Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held on Monday 10 May 1999 at 7pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   RJ Farrington   JE Coston   IF May
           PK Oldham   JM Palmer   HM Smith   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn
           and the clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence   R Day

189/99 2   Election of chairman and signing of declaration of acceptance
           of office
           RLEW was unanimously elected chairman and signed the declaration
           of acceptance of office.

190/99 3   Co-option of five councillors
           AGREED by all to co-opt Mark Ellwood, Anil Lakhani, David Lee,
           Grace Richardson and Campbell Taylor.

191/99 4   Election of vice chairman
           RJF was unanimously elected vice chairman.

192/99 5   Committees
           The following committees were elected:

           Planning                 JEC RD RJF JMP HMS RTS LCT
           Finance                  JEC PKO HMS RTS RLEW
           Maintenance/Landscaping  JMP PKO HMS LCT
           Play                     JEC HMS (+ P Brindle, P Gaynord,
                                    L Henderson, J May, J Sandford co-opted)
           Cemetery                 RD PKO
           Youth                    JEC DJL HMS (+ J Sandford co-opted)
           Sheltered Housing        RD RJF IFM RTS RLEW (+ Y Wakeling co-opted)
           Highways                 JEC RD RJF PKO RTS LCT
           Allotments               RD
           Community Care           RD IFM (+ Y Wakeling co-opted)
           Millennium Working Party JEC IFM PKO JMP HMS LCT

           Additional members to be appointed at June meeting.

193/99 6   Representatives
           The following representatives were appointed:

           MCC                   RJF
           School Governors      DJL
           Charities             RD IFM (+ PHarrold BC Waterson)
           Footpaths Officer     RLEW
           Country Park          RD (Deputy PKO)
           Impact                RLEW
           RLEW: to find out the present situation regarding Impact.
           Police Liaison        RLEW
           Tree & Deputy Warden  PKO (Deputy SJ Snaith)
           Rowing Trust          HMS (Deputy JMP)
           Under 5's Group       LCT
           Village View          JEC
           Community Transport   JEC

194/99 7   Minutes
           The Minutes of the meeting of 12 April 1999 were approved and
           signed as true record.

       8   Clerk's Report  (inc matters arising)

195/99     Direction Signs
(511/98)   The County Council had arranged for a "Milton" sign to be
           erected Landbeach Road junction but could not agree to a
           "Post Office" sign "effectively providing advertising on
           the Public Highway".

196/99     Litter/Dog Bins
(140/99)   Confirmation of bins to be emptied by SCDC received.  Already
           there had been problems - both HMS and the clerk had emptied
           overflowing dog bins. Confirmation of bins being emptied by
           SCDC received and noted.  PKO suggested a notice be put on dog
           bins advising residents to phone 861447 if the bins were full.

197/99     Public Entertainments Licence
(143/99)   List of events to be held at Waggon & Horses for 1999 received.
           The landlord was concerned that he was "singled out" for different
           RTS had asked the licensing committee to treat the public houses
           The Clerk:  to advise him to contact SCDC.

198/99     Woodchip - Play Areas
(150/99)   The 'Natural Cushionfall' conformed to British Standard BSEN1177
           for play areas. The standard tested for critical height at 300mm
           depth. Cushionfall still passed the test at 100mm depth. In six
           years this was the first complaint. There had been no complaints
           of splinters. Two suppliers only, including Enviromulch had
           passed the standard and were members of API - Association of Play
           Installers. The play committee would review at the appropriate time.

199/99     New Swing
(152/99)   Playdale expect to install the swing during the week starting

200/99     Cemetery
(153/99)   The plan did not show the land drains across the field, just the
           boundary ditches. The scattering of ashes was not allowed at the
           Cambridge City cemetery because:
            it was untidy - in a small area the ashes would be noticeable;
            no fees could be collected;
            it would be difficult to keep detailed records.
           The question was raised whether Council had any redress from the
           vendors of the land.
           The cemetery committee would review, and make recommendations to

201/99     MCC
(156/99)   Joint meeting minutes not yet to hand.  Minutes of the MCC
           Maintenance Committee meeting of 10 March received.
           Note: MCC AGM scheduled for 12 May postponed provisionally to
                 9 June.

202/99     Allotments Pump
(160/99)   The clerk was waiting for one of the allotment holders to
           organise a working party to install the pump. It may be
           necessary to dig a 12 foot hole, using a mechanical digger.
           This would almost certainly mean a cost to the Council.
           Allotments committee to discuss.

203/99     Land Purchase
(162/99)   Noted that J Harradine, County Council was compiling a schedule
           of land that could be suitable for recreation.

