Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
           held on Monday 2 December 2002 at 7.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   PK Oldham (chair)   HM Smith   EH Baker
           JE Coston (at Landbeach PC from 497/02 to 515/02)   R Day
           RJ Farrington   B Jefferson   IF May   TJ Siggs   RT Summerfield
           LC Twinn   RLE Waters
           The clerk  SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence   -  M Ellwood    DJ Lee   CJ Lock

495/02 2   Declaration of Interest
           LCT declared an interest for item 6.

496/02 3   Highways
           In attendance
           Mark Kemp Network Manager South and East Cambridgeshire
           Michael Oakman Divisional Maintenance Engineer  
           Phil Sharp Traffic Management 
            (speed limits, parking restrictions, signing issues)

           The County highways departments had been reorganised into South
           and East Cambs Districts to make it easier for the public to make

           The following issues in Milton were highlighted:
(283/01)   Coles Road/Cambridge Road Junction - The drains were now flowing
           freely (min 201/02 also refers).
           Reinstatement of double yellow lines had still not been done.
           PS to follow up.
           Powered stump at Coles Road  - to be followed up.
           Bollards at High Street/Fen Road Junction - Chris Sproston
           Lighting Engineer was investigating the 4 unlit bollards and
           central column light. MK to report back.
           Butt Lane Junction - bollard unlit. MK to report back. The Area
           Joint Committee would discuss MPC's scheme (min 395/02) on
           9 December. If the scheme is approved the proposed double yellow
           lines would be unnecessary. 
(464/02)   Ely Road Pinch Point - this was finished. The Orders to extend the
           30mph speed limit came into operation on 25 November. PS would
           check whether the "Give Way" warning sign should be improved.
(486/02)   Landbeach Road - the bollards were not put where agreed. MO had
           therefore agreed to put in extra bollards. The gate was now in
           AWA had paid £487.50 towards the gate. Mr Young Deputy Head of
           Faculty The College of West Anglia had promised to look into
           Council's request and apologised on behalf of the college for not
           Ash Tree on verge in front of Farm College - Stuart Mallott
           would arrange for a tree surgeon to investigate whether this tree
           is dangerous and should be taken down. A large stem came down
           across the Farm College hedge recently.
           Horse Chestnut by Bus Stop High Street - SM would arrange to
           investigate the safety of this tree also. 
(296/02)   Double Yellow Lines Industrial Estate -  CCC were reviewing
           their HCV policies. PS would arrange a meeting between interested
           Foot/Cyclepaths Butt Lane to Froment Way - a request to have
           the trees/shrubs cut back to allow more light on to these paths was
           received. To cut back the trees - from private gardens - would take
           3 men half a day - cost £240 + VAT.    

           AGREED To accept Herald Contract Service's quotation.

           The clerk would liaise with CCC and local residents.
           Action: the clerk

           Pedestrian Crossing High Street - one belisha beacon was out
           of action - had been reported to Street Lighting Emergencies.

           MK promised to report back before Christmas. All outstanding items
           to be completed by 31 March at the latest.

(416/02)   Kings Hedges Drive Prohibition of Waiting - this Order came into
           effect on 25 November.
           Roadworks - November to April - (received from Atkins):
            Jan 03 - Dec 03 Footbridge Construction
                            (will cause overnight delays)
            Mar 03          Milton to Fen Ditton resurfacing (moderate delays)
            Feb 03 - Aug 03 Girton Interchange carriageway widening
                            (severe delays)
(493/02)   Speed Limit A10  - South Cambs Environment & Transport Area Joint
           Committee meeting of 9 December to discuss speed limit on A10 at
           Butt Lane.
           A10/A14 Interchange - improvements to the slip roads were in the
           Medium Term Scheme; also recommendation to turn on the traffic
           lights full time (for discussion Area Joint meeting 9 December).
           Cycle Bridge - meeting scheduled for 17 December.
           A10 resurfacing - the A10 from the Slap Up to Denny End junction
           was due to be resurfaced in February/March.
           Flooding High Street - ditch improvements (as reported min 344/02)
           appeared to have cured the flooding problems at 2 High Street.

           Thanks to MK, MO and PS for attending.

497/02 4   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 4 November 2002 were confirmed and
           signed as a true record.

       5   Clerk's Report  
498/02     Remembrance Day Ceremony
(469/02)   Ceremony went well as usual. Thanks to RLEW. Thanks received from
           British Legion for cheque.

499/02     Recycling Credits
(471/02)   Allocation of this money to be discussed.

