Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
           held on Monday 4 March 2002 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   RJ Farrington   EH Baker   JE Coston   R Day
           M Ellwood   DJ Lee (to 122/02)   IF May   TJ Siggs   HM Smith
           RT Summerfield   LC Twinn
           The clerk  SJ Daniels
           A member of the public (part)

           RLEW reported that he had sent a wreath on behalf of Council 
           following the death of Harold Easy, Parish Councillor from
           1970 - 1984.

       1   Apologies for absence - B Jefferson   CJ  Lock   PK Oldham

99/02  2   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 4 February 02 were approved and signed 
           as a true record.

       3   Clerk's Report
100/02     Grass Cutting Contract
(44/02)    Barry Newitt had signed and returned the contract - the final
           contract price being £18755.
           The clerk would return two invoices dated March 01 as the work done
           was covered by the contract.
           Noted that Pi were waiting for the recently planted hedge to grow
           before removing the remaining part of fence along Ely Road.

101/02     Highways 
(45/02)    - Parking of Van The Rowans
             Inspector Howell had confirmed that the van did not contravene any
             parking regulations nor did it cause an obstruction.

           - Butt Lane/A10 Traffic Lights
             The County Council were meeting in early March to finalise
             implementing the work, which was scheduled to begin in May. It was
             a difficult site and there had been problems to resolve.
             The clerk would write expressing concern over the delay.

           - Cycle Scheme
             The clerk reported on a walk with Ed Thornton  on 13/02/02.
             Ed Thornton was putting in a bid to resurface High Street/
             Cambridge Road. He had since the walk arranged for various drains
             and gulleys to be jetted out (see min 47/02). P Matthews SCDC had
             agreed to clear out debris from the bottom of the open ditch in
             Cambridge Road (in late summer) - a likely reason for flooding
             outside 2 High Street.

             J Richards was following up outstanding points.

           - Pedestrian Crossing near Tesco
             In response to a request from Barnabas Court residents JEC has
             asked Philip Sharp at the County Council to look into the
             possibility of providing a pedestrian crossing in Cambridge Road.
             The clerk would write to the County Council for suggestions.

102/02     Community Minibus
(46/02)    RLEW reported that the scheme was likely to receive a revenue grant
           for three years.
           AGREED therefore that  Council's grant approval of £6000 (min 606/01)
           be allocated for capital if other revenue funding is forthcoming.

103/02     Local Government Act 2000
(48/02)    Details of the New Ethical Framework had been circulated. The Code
           of Conduct would be discussed at the April meeting. The ad hoc
           committee would meet to amend Council's Standing Orders to bring
           them in line with the new Code of Conduct.

104/02     Land at War Memorial Green
(50/02)    The resident had decided not to pursue the matter.

105/02     Chesterton Fen
(52/02)    JEC would invite the Travellers' Liaison Officer to speak at the APM
           in April.

106/02     Bus Shelter Lighting
(53/02)    RJF and Colin Nunn had repaired the light.

107/02     Public Entertainments Licence
           The clerk had asked for the same conditions to apply as previously
           for the public entertainments licence at the Lion & Lamb.

108/02     Travellers - Landbeach Road
           Travellers had occupied the redundant highway at Landbeach Road for
           two weeks. Two residents had written requesting that road be stopped
           up. A member of the public also attended  (Standing Orders were
           suspended to allow him to speak).
           RJF agreed to talk to David Groom County Council to discuss the
           possibility of stopping up this road.
           The clerk would ask Land Registry to search for the name of the
           owner of the land behind the bus shelter.

109/02     Trees on Bund
           In response to a request from a resident the clerk had asked Herald
           Contract Services to cut back trees from the bund which were
           overhanging a garden at The Sycamores at a cost of £200 (from
           commuted sums).
           Authorised by RLEW and HMS (pro PKO).

110/02     Rapid Transport System St Ives to Cambridge
           A report on a proposed transport system from St Ives to Cambridge
           had been received. Comments to be made by 29 March.

111/02     Library
           A resident had written requesting that Council investigate a
           permanent library in Milton. JEC reported that the library budget
           for 2001/02 was overspent and that there could be cuts in the
           service in 2002/03.
           JEC would investigate whether Tesco or the College of West Anglia
           had any room for a library.

112/02     Civil Protection/Emergency Planning
           A questionnaire from CALC was received.  The clerk would reply that
           Council were happy to liaise with the County and District Councils.