       9   Planning
204/99     The Minutes of the meeting of 26 April 1999 were received.

           Decisions Received
205/99     Trinity College - Social Recreational and Conference Centre  -
           Science Park - (32/99) approved. [Note: amended access and extra
           landscaping].  Landscaping and details of floor levels to be
           approved.  Retained trees to be protected. For the use of Science
           Park companies and their associates only.

206/99     Rogers Dare & Associates - deletion of conditions 1 and 3 of
(98/99)    permission S/1956/91 refused. Without access and car parking
           improvements the application fails to meet adequate off street

207/99     Mr A Webb Camside Farm  Chesterton Fen Road - siting of two
(100/99)   mobile homes (retrospective application) - refused - contrary to
           various Policies (attached). Copy of SCDC "Refusal of Certificate
           of Lawful Use or Development" notice to Mr Webb received.

208/99     Tesco Store 3 covered trolley bays - approved.

209/99     East Waste - Variation of conditions 1 and 2 of consent S/0733/96
(147/99)   at Landfill Site approved till 31 December 1999 for the removal of
           clay for capping operations at Feltwell Landfill site (min 85/99
           also refers).

210/99     Mr & Mrs D Foster 169 The Sycamores - extension - approved.
(149/99)   On site parking for three cars to be provided.

211/99     Mr & Mrs J Coston 67 Coles Road - conservatory and workshop -
(179/99)   approved.

           New Applications

212/99     S/0584/99 A Webb Camside Farm Chesterton Fen Road - refurbishment
           of bungalow including re-roofing and brick skin.  No objection if
           existing building has planning permission.

213/99     S/0672/99 Milton Parish Council - erection of chain-link fence
           at The Sycamores Recreation Ground.  Approved!

214/99     S/0679/99/LB Century Inns - alterations for replacement advertising
           signs and floodlights at The White Horse.  Approved.

215/99     S/0683/99 Mr & Mrs Curtis 9 Butcher Close - side extension.

       10  Minutes

216/99     The minutes of the Finance meeting of 20 April 1999 were received.
           AGREED to accept recommendation of minute 171/99 not to redeem the
           PWLB loan.

217/99     The minutes of the APM 26 April 1999 were received.  Thanks
           to JEC and RTS for their contributions.

218/99 11  Informal Sports Surfaces

           HMS proposed that in principle major repairs and replacements of
           play equipment and both roller hockey and basketball surfaces on
           the recreation grounds should be met when they arrive from MPC
           funds.  These informal play areas did not generate revenue.
           It was felt that Council could rely on the Financial Agreement
           to support MCC.
           AGREED therefore to defer till the June meeting.

219/99 12  Review of Bus Pass Scheme
           AGREED by all to continue to reimburse £5.50 for each bus pass

220/99 13  Sheltered Housing Update
           Noted that the hard courts fence would be raised as soon as

221/99 14  Planting of daffodil and other bulbs
           AGREED to allow JEC £100 to spend on daffodil, crocus and
           tulip bulbs.  Thanks to JEC for the display.

222/99 15  Bills for Payment and Money Received (schedule attached)
           Noted that cheque 15 was returned and the amount split between
           Impington Village College cheque 1518 and Cambridgeshire County
           Council cheque 1519.
           AGREED by all to confirm cheques 1518 to 1523 and cheque 49
           already paid; and to authorise payment of cheques 1524 to 1544.
           Noted that the Local Government and Rating Act 1997 gave Council
           the power to pay the cost of the Dial-a-Ride scheme.

223/99 16  Crime Update
           Crime statistics were circulated. Total reported crime for first
           four months was 49, in 1998 it was 47.

224/99 17  County Councillor's Report
           JEC had asked the Fire Authority and the Environment Agency for
           a report on the recent fire at Chesterton Fen.
           The clerk: to ask two authorities above and local emergency
           planning department about possible dangers from toxic smoke.

           The Community Transport scheme was proving to be successful with
           a waiting list. Thanks to Milton Charities for donation of £260
           towards the scheme enabling trips to take place fortnightly.

           Millennium meeting for all clubs was set for 8 June. The committee
           intended reporting to Council in July.

225/99 18  District Councillor's Report
(212/97)   PI Research - access from Ely Road.  Noted that the Planning
           Department was asking PI to complete the access from Ely Road.
           Council fully supported SCDC.

           MCC would not pay a Business Rate on its buildings.

226/99 19  Correspondence
           Lloyds Bank - response to complaints about poor service
           County Council
            - HGV's survey M11/A10 (response sent)
            - Maintenance of vegetation on Rights of Way
            - Rural Transport Partnership & Action Guide for Community Transport
            - Cambridge Core Traffic Scheme Emmanuel Road closure

       20  Date of next meetings
             Planning 24 May (8pm)
             Highways  (to be set)
             Council  7 June

Thanks to the clerk for the new "Members' Handbook".

The meeting ended at 9.25pm.