Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held on Monday 5 February 2001 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   RJ Farrington   EH Baker
           JE Coston (from 113/01 to 120/01)
           R Day   M Ellwood   B Jefferson   DJ Lee   IF May   GM Richardson
           PK Oldham   TJ Siggs   HM Smith (from 89/01)   RT Summerfield
           The clerk  SJ Daniels
           One member of public (part)

       1   Apologies for absence   LC Twinn (Apologies from JEC & HMS for not
           being able to attend whole meeting)

80/01  2   Minutes
           The Minutes of the meeting of 8 January 2001 were approved and
           signed as a true record.

       3   Clerk's Report  (inc matters arising)

           Ditch Wall
81/01      SCDC's responsibility was for the watercourse only.   The clerk was
(2/01)     investigating whose responsibility was the wall.

82/01      Open Space Cambridge Road/The Rowans
(3/01)     Beazer Homes were investigating.

83/01      Multi-use Court
(6/01)     Specification for remedial works was received.  RJF required a more
           detailed specification.

84/01      Teenage Play Area
(7/01)     Works had been completed.  Invoice would be paid following
           satisfactory post installation inspection from Wicksteed and
           receipt of grant from Wren.

85/01      Cycle Scheme
(9/01)     Works as requested in 9/01 were in hand.  Trench at Fen Road/High
           Street junction was responsibility of Ed Thornton and was in urgent
           need of attention.
           Noted that J Richards in a letter to a resident concerning a 30
           minutes waiting restriction in High Street "would not wish to
           propose introducing a Traffic Regulation Order unless there was a
           clear need and something to be gained from doing so".
           Cycle route walk scheduled for Sunday 25 February 9.30am at Tesco.
           Apologies from GMR.

86/01      A14 Multi-Modal Study
(10/01)    Newsletter issue number 5 January 2001 received.

87/01      Land Purchase
(11/01)    Solicitor confirmed that the land was neither a statutory allotment
           nor was it held for the purposes of smallholdings under the
           Agriculture Act 1970. As the land was within Green Belt Council
           could not obtain planning consent for any kind of development of
           this land.  Solicitor was awaiting copy of Planning Consent 1979.

88/01      Structure Plan Review
(13/01)    Dates of consultations received and circulated. Consultation
           period began 3 February  until 6 April. Council's comments to be
           made therefore on Monday 2 April.
           RLEW, BJ, PKO and RTS nominated to discuss and make recommendations
           to Council.

           Waterbeach Development
           Copy of Michael Williamson's motion to Waterbeach PC January meeting
           received and noted.

89/01      High Street Drainage
(14/01)    Noted that drainage consultants had recommended to the County
           Council laying new pipes to alleviate the problem of flooding near
           Pondm Green.
           There had been flooding in Walnut Close following the recent heavy
           rain. The clerk would contact building control inspector to find
           out if building regulations were followed when drainage ditch
           between Faulkner and Walnut Close was filled in.
           No 2 awarded watercourse Cambridge Road appeared to be blocked
           where it was piped under the road.  SCDC were aware.

90/01      Horse Chestnut - Coles Road
(15/01)    Comments from Trees Officer SCDC not yet received.

91/01      Village Sign
(18/01)    Art work and sealing was needed.  RLEW was trying to contact the
           artist for advice.

92/01      CALC Training
(19/01)    Landbeach, Waterbeach and Horningsea Parish Councils had been asked
           if they would be interested in a CALC training session at Milton.
           Minimum numbers ten - cost £10 per delegate + travelling expenses
           for two organisers.
           Council gave CALC permission to take details of councillors from
           website for their database provided information was not released to
           anyone outside the Association.

93/01      Plane and Horse Chestnut - Milton Hall
           The Trees Officer had given Pi permission to fell a diseased horse
           chestnut and to carry out major crown reduction of the oriental

94/01      Bus Service
           Noted that the 8.03 service to Cambridge was turning off by the
           allotments and picking up passengers at junction of High Street
           and Landbeach Road.

95/01      Youth Participation Project
           The clerk had sent a completed questionnaire to SCDC detailing
           Council's consultation procedures with and involvement of young
           people regarding local decisions and issues.
           Noted that SCDC were "progressing the District Youth Forum Project".