500/02     Willow Trees Walkling Way
           Mr Clay Shire Homes had agreed to ask John Hellingsworth to
           investigate the willow trees in Walkling Way (adjacent Thurlton
           Court). Large branches come down in strong winds recently.
           Possible danger to pedestrians. 
501/02     National Training Strategy
           Frank Johnston Chief Verifier National Training Strategy is
           ultimately responsible for ensuring that the standards that have
           been set for the awarding of the Certificate of Local Council
           Administration - the 'Competent Clerk' qualification - are
           He states (in "The Clerk" magazine November 2002) that "the NTS
           Steering Group has agreed that holders of the Certificate of
           Higher Education in Local Policy awarded before July 2004 by the
           University of Gloucestershire will be exempt from submitting a
           portfolio of evidence" (essential for a clerk to qualify for 
           the NTS Certificate).
502/02     Declaration of Interest
           Chris Taylor Monitoring Officer had not responded to the clerk's
           email message that 5 councillors were also members of MCC and
           that Council would soon be making decisions on whether to spend
           substantial amounts of money on the Community Centre and
           Sycamores pavilion. 

           The following statement made by Paul Hoey Head of Policy and
           Guidance at the Standards Board of England at the Society of
           Local Council Clerks' conference (taken from "The Clerk" magazine
           November 2002) is relevant:
           He said that there was no need for a declaration of interest to
           be made in such instances as a councillor also being a member of,
           say, the local village hall committee. "The member would be on
           both bodies to represent the parish and he would be expected to
           be able to put a point of view on behalf of the parish. He would
           in most instances have no personal and direct interest to declare
           in regard to the village hall committee and therefore could take
           part in any discussions and voting."

503/02 6   Travellers - Issues arising from meeting 30 October
(485/02)   Planning Policy - concerns expressed: ghettoisation caused by
           large sites and lack of transit sites in the County. The County
           Council had no obligation to provide transit sites.
           Council agreed to continue its existing policies of min 275/02
           and min 426/99.

           Splitting the Parish - PKO would circulate papers for next meeting.

           Other issues arising  - none.    

       7   Planning  
           Decisions Received
504/02     Polight Technologies Ltd Unit 291 Science Park - chiller enclosure
(428/02)   - approved.
505/02     W Connor  Chesterton Fen Road - mobile home and one tourer for
(430/02)   gypsy accommodation - refused. Conditions as per application
           reported in minute 477/02. In addition no flood risk assessment
           was submitted - Planning Policy Guidance No. 25 Paragraph 60
           Appendix F refers. Existing flood protection not satisfactory.
           The proposed development would be at risk of flooding and would
           increase the risk of flooding to existing property. Therefore
           contrary to Policies SP8/6 of the Structure Plan and CS8 of the
           Local Plan No. 2.
           As use of the land has already started delegated authority to take
           enforcement action and prosecution if necessary has been agreed.

506/02     Mr & Mrs J Wicks - dwelling on land adjacent 28 Old School Lane -
(446/02)   refused.   
           A two-bedroomed bungalow with internal garage and first floor
           accommodation within the roof as shown on the plans would take up
           most of the site leaving little amenity space. Unacceptable mass
           and bulk in close proximity to the boundaries of numbers 26 and 28
           - overbearing when viewed from the rear of these properties and
           their garden areas. Contrary therefore to Structure Plan Policy
           SP12/10 and Local Plan Number 2: Proposed Modifications 2002
           Policy HG17. 
           Out of character with the surrounding area thereby having a
           negative visual impact on the street scene.  Contrary therefore
           to Structure Plan Policy SP12/10, Policy H15 of the Approved
           Local 1993 and Policy SE4 of the Local Plan No 2: Proposed
           Modifications 2002. 

507/02     Mr & Mrs S Campbell 54 Butt Lane - extension - approved. External
(449/02)   materials to be identical to those used for existing building.
           A copy letter of objection from the immediate neighbour was
           received. There was an objection from another neighbour also.

508/02     Camstead Ltd - 7 houses at Shirley Close. Noted that the Planning
(452/02)   Officers were recommending approval to SCDC Planning Committee.
           PKO would try to attend meeting.
           [NOTE:  House Extensions
            It seems that if the Parish Council has a different view from
            the Planning Officer then the application will be taken to
            Committee or Chairman's Delegation depending on the size of the
            application (eg Silver Acre was decided under Chairman's
            BUT if the objections are from neighbours only and not from the
            Parish Council then the Planning Officer can decide under
            delegated powers without referring to Chairman/Committee.
            The local member can also ask for a site visit and for an
            application to be referred to Chairman's Delegation or Committee
            (as in the case with the recent application in Coles Road)].

