Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held on Monday 6 November 2000 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   RJ Farrington   R Day   M Ellwood
           B Jefferson   IF May [from 516 /00]   PK Oldham   GM Richardson
           HM Smith   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn
           The clerk SJ Daniels              one member of the public [part]

       1   Apologies for absence  JE Coston   DJ Lee

510/00 2   Minutes - Minute 450/00 was amended to include number of votes
            "10 votes in favour and 2 abstentions".
           The Minutes of the meeting of 2 October 2000 were then approved
           and signed as a true record.
           Noted that cheque 1892 - £61.53 appeared on the bank statement as
           £61.93. As the bank charged £5.00 to "pull out" a cheque it was
           agreed to write off the 40 pence.

511/00 3   Casual Vacancies
           Noted that Anil Lakhani had resigned because of pressure of work.
           AGREED to co-opt Liz Baker and Tim Siggs to fill the two vacancies.

       4   Clerk's Report  (inc matters arising)
512/00     River Cam - graffiti
(308/00)   Noted that there had been no more graffiti after the May bumps but
           that which was already there had not been removed.
           AGREED to contact the Highways Agency and Cam Conservators again.

513/00     Land Purchase Coles Road
(378/00)   The purchase had not yet been completed.  The solicitors were now
           dealing with the SCDC verges also.

514/00     Old Walls
(379/00)   RD had identified the following:
           WALLS - All Saints Church opposite entrance;  between West Lodge
           and North Lodge; Willow Close - Gunnell Close; old school Fen Road;
           between 28-30 Fen Road c1890; between 30-32 Fen Road c1800;
           OTHER ITEMS - village pump between 13-15 Cambridge Road c1935;
           gate at entrance to North Lodge; 2 block houses/pill boxes haling
           Milton/Waterbeach boundary c1940.
           Wall beside Essex House was also included.
           AGREED to ask Conservation Manager's advice about possible listing.
           The clerk would ask T Nicholls to paint the pump with Hammerite.

515/00     Chesterton Fen Road
(381/00)   There had been no similar incidents reported to the police.  As
           youngsters had caused damage to business properties the police had
           increased uniform patrols. Inspector Ford was confident that the
           incident was a "one off".

516/00     Multi-use Court
(439/00)   RJF stressed the importance of Cambridge Courts putting right the
           problem themselves. If Council tried to rectify the faults then
           Cambridge Courts could be exonerated from liability.
           Council had three options:
           1. Go to arbitration as per contract.
           2. Spend approximately £1000 and resurface one third of the court.
           3. Spend £2-2500 and resurface whole court properly.
           AGREED to confirm with S Gale of Cambridge Courts that Council was
           considering going to arbitration as per the contract. The clerk
           would contact RIBA to ascertain the procedure for arbitration.

517/00     Haling Way
(441/00)   RLEW had received no reply to his letters to the residents of the
           cottages at Baits Bite Lock. He would report back at the next

518/00     Milton Archaeology Trail
(444/00)   Elizabeth Stazicker County Council had agreed to let Council have
           some copies of the Milton Archaeology Trail.

519/00     Development at Waterbeach
(459/00)   Invitation was received from Mr L Martin to send representatives
           to consultation meetings.
           AGREED  not to send a representative.

520/00     Highway Matters
(465/00)   The following matters were in hand:
            - Bus shelter - The contractors for the cycle lane were laying
              the tarmac base for the shelter in front of 3 Cambridge Road.
              It was
              AGREED to accept Queensbury's quotation of £674.20 for
                     replacement polycarbonate and erecting of shelter.
            - Lay by - drainage problem has been rectified;
            - Cycle lane Bene't Garage - County Council had installed bollards;
            - There was no need for a priority sign near Apostolic Church;
            - Norman Industrial Estate - Atkins were looking at this.
            - The drains in the High Street had been causing problems again.
              Ed Thornton arranged for them to be "jetted" on 31 October. It
              would appear that the drains are on an antiquated soakaway
              system and cannot cope with excessive rainfall. It would be too
              expensive to put in a new system. He would do his best to
              improve the drainage. The clerk would point out that the drain
              in front of the White Horse was also blocked.
            - Noted that the A10/Butt Lane traffic lights were due to be
              installed by 31 March 01.

