Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
           held on Monday 4 November 2002 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   EH Baker   JE Coston   R Day   M Ellwood
           RJ Farrington   B Jefferson   DJ Lee   CJ Lock   IF May   TJ Siggs
           RT Summerfield   LC Twinn   RLE Waters
           The clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence   -  PK Oldham

461/02 2   Declaration of Interest
           BJ declared an interest for item 10,  HMS and RLEW for item 12.

462/02 3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 7 October 2002 were confirmed and
           signed as a true record.

       4   Clerk's Report  

463/02     Insurance Skate Park Half Pipe
(372/02)   Noted that the cost of insurance remained the same whatever the

464/02     Highways - Minor Improvement Scheme
(395/02)   As Council was allowed to submit two bids only the clerk had bid for
           improvements to Butt Lane junction and a pedestrian crossing near
           Landbeach PC had not yet responded. 
           Works in Ely Road were due to begin soon. An up to date plan showing
           these works had not been received.

465/02     Memorial Green
(414/02)   Taylor Vinters had written to Mr Holder detailing their charges. 
466/02     Christmas Arrangements 
(417/02)   Arrangements as in previous years the lights to be put up on
           14 December. The clerk would thank Mr Chapman for his offer. Council
           to discuss this offer again in January. 
           Action: the clerk

467/02     Drainage Fen Road
(432/02)   PKO had made the owners of 28 Fen Road aware of the potential
           problems if their ditch were not cleared out. The clerk to confirm
           in writing.
           Action: the clerk

468/02     Grass Cutting Contract 
(434/02)   Herald Contract Services' response was received.   
           It was AGREED not to impose any financial penalties at the present.

469/02     Remembrance Day Ceremony
           AGREED To donate £25 to the British Legion for the wreath.

           RLEW would lead the ceremony Mr H Capitain to say the exhortation.

470/02     CALC AGM
           PKO and the clerk attended the CALC AGM. Affiliation Fees for 2003
           to be increased from £432 to £475.20.

471/02     Recycling Credits
           £789.84 had been received as a result of recycling.

       5   Planning
           South Cambs Local Plan Number 2
472/02     SCDC's response to the inspector's recommendations and proposed
           modifications had been received.  Any comments to be made by
           9 December.

           Regional Planning Guidance - extract of options from SCDC and CCC 
473/02     This RPG was designed to take the East of England up to 2021.
           Noted that the consultation process was under way for both the
           RPG and the South East Regional Airport Study.

474/02     The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting of 28 October were

(359/02)   Appeal - Mr & Mrs A Race 7 Coulson Close had appealed against
           refusal of planning permission.

           Decisions Received

475/02     Milton Hall Estates Ltd - office extension - refused.  Would
(388-9/02) dominate the original building and detrimental to character of the
           listed building - contrary to Local Plan Policies.

476/02     Mr & Mrs Scarborough 5 Coulson Close - extensions - approved.

477/02     Mrs J Wilson - use of land at Chesterton Fen Road for 34 pitch
(420/02)   travellers caravan park - refused.  Contrary to Policy SP12/1 of the
           Structure Plan 1995, Policy H5 of the South Cambs Local Plan 1993
           and Policy SE13 of the Local Plan No. 2: Proposed Modifications 2002
           - site lies outside village framework and in the countryside where
           new dwellings will be permitted only if they are essential to local
           agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
           Contrary to Green Belt Policies.
           Contrary to Structure Plan and Local Plan Policies which do not
           normally allow new development in an Area of Best Landscape.
           Contrary to Local Plan Policies for the Northern Fringe which seek
           to preserve the rural character of Chesterton Fen.

478/02     Mr & Mrs AE Dewey 49 Old School Lane - extensions - approved.
(421/02)   External materials to be identical to those used for existing

479/02     Mr & Mrs R Andrews 10 The Oaks - conservatory - approved.

480/02     The College of West Anglia Ely Road - extension to pole barn -
(429/02)   approved.

           New Applications

481/02     S/2041/02/A Tesco Stores Ltd - car park zone signs - no

482/02     S/2065/02 Dr DJ Cole 60 The Rowans - outbuilding - no recommendation.

483/02     S/1875/02 Silver Acre High Street - amendments to windows - refuse -
(445/02)   comments as before.

484/02 6   Finance

           The minutes of the Finance Committee meeting of 28 October were

           Salary Scales and Holiday Entitlement 
(458/02)   AGREED to accept recommendations in Min 458/02.

           Rubberised Surface Toddlers Play Area (Min 459/02)
(459/02)   Since 1998 the play budget had been underspent by £3200.
           AGREED To make a donation of £2000 from the budget towards the
           rubberised surface planned  for Coles Road Recreation Ground
           toddlers play area. This would be the start of the Joint Play
           Committee's long standing plan over 10 years for refurbishment
           of all the play equipment in the village.

           Minibus  (Min 460/02)
(460/02)   RLEW had prepared documents explaining the background and the
           progress made. There were three options:
           1. Milton Parish Council obtain a Vital Villages Grant to help
              towards purchasing a minibus.  Note: Grant = £10,000,  £12,000
              already pledged by SCDC and MPC leaving a shortfall of £13,000.
           2. MPC purchase a community bus - the scouts to manage. (Costs as 
              above). A verbal assurance of three years' revenue support had
              been given by the Countryside Agency. Insurance costs would be
              about £2,000 per year.
           3. MPC make a loan and/or a grant to the scouts to purchase their
              own minibus. Insurance costs for the scouts would be
              approximately £400. 
           [IFM declared an interest as his sons were in the scouts/cubs].