113/02     Youth Meeting
           Noted that some Histon/Impington councillors were scheduled to meet
           the youth committee on 8 March for advice on setting up a youth

114/02     Election of Chairman
           RLEW reminded Council that consideration should be given (in advance
           of the May meeting) to the election of the chairman for 2002/03.

       4   Planning
115/02     The minutes of the meeting of 18 February were received
116/02     Appeal by Camstead
(503/01)   RLEW reported on the appeal which was also attended by ME, RTS and
           residents of Shirley Close. The result should be known within
           4 weeks. The officer representing SCDC had pointed out that if MPC
           wanted "affordable" housing this comment should have made during the
           consultation period. Noted that this applied to any future similar

           Decisions Received
117/02     Trinity College (CSP) Ltd with Aula Ltd - Unit 410 Science Park -
(578/01)   building for research and development with associated offices -
           amendments approved.
118/02     Iansyst - Rose Cottage Industrial Site Chesterton Fen Road -
(647/01)   extension link - approved.

           New Applications
119/02     S/0207/02 Mr P Carey 34 The Oaks - single garage and conversion of
(92/02)    existing garage to a study/playroom - no recommendation (by Planning
           The clerk having received no adverse comments from neighbours had
           sent the form to SCDC.

120/02     S/0326/02 Mr S Campbell - 54 Butt Lane - two storey side extension -
(97/02)    no recommendation (by Planning Committee).  Noted that there had
           been no adverse comments from neighbours.

121/02     S/0356/02 Mr & Mrs S & EM Taylor 2 Walnut Close - conservatory - no

122/02 5   Play
           The minutes of the Play Committee Meeting of 18 February were
(82/02)    Fence The Rowans Play Area
           Quotations were received - £1100 for a wooden fence and ranging from
           £2270 to £3500 for a metal fence.
           The following issues were raised:
           - There was no (road) safety reason for having a fence - a quiet
             cul-de-sac near the entrance. The play area was designed for young
             children who would (normally) be accompanied and therefore
             supervised by parents.
           - ROSPA recommended a fence for all play areas - to keep out dogs.
             It would appear that there was not a dog fouling problem at this
           - Fear of litigation was not a good enough reason for installing a
           - Logically the toddlers play area at Froment Way should also be

           AGREED not to have fence installed; to remove the vandalised fence,
           leave that part of the fence still serviceable and continue to
           monitor the area.

           Carried - 8 votes in favour, 2 against and 2 abstentions.
           (DJL left)

123/02 6   Queen's Jubilee

           1 that MPC would like to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee;
           2 to commemorate the Jubilee with a permanent reminder.

           Carried - 10 votes in favour, 1 abstention.

           JEC would ask for suggestions in the Village View.

124/02 7   Purchase of Computer
(26/02)    Quotations were received from World of Computers.  As there were
           unresolved issues EHB and PKO would meet to make firm
           recommendations to the April meeting.

128/02 8   MCC Update
           Transfer of youth building to MCC
           AGREED to transfer the youth building to MCC as from 1 April - the
           two chairmen to sign the transfer agreement.

           Village Fayre
           Noted that volunteers to organise the Village Fayre were needed.

           There had been a break-in at the garage - one rotary mower stolen and
           damage done to the door.

129/02 9   Bills for Payment and Money Received
           AGREED to authorise payment of cheques 2273 - 2293
           - 2 abstentions JEC and RLEW.
           Note:  cheque 2272 to RJ Farrington for Christmas lights (chairman's
           allowance) omitted from schedule.

130/02 10  Crime Update
           Crime figures were received and circulated.  RLEW would talk to
           Cambridge News about a misleading recent report putting Milton
           "top crime spot in the area". The figures used for that repor
           were out of date and included Chesterton Fen, Science Park and
           the Regional College.

131/02 11  County Councillor's report
           Report of meeting with bus company
           The meeting with the bus company raised various issues. JEC intended
           to send out a questionnaire to Milton, Landbeach and Waterbeach -
           the results of the survey to be sent to Stagecoach. Stagecoach would
           then hold a surgery in each village at the end of April.

           Drainage maps for Milton and the area were received.

132/02 12  District Councillor's report
           Blackwell Travellers' Site
           RTS reported that were problems at this site.

133/02 13  Correspondence
             South Cambs Primary Care Group  - Newsletter January 2002
             ACRE     - "Vital Villages" funding seminars
             Cambridge & County Folk Museum  - request for donation/visit

       14  Dates of next meetings
           Youth     -   8 March
           Planning  -  18 March
           Council   -   8 April

 The meeting ended at 10.25pm.