Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held on Monday 1 October at 7.30pm in the Bowls Pavilion

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   RJ Farrington   EH Baker   R Day   JE Coston
           M Ellwood   B Jefferson   CJ Lock   IF May   PK Oldham   TJ Siggs
           HM Smith   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn
           The clerk SJ Daniels

489/01 1   Co-option of new councillor - two of the candidates had withdrawn.
           Christopher Lock was therefore unanimously elected to the Council.

       2   Apologies for absence  -  DJ Lee

490/01 3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 3 September 01 were approved and
           signed as a true record.

       4   Clerk's Report  (inc matters arising)
491/01     Waterbeach Settlement
(420/01)   M Williamson gave a presentation on 24 September at SCDC. RD
           attended and gave a brief report. It was noted that a similar
           meeting had been arranged by the County Council for 19 October.
           JEC would attend.

492/01     Haling Way
(421/01)   The resurfacing work had been  funded by the Local Access
           Initiative - a project funded by WREN and the Countryside Agency.
           JEC would arrange a low key press release + photo.
           It was AGREED to support Patrick Joyce's initiative in looking to
           have the  section between Baits Bite and the Pike & Eel treated
           The clerk would ask that the bushes and shrubs be cut back at the
           lock and on the footpath on the Fen Ditton side of the river to
           improve access for walkers and cyclists.

493/01     Open Space The Rowans/Cambridge Road
(422/01)   It was AGREED to ask for suggestions in the Village View for a

494/01     Community Minibus
(426/01)   A meeting was scheduled for 4 October.   The working party was
           close to completing a business plan and applying for grant aid.

495/01     Primary Care Group
(429/01)   It was AGREED  to make the following comments about the
           establishment of Primary Care Trusts in Southern Cambs:
           "We would prefer that the Primary Care Trusts are kept as small
           as viable to prevent the possibility of clients having to travel
           long distances."

496/01     Remembrance Day
(430/01)   RLEW had agreed a format with Revd Ian Cowley. The church
           congregation would walk to the memorial at 10.45am. The traditional
           two minutes would be observed followed by the exhortation and a few
           words from Ian Cowley. RLEW to inquire about a bugler.

497/01     Office Furniture
(432/01)   The clerk had ordered two desks from ESPO at £248.

498/01     Play Equipment
(449/01)   Playdale had promise that the suspension bridge would be repaired
           next week. Noted that the quotation for repairs was £150 not £313.
           The spring robin at Froment Way had been broken. A replacement
           elephant for example from Wicksteed would cost approximately £800
           installed. Play Committee meeting to be arranged.

499/01     Community Safety
           RLEW JEC and HMS agreed to attend a consultation session on Parish
           Councils' involvement in Community Safety arranged by Tara Edwards,

500/01     CALC
           AGM Saturday 13 October.  Noted that CALC proposed increasing the
           affiliation fee for 2002/03 from £337.50 to £432 because of
           increased staffing costs, maintenance of web-site and software
           support and increase to NALC.
           TJS was interested in attending a seminar that looks at how to bring
           wildlife to the parish.

501/01     Bank Accounts
           Lloyds had decided to impose charges at about £20 per month
           including a charge for every credit paid in. The clerk was
           investigating other banks/accounts including The Co-operative Bank.
           Noted that Lloyds had a Treasury Account - first 25 cheques per
           month free - thereafter £2 per cheque. This would have cost Council
           £44 last year.
           It was AGREED to give the Finance Committee delegated powers to
           change the bank account if necessary.

       5   Planning
502/01     The minutes of the planning committee meeting of  17 September 01
           were received.
503/01     Appeal - noted that Camstead Ltd had appealed against the refusal of
 (434/01)  pp for 8 houses at Fen Farm.
504/01     Mr N Fleming 16 Willow Crescent -  two storey and single storey side
(463/01)   extension -  planning officers were recommending approval subject
           to permanent space for the parking of three cars.

           Decisions Received
505/01     Trinity College (CSP) Ltd and Aula Ltd - Phase 6 Science Park -
(407/01)   structural landscape - approved. Noted that revised landscaping
           details had been received.
506/01     K Ball 7 Ballard Close - extension - approved.
           Permanent space on site for
(445/01)   parking to be provided.

           New Applications
507/01     S/1809/01 RG Cave - land r/o 63 Cambridge Road - bungalow.
           AGREED to object on the following grounds:  (2 abstentions)
           - Over development of the site
           - Backland development
           - The proposed bungalow would lead to an increase in a traffic
             hazard that already exists in Cambridge Road.
           Council supported the neighbour's objection

       6   Highways
508/01     The minutes of the Highways Committee meeting of 17 September 01
           were received.

509/01     Speed Humps
(471/01)   AGREED to accept recommendation not to proceed with speed humps.