96/01      SCDC Arts Policy
           Documents and questionnaire received. Council considered whether a
           permanent committee should be elected to deal with such
           consultations. The clerk would find out the procedure used by
           Histon and Impington.

97/01      SCDC - New Council Constitution
           RD, ME and TJS were elected to discuss and recommend Council's
           response. To be ratified at meeting held on 5 March.

98/01      Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Joint Waste Management Strategy
           This project "aims to guide the collection, treatment and disposal
           of rubbish from householders for the next 20 years".  Advance
           notice of seminars explaining the project was received. More
           details to follow.

99/01      Pedestrian Crossing - Science Park
           Copy of advertisement relating to a raised zebra crossing on the
           northern arm of the Science Park spine road received.

100/01     Jointly Funded Minor Highways Improvements
           Copy or report to South Cambridgeshire Area Joint Committee
           received, detailing schemes approved. Council would look at this
           scheme in 2002/03 possibly to supplement the traffic measures now
           in place.

101/01     Dog Fouling Milton Hall
           Letter received from Pi Research about the problem of dogs fouling
           the grass at the Ely Road entrance in Milton Hall. The clerk would
           ask the dog warden to advise Pi.

102/01     Highway Matters
           Request for traffic calming in Humphries Way received. Highways
           Committee to discuss.

103/01     Maintenance
(623/00)   The contract with Herald had been agreed.
           Quotation for steps on bund was received. The clerk and HMS were
           asked to draw up an exact specification. Herald plus another would
           be asked to quote as per this specification.
           - Herald had laid turf in the old goalmouth at Humphries Way open
             space. As a result HMS had agreed to release payment of £56 + VAT.
           - AGREED  to pay Herald £90 + VAT for grubbing out roses at The
             Sycamores car park as per quotation dated 8 November 00.
           - The clerk had informed Herald in writing that he must honour his
             contract to do 24 cuts of the recreation grounds per year
             (1 March - 28 February).

       4   Planning

           SCDC circular about planning permission and reserved matters
           received and circulated to Planning Committee - for discussion at
           Planning meeting of 19 February.

           The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting of 22 January were

           Decisions Received
104/01     M Smith 42 Fen Road - extension - approved.
105/01     I Benton 28 Coles Road - garage - approved.

           New Applications
106/01     S/1570/00 Milton Landfill - variation of conditions 3 & 19 of
           planning permission
(404/00)   S/0289/91 - supplement to Environmental Statement received.

107/01     S/1374/00 Iansyst Ltd build 2 Rose Cottage Chesterton Fen Road -
(447/00)   amendment - insertion of windows - for information only.

108/01     S/0080/01 Mr & Mrs DL and Mr & Mrs ALD Haird - erection of 2
           dwellings and conversion of building to dwelling - land at Half Acre
           and Orchard End Cambridge Road - refuse. Concerned about over
           development of the site, especially the proposed building behind the
           office/workshop. Any development should be single storey to prevent
           overlooking of adjacent dwellings.

109/01     S/0110/01 J Zamirski 30 The Oaks -internal garage conversion change
           of parking arrangement (removal of condition 1 of pp S/0416/93 to
           allow conversion of garage to dining room) - no recommendation.

110/01     S/0145/01 Quattrocentro Ltd The Innovation Centre Unit 140 Science
           Park - extensions, refuse/cycle shed additional parking and
           reconfiguration of parking/landscaping of overall site - no

111/01     S/0153/01 J Clough 15 Faulkner Close - extension above garage for
           bedroom - no recommendation.

112/01     C/11/40/72 Mr & Mrs Mitchell 39A High Street - removal of tree in
           back garden.  Noted that this was not in the Conservation Area.
           SCDC to be informed.

113/01 5   Finance
           The minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting of 17 January were
           AGREED to accept recommendation that Council precept for £67,000 for
           It was possible to set a level of £67,000 because the youth budget
           had underspent by £3,000 during the current year.

114/01 6   Cemetery
           The minutes of the Cemetery Committee meeting of 22 January were
           AGREED to accept recommendations for increase of 50% in fees.
           (This was broadly in line with inflation since fees were set
           in 1991).

115/01 7   Youth Centre
           The minutes of the MYCMG of 24 January were received.
           The numbers attending the youth centre were encouraging - an average
           of 32 each evening.
           Council's thanks were expressed to the Youth Committee.

