Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
           held on Monday 3 February 2003 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   PK Oldham (chair)   HM Smith   EH Baker   JE Coston   M Ellwood
           RJ Farrington   B Jefferson   CJ Lock   TJ Siggs   RT Summerfield
           LC Twinn   RLE Waters
           The clerk  SJ Daniels 

       1   Apologies for absence   -  R Day  DJ Lee  IF May

65/03  2   Declaration of Interest
           There was no declaration of interests.

66/03  3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 6 January 2003 were confirmed and
           signed as a true record.

       4   Clerk's Report  
67/03      Waste (as reported by JEC)
(440/02)   Viridor transport waste on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. All loads
           are netted. Recently the Districts have had "catch-ups" on Saturday
           afternoons and also use the A10.
           According to Ed Bastow (Waste Recycling Group) the only materials
           transferred to Donarbon "are green waste from the HWRC and possibly
           some waste at weekends. This is nothing to do with Waste Recycling

68/03      Seat(s) Fen Road
(516/02)   The Conservators were happy for Council to put a seat near the river
           provided that it did not cause inconvenience to the river crew and
           that responsibility for maintenance did not fall upon them. They
           would like to see a litter bin nearby as "where a seat is placed
           near the river litter almost certainly follows it". Weekly clearance
           of the bin to be arranged by MPC.
           The clerk reported that a resident was interested in sponsoring
           a seat.

69/03      Milton Detached
(25/03)    Noted that Chris Taylor Head of Legal Services SCDC was copying
           Council's letter to the Chairman of the Electoral Arrangements
           Committee. The first decision would be to carry out a formal review
           - consultations would be slightly more complicated than usual as
           Chesterton Fen was on the edge of Cambridge City.

70/03      Milton School
(30/03)    A copy of the recent Ofsted report was received from Milton School.

       5   Planning
71/03      The minutes of the Planning Meeting of 20 January 2003 were received.

72/03      Rowing Lake - Environmental Impact Assessment - As almost 10 years
           had elapsed since the Environmental Impact Assessment was carried
           out the SCDC were asking the Rowing Trust to submit a new one.

73/03      Napp - Napp intended to submit an application for an extension to
           their warehouse facility. Michael Healey and a colleague would
           attend the next Planning Committee meeting on 17 February.
74/03      Mr & Mrs AE Dewey 49 Old School Lane - against refusal of planning
(356/02)   permission by SCDC for extensions.
75/03      Mr & Mrs A Race 7 Coulson Close - single storey rear and side
(474/02)   extension - appeal  allowed.

           Decisions Received
76/03      Mr & Mrs K Dean land adjacent 21 Goding Way - dwelling - approved.
(511/02)   Details of reserved matters to be submitted and approved (siting
           and design, means of access and landscaping). Materials and floor
           levels to be approved. Space for turning and parking to be provided.
           Details of treatment of site boundaries to be approved. Dwelling to
           be single storey. No power machinery to be used during construction
           before 08.00 nor after 18.00 weekdays 13.00 Saturdays.
77/03      Plastic Logic Ltd Units 32-35 Science Park - 3 roof mounted flues
(513/02)   and associated duct work staircase and safety rails and chiller/
           plant enclosure - approved.
           New Applications
78/03      Mr J Holder Queen Anne Lodge Fen Road - demolition of existing
           garage and shed (Conservation Area).  Council supported removal
           of garage.

79/03  6   Play
           The minutes of the Play Committee of 8 January 03 were received. 
           Noted that Recreational Supply Services Ltd were quoting £480 per
           quarterly visit to inspect the play areas.
           Volunteers had dug over the bark at Humphries and Froment Way play
           ME reported that Bannold would supply 50m3 of play bark at £29.75
           per cu metre and 15m3 at £35 per cu metre.
           AGREED to ask Herald Contract Services for a quote to supply and
           spread bark on three sites (Rowans, Hawthorn Hedge and Humphries 

80/03  7   Quotations for Fencing Rowans Play Area 
(41/03)    In March 2002 Council had agreed not to erect a fence at The Rowans
           play area (min 122/02). It was now felt that a fence was needed to
           keep out dogs. Quotations of £2390 for a metal fence and £752.92
           for 21metres of palisade fencing to match the existing were received.
           AGREED to have the fence repaired as per Wayman Fencing Services
                  quotation of £752.92.
           Action:  the clerk
81/03  8   Finance - The minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting of 
           20 January 03 were received.
           Noted that :
(52/03)    Libel and Slander  - the cover of £250,000 was set by NALC. Cornhill
           would only consider an increase if Council put a request in writing.
           They would then take it up with their brokers who would consult
           with NALC.
           Personal Liability/Accident - all co-opted members and volunteers
           were covered if working at Council's request and under Council's
           control. They (and councillors) were not covered to use power tools
           unless the tools belonged to Council.
           A spreadsheet showing revised forecasts was received viz:
            Expenditure                              £91,017
            Income                                   £10,810
            Less: youth underspent 2002/03   £3,700
              commuted (Rowans play)         £3,000
              commuted                       £3,000   £9,700
            Total required for 2003/04               £70,507

(55/03)    RJF noted that there was no allowance in the budget for the minibus
           and that Council had agreed to pledge £6,000 in minute 616/01
           (December 01) amended in minute 102/02 (March 02)  
           To be discussed at March meeting.
(57/03)    AGREED to accept recommendation that Council precept for £71,000.