510/01     Cycle scheme
(471/01)   J Richards' response to Council's 33 items had been received and
           circulated. He would assess the extra items detailed in minute 471/01.
511/01     Minor Improvements
(472/01)   AGREED to accept recommendation detailed in minute 472/01.

512/01     Stopping Up Landbeach Road
(473/01)   RJF reported that Council had 'put on hold' the stopping up
           procedure in December 1998 (min 571/98) and did not think it worth
           spending money to stop up the road.
513/01     Lorries in access road to Country Park
(475/01)   Noted that there were eight lorries parked during the site visit
           of September 17. Similar numbers of lorries parked there most
           Not all members felt that double yellow lines were "inappropriate".
           It was AGREED therefore to seek the views of the Transportation
           Department of the County Council about the issue of HGV's at the
           industrial estate.

       7   Maintenance
514/01     The minutes of the Maintenance Committee meeting of 24 September 01
           were received.

515/01     Chairman
(477/01)   HMS pointed out that a new Chairman and member(s) were needed.  EHB
           agreed to become a member of the committee.

516/01     Trees behind 33/35 The Oaks
(480/01)   AGREED to ask Herald Contract Services to fell the tree and reduce
           the height of the other tree nearest to the garden fence.
517/01     Litter Bins
(482/01)   HMS ME and RLEW would meet to discuss purchase of bins.

       8   Youth
518/01     The minutes of the Youth Committee meeting of 24 September 01 were

519/01     Youth Worker
           HMS reported that as J Hutchinson had completed two terms training
           her salary should be increased.  Youth Committee to proceed.

520/01     Open meeting - actions
(486/01)   The MCC Outdoor Recreation Group would meet before 31 October to
           discuss the recommendation of the Youth Committee.

521/01     Tesco meeting 20/09/01
           A positive meeting with the manager Mark Walker had been held.
           Tesco's system should prevent the sale of alcohol to under age
           youngsters. The store would notify Inspector Howell or the clerk
           if large amounts of alcohol were being purchased. The police if
           necessary could then check the store monitor. The alleyway was
           discussed. The manager was hoping to have a camera installed there.
           A coating on the wall ensured that graffiti could be removed easily.
           The inspector, RLEW and the manager would meet every three months.

522/01 9   Millennium Book Report
(451/01)   The book had now been printed. The price was per the quotation
           £9093. There were additional charges of £102.80 for remedial work
           and £131 for the special edition validation certificate making a
           total of £9326.80.
           There would be three collection dates - the first being 27 October.
           Council had been awarded a grant of £5692 (or 57% whichever is the
           lesser amount) from the Local Heritage Fund which would cover most
           of the costs.

523/01 10  MCC Update
           Joint meeting 31 October 8pm.

524/01 11  Bills for Payment and Money Received
           CONFIRMED payment of cheque 2165
           AGREED to authorise payment of cheques 2166 to 2187 - 2 abstentions.

525/01 12  Crime Update
           Crime figures were circulated - September figures not available.
           Noted that two fires had been lit at Coles Road space net and in
           wooden playhouse at Hawthorn Hedge.

526/01 13  County Councillor's report
           JEC had been trying to organise a meeting with the bus company but
           without success so far.
           A request for a skateboard half ramp had been passed on to the Youth
           Waterbeach felt that there should be more provision for horse riders
           - JEC would pursue.
           Would Milton be interested in being part of a group to help purchase
           and maintain a piece of land in Waterbeach near the river and
           adjacent to the boundary with Milton as a conservation area?

527/01 14  District Councillor's report
(431/01)   SCDC had decided to move to Cambourne. 73% of Parish Councils were
           in favour of the move. The reasons for the extra costs of the move
           were: air conditioning to improve the working environment, business
           rates (a larger building) and the loss of rents from Great Eastern
           House which was being sold. Some reserves were being used.
(456/01)   No nominations had been received for the Unsung Heroes award.
           Closing date end of October.
           A local public house had been asked to remove an advertising sign
           from the A10 by-pass as planning permission had not been granted.
           SCDC had also written to the landowner.

528/01 15  Correspondence
           Cambridgeshire NHS - LIFE - joint annual report for the NHS in Cambs
           ACRE    - AGM 5 October
           Cambridge Rowing Trust - Bulletin

       16  Dates of next meetings Planning 21 June
            Finance   15 October 7pm
            Planning   15 October 7.30pm
            Cemetery   15 October 8.15pm
            Play   17 October 7.30pm
            Joint MCC  31 October 8pm
            Council     5 November

The meeting ended at 9.35pm.