521/00     Maintenance [Agenda 9 refers]
(477/00)   Outstanding items - these had been dealt with by Herald.
           Village Sign  - According to J Waterson who painted the sign it
           needed an extra coat of clear exterior varnish but he was unable to
           do the work.
           AGREED to take down the sign at Christmas and arrange repairs.
           RJF expressed concern that the sign was repainted only 12 months
           Quotations - had been received [to be discussed by Maintenance
           Committee on 21 November 00].

           Footpath - the clerk had met with Patrick Joyce access development
           officer of the County Council. Grant aid towards a footpath would
           be available only if the footpath were designated a Public Right of
           AGREED to explain to the residents living nearby that Council were
           considering planning to alter the line of the footpath along the
           bund from Landbeach Road to a point approximately 350 metres south.
           This was carried by 8 votes in favour 1 against and 2 abstentions.

           In view of the wider implications it was decided not send this
           letter until the maintenance committee and the footpaths officer
           had met with Mr Joyce to discuss fully.

           Coulson Close / Graffiti - Ed Thornton was dealing with these items.
           He had flailed the trees/shrubs.

522/00     Report on Landfill Meeting
           JEC, PKO, HMS, LCT and the clerk met the manager of Waste Recycling,
           Ed Bastow.  PKO reported that:
            - Access to the reclaimed land would take a minimum of 5-10 years;
            - A stacking lane on site for queuing vehicles was being 
            - A permissive bridleway had been completed through the trees
              adjacent to the Mere Way;
            - Ed Bastow had not been aware of complaints about smells;
            - Ed Bastow wanted to set up a liaison group with the Parish

           AGREED to inform County Council that MPC's concerns about the recent
                  planning application [min 404/00] remained the same.

523/00     Impact
           An annual general meeting of Impact has been arranged for
           5 December.  BJ agreed to attend.

524/00     Village Map
           Noted that water had got into map.  The clerk would contact Tony

525/00     Christmas Arrangements
           Lights to be put up 9 December; to come down 6 January.
           RJF to arrange.

526/00     Budget 2001/02
           Items for expenditure need to be given to Finance Committee by mid

527/00     Fallen Tree
           B Newitt Herald Contract Services reported that a willow tree at
           Hawthorn Hedge had snapped in the wind of 30 October and was being
           supported by an elder tree. As it was a danger to the public the
           clerk had instructed him to cut down the tree and remove it.
           Cost £36 + VAT.

528/00     Cemetery
           Two graves had sunk in (31 October). The clerk had asked B Warner
           undertaker to arrange for these to be repaired as a matter of

529/00     Walking/Cycling Strategy
           County Council questionnaire about a proposed walking/cycling
           strategy received. RLEW RJF PKO and HMS were given the authority
           to reply.

530/00     Community Care
           The warden had been [unexpectedly] in hospital. The clerk had sent
           flowers from Council [chairman's allowance].

531/00     Remembrance Day
           Reminder of short ceremony at war memorial on 11 November at 11am.

532/00 5   Planning
           The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting of 23 October 00 were
(486/00)   Permission S/1498/00  - noted that the bollards had not been
           installed.The clerk would contact SCDC.

           Decisions Received
533/00     M Hanson 24 High Street - extensions - refused. Would adversely
(426/00)   affect Grade II listed building The White Horse. Contrary to Policy
           SP12/10 of Structure Plan 1995 "does not incorporate high standard
           of design and does not relate well to surroundings;" and SP12/11
           "..requires setting of historically important buildings to be
534/00     Mr & Mrs Sievewright 3 Coles Road - extension and garage - approved.
535/00     Tesco Stores Cambridge Road - extensions to store including
           alterations to provide
(488/00)   new main entrance together with revised storage/loading facilities
           and relocation of recycling centre and bus stop - approved.
           Noted that the MPC's comments had been passed on to Tesco by LPA for
536/00     Mrs C Shoesmith & Mr FJ Confrey 7 Cambridge Road - vehicular access
(492/00)   - approved.

           New Applications
537/00     S/1135/99 Thomas-Smith Dev Ltd - land off Faulkner Close - 
(393/99)   2 bungalows - amended elevations - for information only.
538/00     S/1953/00 Mrs L Gaskin - land at Lomas farm Chesterton Fen Road -
           gypsy site 3 pitches [retrospective application] - no
           8 votes in favour 1 against and 2 abstentions.

