Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held on Monday 2 July 2001 at 7.00m in the Community Centre

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   RJ Farrington   EH Baker   R Day   JE Coston
           B Jefferson   DJ Lee   PK Oldham   GM Richardson   TJ Siggs
           HM Smith   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn
           The clerk SJ Daniels
           2 Milton residents 1 from Impington PC and 2 from Landbeach PC

362/01 1   Waste Management
(308/01)   David Atkinson, Lewis Herbert and Louise O'Brien from the County
           Council attended for this item.
           Three issues were raised:
           a) Planning Decisions for Milton Landfill
           b) Waste Local Plan
           c) Landfill Liaison Forum.

           a) A number of planning applications had been determined over the
              years. Waste Recycling Group (WRG) had taken over the site on a
              long lease. Their recent application was to vary the end date
              given in the 1991 permission. The Officers' recommendation was
              to reduce the catchment area for the source of waste and extend
              the end date. As a result of the Development Control Committee's
              decision the catchment area  was not going to be reduced as at
              first suggested and waste could still be brought in from

              Noted that the permission for a small test pyrolosis plant was
              due to expire in the next year. The emerging policies in the
              Waste Local Plan opposed permanent buildings in the Green Belt.
              Landfill sites in the Green Belt were not viewed nationally as

              There would be nothing to prevent an application being submitted
              before 2010 to extend the life of the site.

              The land was high grade agricultural land and should be restored
              to agriculture.

              DA confirmed that it was the County Council which had opposed
              the changes to the application which would have re-designated
              the site to be turned into public open space.

              Although MPC could negotiate for public access to the site in
              the form of a footpath, for example, LH reminded DA that WRG had
              a 99 year lease on the site (about 90 years still remaining).
              Though the County Council might be sympathetic to MPC's aims a
              footpath would require negotiation with WRG.

              The standard of restoration of the first phase was not so good
              as later restoration. Had the 1989 planning conditions therefore
              been adhered to?

              The County Council had negotiated three contracts:
               Household Waste.
              The issue of odour (mostly from the composting operation) gave
              concern. A new composting contract was being negotiated. The
              Environment Agency had investigated the complaints and resolved
              the problem. There had been conflicting advice in the past as to
              where to report smells. The advice was to contact the
              Environment Agency.

              The land form could not be changed without WRG making a
              successful application.

              Concern about inconsistency of recommendations between
              applications was raised. The papers prepared for the Development
              Control Committee about the Kennett Landfill application listed
              many points which would have equally applied to the Milton
              application but were not included as Officer information in the
              Milton application.

           b) The Revised Deposit WLP was due to be published in August. LH
              stated that Anglian Water was opposing the designation of the
              sewage works as a major waste management site so it was unlikely
              to remain in the WLP. If that happened then the Plan was likely
              to recommend an extension to the allocation at Dickerson's.

           c) The Forum would give the company, CCC, EA, EHO and Parish
              Councils the opportunity to discuss operations and monitor the
              environmental impact of the site.

           Thanks to DA, LH and LO'B for attending.

           PKO was concerned that the landfill Site Liaison Forum would be of
           little benefit to the community as it would have no powers.
           AGREED that Council should have two representatives on the Landfill
                  Site Liaison Forum (10 votes in favour 3 abstentions).

           RD and HMS agreed to be Council's representatives. JEC would attend
           as County Councillor. Council had no objection to Mrs D Taylor
           Coulson Close being co-opted on to the committee.

(454/00)   Responses from the County Council re the Waste Local Plan were
           AGREED that Council's objections remain for 96/1/WLP1/DEP1/1
           (WLP 17) and 96/1WLP1/DEP1/2 (APPEN 6);
           that objections to 96/1/WLP1/DEP1/3 (WLP 17) had been met in
           part and hat objections to 96/1/WLP1/DEP1/4 (Policy 4-6-1) had
           been met in full.

       2   Apologies for absence   M Ellwood  IF May

363/01 3   Minutes
           The Minutes of the meeting of 4 June 01 were confirmed and signed
           as a true record.