82/03  9   Youth - The minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting of 27 January 03
           were received.
           a) to buy a table football at £475 inc VAT (by all)
           b) to pay £669.70 towards the skate park (to be taken form youth
              budget) - 10 votes in favour 2 abstentions.
83/03  10  Community Care - The Minutes of the Community Care Working Group
           of 27 January were received.
           AGREED to appoint Tracey Ebbon as the Community Care Warden and to 
           accept the recommendations in minute 59/03.

           [Noted that the deputy warden actually does exactly the same work
            as the warden when on duty - is in fact a relief warden].

84/03  11  Proposal from Working Group for
(4/03)     a) Revised Standing Orders
           b) Equality Policy
           c) Freedom of Information Act

AGREED     1) to defer to March meeting (10 votes in favour 2 abstentions)
           2) that the clerk circulate all members (excluding working party)
              with the relevant documents (8 votes in favour 3 against and 
              1 abstention).  
           Action:  the clerk

85/03  12  Minibus Update
(27/03)    Letter received confirming that SCDC would honour the £6,000
           agreement. The application had now been sent. (Min 81/03 above
           and 55/03 also refer).

86/03  13  MCC Update
           The next meeting was set for 5 March. Colin Nunn was investigating
           what could be done to the main building.  

87/03  14  Bills for Payment and Money Received 
           Noted that Community Care Fees and interest of £92.87 had been
           received from October to December 2002. 
           £1,000 received from SCDC towards Community Care scheme.
           CONFIRMED payment of cheques 2466 to 2470
           AGREED to authorise payment of cheques 2471 to 2485 (2 abstentions).

88/03  15  Crime Update
           - Crime Figures not to hand. Inspector Howell had declined RLEW's
             invitation to attend this meeting.
           - Local Consultation Group Meeting 18 February
           - Community Safety Conference.  HMS and EHB to attend.

89/03  16  County Councillor's report
           A10 Meeting - set for Monday 10 February at Waterbeach pavilion
           7.30pm. JEC had invited Mark Kemp of CCC.
           Highway Improvements - JEC had arranged for the plans for an extra
           lane on Milton Road by the Science Park to go on display at MCC
           from 17 February 2003.  
           Waterbeach Library - is closing. Regulations would make it difficult
           for Waterbeach village to run the library.
           Cycle Bridge - meeting set for Thursday 6 February at 2pm. Mowlem,
           who had been awarded the contract, would attend.
           Sewage Liaison - meeting set for Wednesday 5 February. JEC felt
           that the minutes of these meetings should reflect the number of
           complaints about unpleasant odours.
           Landfill Site - water was still running off the site across the
           A14 slip road. The clerk to write to the Highways Agency.
           Action:  the clerk
           Parking Cambridge Road - the clerk would write to Betty's
           Hairdresser pointing out that customers were parking on the
           cycle lane and ask the County Council to paint a line to
           delineate the cycle lane. Action:  the clerk
90/03  17  District Councillor's report
           Refuse Collections - The collection for 31 January had been
           cancelled because of the weather conditions. SCDC were proposing
           a wheelie bin system - a black bin for ordinary waste and a green
           one for materials to be composted. The green box recycling scheme
           would continue.  
           Waste - the inspector for the Waste Local Plan had recommended the
           retention of a two hectares site in the Northern Fringe for a waste
           management facility. JEC would find out the current status of the
           Waste Plan.   Action:  JEC
           Bus Service - funding from developers (commercial and housing) was
           to be used to improve the bus services south of the A14 but not
           services through Milton. Noted that WD Booth's letter
           (correspondence) was proposing improvements to Milton's service.    
           Consultation -  RTS reported the SCDC position regarding the
           consultation process in response to a complaint in the Cambridge
           News from a Milton resident.
91/03  18  Correspondence  
           County Council - Cambridge Core Traffic Scheme: Silver Street
                          - Highways review January 2003
           ACRE   - Harvest etc
           South Cambs Primary Care Trust - Bulletin
           Bond Pearce (Solicitors) - Notice of Licence Transfer Tesco
           WD Booth  - Milton's Bus Service
           CALC   - Bulletin

      19   Dates of next meetings 
           Planning - 17 February
           Council  -  3 March 

The meeting ended at 9.45pm.