539/00     S/1954/00 F Smith 3 Darrens Farm Lomas Chesterton Fen Road - gypsy
           site 6 pitches [retrospective application] - no recommendation.
           8 votes in favour 1 against and 2 abstentions.
           Noted that the above two applications would be allowed under the
           new SCDC Policy [reported min 416/00].
540/00     S/1968/00 BYW Ltd - land adjacent unit 270 Science Park - erection
           of office/research and development building together with car
           parking, cycle and refuse stores - no recommendation.
           S/2003/00 KP Stocker 5 Cambridge Road - vehicular access - approve
           [delegated min 433/00].

541/00 6   Youth
           The minutes of the Youth Committee meetings 11 October and
           1 November were received.
           There had been an extra bus session on 30 October at £50. The youth
           club on 2 November did not open as a youth leader was unwell. As a
           result there had been some vandalism at the Community Centre.
           Tony Hough would inform HMS in future of any cancellation of the
           youth club.
           The bus project report showed that attendance had been good.

           No tenders for the drop-in had been received. A letter was being
           drafted to be sent to J Buchanan Shire Hall.

           As from 13 November the new Monday youth club would open in the new
           building. The Thursday club would also transfer to the new building.

           L Henderson and HMS would prepare food for the opening - expenses
           to be taken from youth budget.

           The committee hoped to form a youth council.

542/00 7   Highways
           The minutes of the Highways Committee meeting of 11 October were

543/00 8   Cemetery
           The minutes of the Cemetery Committee meeting of 16 October were
           received. A quotation for tree work was expected - copy to be sent
           to Charities for request for funding.

544/00 9   Maintenance
           The minutes of the Maintenance Committee meeting of 16 October were

545/00 10  Finanace
           The minutes of the Finance Committee meeting of 30 October were

546/00 11  Northern Fringe
           RLEW and PKO had attended a Northern Fringe Workshop.  Consultation
           meetings had been arranged for 20 and 21 November at the Community
           Centre. Council would need to give a firm view of the preferred
           options at the December meeting.

547/00  12 land Purchase
           A detailed report from D Ward had been received.  As a result it was
           AGREED to purchase land off Ely Road at £40,000

548/00 13  Policy for Affordable Housing
(455/00)   AGREED to support SCDC's Policy for affordable housing.
           Carried by 8 votes with 3 abstentions.

549/00 14  MCC Update
           Accounts to 31 March 2000 received -  would be presented to AGM on
           8 November.
           At least four members were not standing for re-election including
           [from end of financial year] the treasurer.
           Joint Meeting Minutes received.

550/00 15  Bills for Payment and Money Received
           CONFIRMED payment of cheques 1914 to 1917
           AGREED to pay cheques 1918 to 1939.
(500/00)   AGREED to pay £195 + VAT for accounts software subject to
           satisfactory trial period.

551/00 16  Crime Update
           Marshall Community Safety Action Day 18 November.
           RLEW had responded to the Policing Priorities 2001/02.
           Thanks to RLEW.
           Local Consultation Group Meeting 15 November.
           Crime figures were circulated.

       17  County Councillor's report
           No report.

552/00 18  District Councillor's report
(460/00)   Pi Access - Planning Officer was willing to write to Pi asking
           that the full planning conditions be implemented. He was consulting
           with the Trees Officer and Conservation Manager. RTS suggested that
           the leylandii hedge be left and that a beech hedge be planted in
(460/00)   Electoral Review - a working party was recommending that Milton be
           included with Horningsea, Quy and Fen Ditton.

553/00 19  Correspondence
            - WRVS - Request for grant
              AGREED as per normal policy not to make a donation/grant.
            - ACRE - Community Action Plans Workshop
                   - Best Kept Village result
            - CPRE  - Cambridgeshire Voice Newsletter
            - County Council - Consultations about:
              1. style of local government structure to be adopted by the
                 County Council;
              2. government's green paper on the future funding of local
                 AGREED to complain [again] that Council could not be expected
                        to respond within 28 days.  
                        Response to be made individually.
            -   Highways Agency - notice of road works on A14.

       20  Dates of next meetings
           Planning     20 November
           Maintenance  21 November
           Council       4 December

The meeting ended at 10.00pm.