           New Applications
509/02     S/2186/02 Mr & Mrs G Turner - Chesterton Auto Repairs Chesterton
           Fen Road - erection of 3 buildings for industrial and warehouse
           uses (Classes B1 (c), B2 and B8) following demolition of existing
           buildings - no recommendations.
510/02     S/2191/02 Mr & Mrs Henderson 28 The Rowans - extensions - no
511/02     S/2235/02/O Mr & Mrs K Dean - land adjacent 21 Goding Way -
           dwelling - no recommendations. There should be one single storey
           dwelling only; landscaping was essential; neighbours' comments
512/02     S/2243/02 Mr R Cox 169 The Rowans - conversion of garage into
           bedroom - no recommendations.
513/02     S/2246/02 Plastic Logic Ltd - Units 32-35 Science Park - 3 roof
           mounted flues and associated duct work staircase and safety rails
           and chiller/plant enclosure - no recommendations.

514/02 8   MCC Update and Joint Meeting
           The minutes of the joint meeting were received. Thanks to PKO for
           the article in Village View and on web site.

515/02 9   Minibus 
(484/02)   RJF had prepared a report with a request for financial help
           towards a minibus costing £15,500 + VAT.
           RJF declared a prejudicial interest and left the meeting.
           IFM reported that SCDC had given a verbal agreement to hand over
           £6,000 so long as the minibus was available to "non-uniformed"
           youth groups.
           TJS felt that as this matter had been under discussion for almost
           two years a decision should be made at this meeting.
           Areas discussed:
           - The original application was for a loan of £4,000 (towards a
             second hand scout minibus min 118/01). Concern was expressed
             that the request now was for a grant of £9,500 out of a total
             capital cost of £15,500 (for a community minibus).
           - Grants were available to Parish Councils from the Vital Villages
             Grant. If successful the Parish Council must retain ownership
             and management of the minibus.
           - Would SCDC give £6,000 grant to a Parish Council? (The original
             grant was made to the minibus "action" group). IFM to ask.
           - Running costs should be met by the users.
           - Any MPC grant would be contingent on community use.
           - The pros and cons of applying yet again for grant aid after the
             lack of success to date.

           After much debate it was AGREED
           that MPC should apply for a Vital Villages Grant of £10,000. The
           balance to be made up of £6,000 from SCDC; failing that from MPC.
           Carried 8 votes in favour 3 abstentions. (JEC abstained just
           having returned from Landbeach PC). 

           Any other options were deferred to the next meeting.
           RJF returned to the meeting.

516/02 10  Request for seat between Banker's Ditch and the river
           There had been requests for a seat between the railway crossing
           and Baits Bite Lock. The clerk would seek the County Council
           view (for a seat on the verge) and the Conservators' (for a seat
           on the halingway).
           It was suggested that Council ask  (through the web and Village
           View) if any resident would like to sponsor a seat.
           Action:  PKO and JEC

517/02 11  Bills for Payment and Money Received 
           CONFIRMED   payment of cheque  2425
           AGREED  payment of cheques 2426 - 2439
           Internal Auditor's report  - noted that Council had no formal
           Health & Safety Policy regarding staff. To be discussed by
           "Standing Orders" committee.
           Bank Accounts - Lloyds were changing the Premier Account to one
           with a lower rate of interest. The clerk and RTS had taken the
           opportunity to open two Scottish Widows accounts - instant
           withdrawal and a 60-day account both at a higher rate of interest.
           Members signed a letter to Scottish Widows confirming that
           Council receives gross rate of interest.  The Premier and HSBC
           accounts therefore would be closed and the money transferred to
           Scottish Widows.
           Budget 2003 - a reminder that committees would need to consider
           their budgets in readiness for the Finance meeting in January. 
           Tesco Vouchers - noted that Tesco had sent £20 worth of vouchers
           towards the youth notice board.

518/02 12  Crime Update
           Crime figures not to hand.
           Inspector Howell's letter dated 28 October states ".between
           1 April and 30 September we carried out 143 extra patrols in
           Milton village .."
519/02 13  County Councillor's report
           Bus Priority Lane Milton Road - to be discussed at the Area
           Joint meeting on 9 December.
           Sewage Meeting - scheduled for 4 December 2.30pm.
           Waterbeach Library - 
           - Proposed closure - a public meeting was scheduled for
             4 December 7.30pm at Waterbeach Primary School.  
           - 80th Birthday Party - was successful.
           A10 - a meeting was being organised for 10 February for Milton,
           Landbeach and Waterbeach to discuss issues concerning the A10.

520/02 14  District Councillor's report
           Barnabas Court - RTS had asked D Ellis, Housing Manager SCDC, to
           investigate ways of providing relief cover for the scheme manager. 

521/02 15  Correspondence  
            County Council - Information about flood awareness
            ACRE - Cambs Fundraising Conference
            South Cambs Primary Care Trust - Bulletin
            CALC - Bulletin
            East of England Development Agency - Broadband competition

       16  Dates of next meetings 
            CCWG     - 12 December 11.00am
            Planning - 16 December
            Youth    - 18 December
            Council  -  6 January  
            Play     -  8 January
            Finance  -  January (tba)

The meeting ended at 9.55pm.