Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
           held on Monday 7 April 2003 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   EH Baker   JE Coston   R Day   M Ellwood
           RJ Farrington   B Jefferson   DJ Lee   CJ Lock   IF May   TJ Siggs
           RT Summerfield   LC Twinn   RLE Waters
           The clerk  SJ Daniels  and one member of the public (part)
139/03 1   Apologies for absence - PK Oldham.
           HMS thanked DJ Lee and TJ Siggs for their hard work as councillors
           (DJL from May 1991 and TJS from Dec 2000).    

140/03 2   Declarations of Interest
           There were no declarations of interest.

141/03 3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 3 March 2003 were confirmed and
           signed as a true record.

       4   Clerk's Report  
142/03     Milton Detached
(69/03)    Noted that SCDC Electoral Arrangements Committee had agreed to
           review the suggestion to create a separate parish for Chesterton

143/03     A14 Slip Road
(89/03)    Atkins could find no visible evidence of water running across the
           road. They would clear the gullies and jet through the entire
           drainage system.

144/03     Christmas Lights
(107/03)   The clerk had asked Brian Langley from Waterbeach to quote for
           laying on electricity from the telephone box at Pond Green (as he
           did at Waterbeach Green). He was not allowed to take electricity
           from a street light.

145/03     Street Lighting The Rowans
           A resident had requested a street light on The Rowans foot/cycle
           path. The County Council could not afford to put up a street light
           - cost £800. JEC to pursue.
           Action: JEC
146/03 5   Litter Rota
(138/03)   SCD would try to cover Fen Road within their normal litter work.
           The clerk would ask for more details about the suggestion by
           R Carter SCDC that MPC may "be interested in SCDC funding part
           of this (litter picker) person to carry out litter picking to
           verges? The idea is to fund a week or so at critical times
           throughout the year to supplement the current service." 
           Action: the clerk

147/03 6   Planning
           The Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting of 17 March were
148/03     Appeal - by Trinity College (S/1231/02) - southern boundary of
(8/03)     Science Park - against refusal to remove condition 3 of planning
           permission S/1536/98 which required details of pedestrian/cycle
           gate - allowed.
149/03     Napp Pharmaceuticals - noted that Napp intended to apply for
           temporary permission for a new sports and social club the structure
           being from the Terrapin range.

           Decisions Received
150/03     Silver Fern Trust Milton Trading Estate - portable building for
(23/03)    classroom/mess and toilets - approved till 30 June 2008.

151/03     Mr & Mrs Whybrow 5 Old School Lane - extension - approved. 

152/03     Mr & Mrs Liptrot 18 Fen Road - conservatory - approved.
(98/03)    External materials to be identical to existing.

153/03     Mr & Mrs Heybrook 27 Froment Way - conservatory - approved. 

154/03     St John's College adjacent Dirac House Innovation Centre - cycle
(100/03)   store - approved.
155/03     Mr R Cox 169 The Rowans - conversion of garage into bedroom -
(115/03)   approved. Enlarged driveway/parking area to be completed prior to
           occupation of bedroom.

156/03     Mr & Mrs Henderson Half Acre Cambridge Road - extensions - approved.

           New Applications

157/03     S/0571/03 Mr & Mrs M Bamforth 9 David Bull Way - two storey
           extension - refuse.
           Support the concerns of the neighbours at 9 Humphries Way about
           loss of light - proposed extension to be too close to that property
            - over-development.

158/03     S/0616/03 Mr & Mrs Henderson  28 The Rowans - second storey
           extension above study and single storey extension at the rear - no
           recommendation. Unable to make any comment about the single storey
           rear extension because of the lack of information on the plans.

159/03     S/0641/03 Mr & Mrs Heald 5 Garner Close - first floor side
           extension - no recommendation.

160/03     S/0704/03 Mr W O'Connor 99 Pony Field Chesterton Fen Road - siting
           of one mobile home and one touring caravan for single family
           occupation and grazing - no recommendation. Support SCDC's Policies
           for Chesterton Fen.

161/03     S/00685/03/CW Donarbon Ltd Ely Road Waterbeach - erection of a
           building for reception of material for composting - delegated.
           Action: RTS

162/03     Renewable Energy and The Planning System - noted that GO-East were
           holding a series of seminars from April to June.