364/01 4   Clerk's report
(34/01)    CHUMMS
           The CHUMMS study had produced its recommendations:
           - to re-route the A14 three lanes wide south of Fenstanton,
             Godmanchester, Huntingdon and Brampton;
           - to widen the A14 to three lanes each way on its existing route
             westwards past Bar Hill and to three lanes along the Cambridge
             Northern Bypass as well, as far as the Fen Ditton junction;
           - to use the old Cambridge - St Ives railway line as a guided bus
             route, with extensions  to Huntingdon and into Cambridge and new
             roads running parallel to the widened A14 to the west of Girton
             interchange for local traffic with modifications to junctions
             13 and 14 of the M11;
           - a park and ride site in the Waterbeach area.

365/01     Village Sign
(302/01)   The clerk had opened an account with SGB Scaffolding so that Len
           Sandford could arrange means to put up the sign.

366/01     Community Minibus
(305/01)   The working party had met with D Carford of ACRE and had agreed
           that the legal owners of the minibus should be the MCC Charity.
           MCC would apply for 75% of the grant. The remaining 25% (c £9000)
           would be sought elsewhere eg SCDC, CCC, MPC.
           It was hoped that the minibus would be purchased by the end of the

367/01     Maintenance/Grass Cutting
(307/01)   The tender document had been circulated and amendments were made.
           The clerk would circulate the final document before sending out in
           late August/early September. The new contract to be agreed in
           AGREED that Council also advertise in Cambridge News Public Notice

           Maintenance of Tesco roundabout - the clerk reported that Nigel
           Godden and Bob Stephens of Milton Windows were keen to sponsor the
           There were concerns that bedding plants would need to be replaced
           regularly and watered in dry conditions. Low growing variegated
           heathers/ferns were suggested.
           AGREED to wait for the completion of the cycle bridge and its
                  associated planting before deciding on a course of action.

       5   Planning
           Decisions Received
368/01     Mr & Mrs Human 5 Mansfield Close - extension - approved.  External
(276/01)   materials to be identical with existing building unless otherwise
           agreed by LPA.
369/01     Mr & Mrs R Cox 169 The Rowans - extension - refused  Overbearing and
(277/01)   oppressive when viewed from number 167 - contrary to policy HG17
           (2) of South Cambs Deposit Local Plan 1999.
370/01     Mr & Mrs Hanson 18 Humphries Way - first floor side extension -
(278/01)   refused.
           Overbearing to neighbouring property and therefore contrary to
           Policy HG17 of the South Cambs Deposit Local Plan 1999. The
           extension would seriously harm amenities of neighbouring property 
           through loss of light.
371/01     Worldpay Units 270-289 Science Park - external air conditioning
(279/01)   condensing units - relocation of cycle racks - for information only
           - approved.
372/01     Trinity  College 1 Science Park - replacement dwelling - approved.
(280/01)   Details of materials for external walls and roofs to be approved.
           Space for on site parking to be provided.
373/01     College of West Anglia - erection of small animal unit and
(281/01)   relocation of portable building for use as office/reception area
           - approved.
374/01     College of West Anglia - retention of 2 mobile classroom units
 (282/01)  - approved.
375/01     A Sabnani Kurser Cars - display of sign - approved.  Noted that this
(314/01)   was approved as an amended application as detailed in Mr Sabnani's
           letter withdrawing the application,  though planning permission was
           not needed.
376/01     Thomas Smith Developments Ltd - 2 bungalows off Faulkner Close
(317/01)   addition of roof lights for fire escape - approved.
377/01     Trinity College (CSP) Ltd and Aula Ltd Units 418 and 428 Phase 6
(318/01    Science Park - reserved matters for siting, design and means of
           access for 2 research and development/office buildings - approved.
           Details of any power driven plant to be approved by LPA.
378/01     Quattrocentro Innovation Centre Unit 140 Science Park - extensions,
(320/01)   refuse/cycle store and additional parking - approved.