116/01 8   Community Care

           The minutes of the CCWG meeting held on 1 February were received.

      9    Millennium Committee Working Party (MCWP) Report

117/01     The report of the meeting held on 24 January was received. EHB
(26/01)    had agreed to do an enormous amount of work scanning in the
           pictures,thus saving £1,700.
           The MCWP had decided that it would be fairer use of taxpayers' money
           to give a copy of the book to every household. A limited edition of
           hardback copies could be sold. 2000 copies of the book would cost
           approximately £8,000 of which the MCWP would ask Council to pay the
           balance of the "millennium money" (about £7,400).
           RTS had reservations about such use of council tax money and felt
           that the money should be used for a permanent memorial.
           HMS felt it was an appropriate way to mark the millennium as the
           photographs would be archived.
           RLEW suggested that this was an opportunity to preserve the history
           of Milton.
           TJS agreed that every household should be entitled to a copy but
           recommended  that vouchers for example could be issued to every
           house so that the books could be collected. Thus the books would be
           distributed to only those who wanted a copy.
           After considerable discussion it was AGREED that using its powers
           under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 as amended by
           Section 36 Local Government and Housing Act 1989
           Council should fund the book to the cost and specification as
           presented by the Millennium Committee Working Party in its reports
           dated 15 December and 24 January.

           This was carried by 9 in favour 1 (RTS) against and 4 abstentions.
           (RJF and DJL abstained).

           DJL asked that MCWP consider special editions for the visually
           impaired for example; also that two hardback copies be signed one
           for Milton Primary School and one for the Parish Council.

           The cost of publishing would be spread over two financial years.
           Expenditure should be offset by income from sponsorship, advertising
           and sales. The MCWP would endeavour to explore other sources of

118/01 10  Loan Application by scouts

           RJF declared an interest and took no part in the discussion and
           vote. It was agreed that he should stay for this item.
           The 50th Cambridge (Milton and Landbeach) Scout Group had submitted 
           an application for a loan of up to £4,000 towards a minibus. It was
           agreed that Council should do everything it could to assist the
           scouts. After much debate about the legal powers under which Council
           could make such a loan it was

           AGREED to approve the principle of making a loan to the scouts.

           The item was deferred until the March meeting so that the clerk
           could investigate the legalities of making this loan.

           It was AGREED also
             to consider making a grant in addition to a loan towards the
             uniformed organisations, in particular the scouts.
           This was carried by 7 votes in favour, 3 against and 3 abstentions.

119/01 11  Milton Parish Council Website
           PKO explained why he wished Council to have its own website and not
           use that hosted by the County Council (CCC).
           - The CCC site name was very long.
           - The CCC would not let PKO put material on to the website himself.
             They were not always able to put up urgent information at short
           - The CCC were reducing the facilities offered to MPC.

           MPC's own website would mean:
           - Shorter name.
           - Better hosting.
           - Better facilities.

           Using its powers under Section 142 of the LGA 1972 Council
           AGREED to proceed with its own website at £105 per year.

120/01 12  MCC Update
           Large expense was expected on the fabric of the Community Centre,
           the bowls pavilion and the sports pavilion. The tennis club had
           requested permission to put up a building by the courts. MCC had
           agreed with conditions.

121/01 13  Bills for Payment and Money Received
           CONFIRMED payment of cheques 1989 - 1991
           AGREED to authorise payment of cheques 1992 - 2012.
           Cheque 2000 - ESPO - negotiations to return an item were taking
           place. If successful payment of £30.55 for notice board (youth) was
           authorised (cheque 2014) and cheque 2000 would be cancelled.
           Cheque 2007 - Lappsett - would be released after a satisfactory
           Wicksteed inspection and receipt of £10,000 grant from Wren.

122/01 14  Crime Update
           Crime figures were circulated. Reported crimes for January were low
           in number.

123/01 15  County Councillor's report
           Nothing to report.

124/01 16  District Councillor's report
           Milton had the cleanest gutters in the district! Lack of
           communication led to the gutters being cleaned twice in a week.

125/01 17  Correspondence
           ACRE - Bulletins/newsletter
           County Archaeology Office - News
           Bulletin South Cambs Primary Care Group - Bulletin/Public Forum

       18  Date of next meetings
            Planning   19 February
            Council    5 March
            Youth      to be arranged

The meeting ended at 10.30pm.