           AGREED To defer any decision till the December meeting to allow the
           scouts to re-submit a firm proposal with costings.    

           IFM would discuss with SCDC whether the £6,000 grant would still be
           available for a scout (youth) minibus.
           Action:  IFM

           The minibus steering group and the scouts would meet to advise on
           the amount of service to the community that could be provided in
           return for a Parish Council contribution.

485/02 7   Report of Travellers Meeting of 30 October
           The meeting had been informative. Any changes in Council Policy to
           be discussed at December meeting.
           Thanks to EHB for writing the minutes and JEC for organising the

486/02 8   Quotation for Gate at Landbeach Road 
(432/02)   JEC, RLEW and the clerk had met with Sam Clift, Stuart Mallott and
           Michael Oakman of the County Council.  MO had agreed to put up
           bollards along the northern end of the disused part of Landbeach
           Road. SC hoped to take the request for bridleway status to the
           magistrates court by February. 
           MPC could put up a gate immediately. A quotation from Mowell for a
           gate was received.
           It was proposed that Council obtain a second quote  - this motion
           was not carried - 3 votes in favour, 9 against and 2 abstentions.

           AGREED to accept the quotation from Mowell of £975 + VAT 
                  (11 votes in favour 3 against).

           The clerk would ask AWA and the College of West Anglia for help
           towards the funding.
           Action: the clerk
487/02 8   Youth Report
           HMS' report had been circulated.  The following points were noted:
           - Numbers of youngsters attending MYC from outside Milton had gone
           - Need to attract more youngsters -  Programme of activities would
           - A total of 150 had signed registration forms (approx 50 from
             outside village).
           - A lot of money was being spent on a few. As much money was not
             being spent on scouts, colts football and cricket.
           - The need to organise the youth club into two age groups. At
             present it was catering for 11-18 year olds.
           - A lottery grant towards a pavilion extension would probably fail
             on the youth club figures. It would be necessary to show the use
             by all youngsters including the sports clubs.

           To be discussed at Joint Meeting with MCC.

           Quotation for Notice Board 
            To purchase a notice board for the Tesco walkway and to seek a 
            contribution from Tesco.

           Action:  HMS and the clerk

488/02 10  Quotation for Tree Work including Jubilee Oak 
           - To accept the quotation of £190 + VAT by Town and Country Tree
             Surgery Company (T&C) for a Holm Oak to be planted at Memorial
             Green. (min refers). 
           - To allow PKO and RD to spend up to £190 on replacement trees
             at the cemetery.
           - To accept the quotation of £1780 + VAT by T&C for various tree
             work at The Sycamores (rec and bund), Hawthorn Hedge, The Rowans
             and Edmund Green.
             (2 abstentions)
           - To ask T&C to cut back the hawthorn hedge at by 128 and 130
             The Rowans in accordance with the wishes of the residents

489/02 11  MCC Update
           It was AGREED to hold a Joint Meeting on 13 November at 7.30pm.
           Suggested Agenda:
            Youth Facilities - Sycamores Pavilion Extension
            MCC Extension and Cladding
            Skate Park
            Repairs to Sycamores Recreation Ground.

490/02 12  Bills for Payment and Money Received
           CONFIRMED  payment of cheques 2408 to 2410 and cheque 2421
           AGREED payment of cheques 2412 (2411 void) to 2424 (exc 2421)
           (2 abstentions)

491/02 13  Crime Update
           Policing Priorities  - Council's priorities were:
           - Improved communication with the public.
           - More policemen on the beat.

           Crime Issues - Inspector Howell pointed out that he had increased
           the number of patrols, including foot patrols since April. The clerk
           would clarify the actual increase in patrols that had taken place.

492/02 14  County Councillor's report
(440/02)   Denny End Bollard - minute 440/02 was incorrect. The County Council
           had promised that a new lit bollard would be installed.
           Sewage - a disappointing meeting had taken place. The results of the
           recent monitoring were received. The odours had not yet been
           Waterbeach Library - JEC launched the Friends of Waterbeach Library
           on 2 November. The library would be 80 years old on 11 November.
           Science Park Slip Road - JEC had met with Mr Frost CCC to discuss
           the proposed extra lane from the Science Park to the A14 West.
           Highways - JEC had complained strongly about a whole range of issues
           in Milton, Landbeach and Waterbeach and had met Mark Kemp CCC to ask
           for action. It was agreed to invite Mr Kemp to the December meeting
           at 7pm.
           Daffodils - RD, ME and RLEW would organise the daffodil planting.

493/02 15  District Councillor's report
(283/02)   A10 Speed Limit - RTS had persuaded the Area Joint Committee to
           accept a 40mph limit. The committee has no executive powers however
           - the decision resting with the County Council. There had been an
           error in the report submitted by the County Council - the street
           lights cover the area near the Butt Lane traffic lights only. The
           amended report would therefore be considered again at the next Area
           meeting but it would not be possible to enforce the speed limit.
           Refuse Collection - there would be no break in the service over
           Barnabas Court - Cambridge Housing Society had scheduled a meeting
           with the residents to discuss their concerns about measures in place
           when the manager is not working

494/02 16  Correspondence  
           Rowing Trust - Bulletin
       17  Dates of next meetings 
           Planning  - 18 November
           Youth     - tba
           Council   - 2 December 
           Play      - 8 January 

The meeting ended at 10.45pm.