           New Applications
379/01     S/1612/00 C Threadgold 2 Peter Goodin Close - amendment - for
(482/00)   information only.
380/01     S/1019/01 Mr & Mrs N Gooden 4 Ballard Close - extension - no
(326/01)   recommendation (delegated)
381/01     S/1039/01/A Worldpay Units 270-289 Science Park - illuminated
           corporate sign - no recommendation (delegated)
382/01     S/1129/01 Lifespan Healthcare NHS Trust - Milton Surgery Coles Road
           - portable office building. As the purpose of the plans was unclear
           it was AGREED to delegate to RLEW and RJF to investigate and make
           comments accordingly having taken into consideration views
383/01     S/1223/01/A Cadence Design Systems The Cadence Building A1309
           junction with A14 - single agency letting board - no recommendation.

384/01 6   Minutes received:
           a) Play Committee meeting of 11 June

           b) Youth Committee meeting of 11 June
              Noted that the Business Plan allocated £1000 for summer
              activities. MYC would open during the summer holidays at a
              cost of about £400 (from budget).
              MYCMG would discuss possible outing to Mepal.
              Concern was expressed at the amount of money being spent at MYC.
              IVC had appointed a worker to co-ordinate Duke of Edinburgh
              Scheme across the Patch (min 344 (d)).

           c) Highways Committee meeting of 18 June
(352-361/01)  The County Council would respond to Highway Committee's queries
              within one month.
              High Street/Fen Road junction resurfacing was due to start on
              9 July.
              Bridge parapet replacement on A14/A10 interchange would take
              place between 2 July and 12 August.
              The Road Safety Officer had advised against railings at the
              school Butt Lane entrance as children would run around them
              possibly on to the road and swing on them.

385/01 7   Millennium Book Report
           End date unchanged. Specimen pages would be on display at Village

386/01 8   MCC Update
           Nothing to report.

387/01 9   Bills for Payment and Money Received
           Confirmed cheques 2104 and 2113 to 2116 (already paid)
           AGREED to authorise payment of cheques 2105 to 2112 and 2117 to 2123
           (1 abstention).
           Noted that Copy IT had taken over Dudley's photocopying business.
           Cleaning bus shelters had increased from £28 to £36
           (1 extra shelter).

388/01 10  Crime Update
           Crime figures for June not available. Julie Gilbert Community
           Officer for Histon Sector was providing figures for the whole patch.

389/01 11  County Councillor's report
           A10/A14 Interchange - the bridge parapets were due to be raised.
           JEC failed to understand the logic in view of the impending cycle
           bridge and felt that the A10 (Butt Lane) bridge parapets should be
           Cycle Bridge - there had been delays. Expected start date of
           building January 2002 completion by December 2002.

390/01 12  District Councillor's report
           A10/Butt Lane Traffic Lights - these were approved by the Area Joint
           Committee despite Histon/Impington's concerns about possible
           increase in rat running.
           Electoral Review - the SCDC Working Party was recommending that the
           District ward be the same as the County (Milton, Landbeach,
           Waterbeach and Chittering) with three councillors. Their alternative
           recommendation was for Milton to join with Waterbeach and Landbeach
           and Cottenham to amalgamate.

391/01 13  Correspondence
           CALC Bulletin (previously circulated)
           Children's Hospice - re new development
           Cambs Fire & Rescue Service - Fire Authority Corporate Plan
           SCDC - Contaminated Land Consultation
           The clerk to inform SCDC of the possible areas of concern:
            Middleton's Pit(filled-in pit recreation ground just behind
            Community Centre), Cambridge News (built on filled-in pit),
            Science Park (2nd World War army encampment), Bene't Garage,
            Fen Road Chesterton (car breakers' yards).
            CCC - Network Management Plan 2001.

       14  Dates of next meetings
            MYCMG       6 July
            Planning   16 July 7.00pm (Late August to be arranged)
            Finance    16 July 7.30pm
            Council     3 September

The meeting ended at 10.05pm.