163/03 7   Maintenance
           The minutes of the Maintenance Committee meeting of 17 March were
           The clerk would remind Herald Contract Services of areas missed
           during the first cut.
           Action: the clerk     

164/03 8   Minibus 
(122/03)   Grant Application  - MPC had been awarded a grant of £10,000 to be
           paid in two stages £9,000 in year one and £1,000 in year two. The
           committee had met with the Countryside Agency to discuss the grant
           conditions. Official launch to be at Village Fayre.
           Committee Terms of Reference - the committee would comprise six
           members three being councillors. The clerk would investigate the
           possibility of a second "minibus" bank account. The committee would
           report to Council quarterly. A set up loan from Council would
           probably be necessary.  Action: the clerk

165/03 9   Committees - Revised List for Approval 
           The ad hoc committee would meet to clarify suggested amendments:
           - non members of the council can be co-opted
           - a minimum of two councillors to serve on any committee
           - there must be quorum of councillors if a committee is voting
             to spend money.
166/03 10  Standing Orders - Amendment re Quorum of Committees 
(128/03)   AGREED that Standing Order 48 should read:

           "Except where ordered by the Council in the case of a committee, or
            by the Council or by the appropriate committee in the case of a
            sub-committee, the quorum of a committee or sub-committee shall be
            one-third of its members, with a minimum of three members."

           There were concerns that the minimum number of councillors should
           be specified for spending committees.
           Action (for items 9 & 10 above):
               ad hoc committee PKO, (HMS), JEC, RTS, RLEW

167/03 11  Health & Safety Policy  
           The Health & Safety Policy prepared by PKO was APPROVED with the
           following amendment:
           The Policy to apply to "councillors and volunteers" as well as to
168/03 12  Report of Tesco Meeting 
(138/03)   A report of the recent meeting between the manager of Tesco and HMS
           and RJF was circulated. There were concerns about trees adjacent
           the Tesco wall, trolleys in the village, the broken fence at the
           rear of the store, litter in the immediate environment, the
           potential dangers caused by queuing vehicles near the petrol
           station and the inadequate turning area for buses. The clerk would
           write to Tesco Head Office.
           Action: the clerk 
           SCDC had cleaned out the 13th Public Drain at the rear of Tesco.

169/03 13  Appointment of School Governor 
           AGREED to recommend that DJL remain as Council's representative on 
                  Milton School Governing Body.

170/03 14  Annual Parish Meeting  
           The format as in previous years. Mowlem had agreed to do a
           presentation about the foot/cycle bridge.  RLEW would give a
           report about the community minibus.
           RD reported that Ann Moore secretary to the Charities (also for
           some years secretary to MCC) had recently died.

171/03 15  MCC Update
           The MCC committee had agreed new charges as from 1 April. Thanks
           from the committee for the MPC grant of £22,000.
           Vandalism at the skate park could invalidate the public liability
           The tennis courts had recently been resurfaced.
           Community Centre and pavilion alterations were progressing slowly.
           Village Fayre on 13 July.

172/03 16  Bills for Payment and Money Received  
           CONFIRMED payment of cheques 2504 to 2512
           AGREED to authorise payment of cheques 2514 to 2539 
           (excluding 2513, 2517 and 2523).
           Noted that MPC was seeking renewal of permission for youth
           building (ch 2539).

173/03 17  Crime Update
           Crime figures were circulated. RLEW expressed disappointment that
           the figures did not reflect the position accurately.
           He intended to retire as Police Liaison Officer. JEC volunteered
           to act as Liaison Officer. 

174/03 18  County Councillor's report
           Industrial Estate Cambridge Road - there had been no skips at the
           entrance for two weeks.
(128/03)   Chemical Alert Science Park - the Fire Service had not compiled a
           report. HMS and RTS had attended a meeting with the Fire Officer.
           JEC was scheduled to attend a debriefing on 8 April. Actual
           divisions of responsibility for overseeing such incidents were
           unclear - EHO of  SCDC or Emergency Planning Officer CCC.
           County Council Division Review - noted that a review of the County
           Council wards was being undertaken.
           Sewage Meeting - a meeting had taken place. AWA were promising
           improvements by September.

175/03 19  District Councillor's report
(101/03)   Lion & Lamb Entertainments' Licence - the Lion & Lamb were applying
           for an annual licence. In the meantime RTS had been consulted about
           two casual sessions in April (not enough time for MPC meeting).
           Wheeled Bin Service - details of wheeled bin service (including
           frequently asked questions) were circulated.

       20  Correspondence  
             CALC    - Bulletin
             Defra   - Quality Council Initiative
             Cambs County Council - Local Transport Plan 2003-2011 - consultation
             SCDC    - South Cambs Economic Development Strategy
             Cambs County Council  - Cambs Local Access Forum
             British Legion   - Poppy Appeal
             Historical Resource & Cultural Centre - Project Update 

       21  Dates of next meetings 
            APM (& planning if necessary) - 28 April 8pm
            Annual Parish Council Meeting - 12 May  (also Landbeach APM)
The meeting ended at 10.15pm.