for research and development.
             - The loss of parking spaces. The parking as proposed is
             - This development will exacerbate the traffic problems in the
             - Contrary to the Cambs Structure Plan 1995 Policy SP12/10 which
               seeks all new developments to relate well to their surroundings.
             - The loss of trees. The fine lime tree must be preserved. 
             - Environmental damage and damage to the bio-diversity of the
               site. We are concerned about the damage that could be caused
               by the construction of what appears to be a  walkway to the
             Over 100 members of the squash club will be seriously
             disadvantaged by this development. We are surprised that room
             cannot be found for replacement squash courts in such a large

205/03      S/0833/03 Mr & Mrs Corkin 58 The Rowans - conservatory - no
            recommendation .

206/03      S/0830/03 Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd Science Park - sports
            and social club building - no recommendation.

207/03      S/0831/03 Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd Science Park -
            extension to warehouse - no recommendation.

208/03      S/0859/03 Milton Parish Council - portable building for Youth
            Activities (renewal of time limited permission S/0587/00) -

209/03      S/0903/03 Nelson O'Connor - Sandy Park Chesterton Fen Road -
            transit site for gypsies and construction of access road -
            refuse: (13 votes in favour 1 abstention)
            "Milton Parish Council supports SCDC's Policy for Chesterton Fen
             and therefore objects to this application as the land is outside
             the area designated for gypsy caravans.
             We believe that SCDC should encourage the use of land that has
             been designated for gypsy caravans in Chesterton Fen."

210/03      S/0904/03 to S/915/03 Various applications for siting of gypsy
            caravans at Sandy Park Chesterton Fen Road - refuse (comments as

211/03  9   Youth - The Minutes of the Youth Meeting of 22 April 03 were
212/03  10  APM - The Minutes of the APM 28 April 2003 were received.
             -  Litter - no further action needed at present.
             -  Sewage Works - the smells seemed to be worse after 5pm and at
                weekends. AWA had not yet produced an article for the Village
                View. The clerk would write again to AWA and the Environmental
                Health Officer. 
                Action - the clerk
             -  Bus Fares - there had been three increases in 12 months. JEC
                was looking into it. The clerk would write a letter to support
                JEC. Action - the clerk 

213/03  11  Minibus update 
(164/03)    MPC now owned the minibus. A separate article giving details would
            be published with the Village View (also on website) - costs to be
            met by minibus committee. 

214/03  12  MCC Update 
            There had been a break-in. MCC were looking into the possibility
            of providing security cameras.

215/03  13  Bills for Payment and Money Received 
            CONFIRMED payment of cheques 2540 to 2548
            AGREED payment of cheques 2549 to 2561
            Milton Charities had sent £300 towards the trolley bus. They had
            not sent a contribution for 2002-03 as they were expecting a
            request for help with the minibus.
216/03  14  County Councillor's report
            JEC was following up various street lighting issues.
            A suggestion was made at the Landbeach APM that the priority at
            the slip road from Waterbeach be changed.
            Action:  Highways Committee 
            JEC was continuing to pressurise AWA and Environmental Health
            about the sewage works smells.

217/03  15  District Councillor's report
            A Parish Planning Pack would soon be published - training sessions
            to follow.
            There were four planning applications in Milton not determined
            within 13 weeks:
             - Rowing Lake
             - Camstead (off Shirley Close) - Section 106 Agreement being
             - G Turner Auto Repairs Chesterton Fen - awaiting Flood Risk
             - Inert Waste Recycling Facility Butt Lane - awaiting decision
               from the County Council 

218/03  16  Correspondence  
             Winged Fellowship Trust - Appeal
             DLA (Solicitors) - Transfer of Licence One Stop
             Cambs & Peterborough Joint Waste Strategy
             Cambridge Core Traffic Scheme Stage 3 - Silver Street area
             Periodic Electoral Review County Council
                       - draft proposal consultation document
             CALC Bulletin and workshops for councillors
        17  Dates of Next Meetings
              Finance  13 May
              Council   2 June
              Highways  tba

The meeting ended at 10.25pm.