Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held on Monday 7 September 1998 at 7pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   RJ Farrington   JE Coston (from 368/98)
           R Day   DJ Lee (from 370/98 to 415/98)   IF May
           CF Nunn (from 370/98)   PK Oldham   J Sandford   HM Smith
           SJ Snaith   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn
           EY Wakeling (from 369/98 to 423/98)
           and the clerk SJ Daniels.

       1.  Apologies for Absence None.

375/98 2.  Minutes
           Minutes of the meeting of July 6 1998 were confirmed and
           signed as a true record.

       3.  Matters Arising
376/98     Transport Policies and Programme Bid
(189/98)   Noted that the "Milton Cyclebridge" had been included
           in the County Council's TPP Bid for 1999/2000.

377/98     Draft Regional Planning Guidance
(252/98)   It was agreed to authorise the Planning Committee at its
           meeting on 21 September to make representations to SCDC.

378/98     Landfill Site
(292/98)   A letter from East Waste explained that there had been
           an underground fire and that it had now been dealt with.
           The clerk would ask for assurances that they had an
           Emergency Plan in operation and that measures were in
           hand to protect the public.
           Noted that the Planning Officers were recommending that
           the variation of Condition 15 of Planning Consent
           S/0289/91 be approved.

379/98     Police Local Consultation Group
(310/98)   Next meeting set for 4 November at Impington Village

380/98     Rowing Trust
(311/98)   HMS reported that the amended plans had now been
           received by SCDC.

381/98     Cycling Facilities
(312/98)   As there was concern that a recent Consultation Meeting
           had not been well organised RTS proposed PKO seconded and
           all agreed that the County Council be asked to reprint the
           document inviting residents to examine the schemes prepared
           by WS Atkins at the clerk's home.  Parish Councillors to
           deliver the documents.
           Agreed to comment that MPC would prefer to see a continuous
           cycle route through Milton. Further comments to be made
           after October meeting.

           The Chairman suspended business so that BC Waterson and
           J Strickland could present the future plans of All Saints'
           Church. They explained the first priority was to reorder
           the Church interior and the long term plan was to provide
           more meeting rooms by altering and extending the Hall.
           Thanks to BCW and JS for attending.

382/98     Embankment/Slip Road
(313/98)   PKO understood that the Highways Agency intended to repair
           the embankment between 21 and 30 September.

383/98     Central Refuges
(315/98)   The Clerk to contact the County Council again about the
           ongoing lighting problems.

384/98     Farm College
(316/98)   Noted that Mr Whittington had retired as Principal -
           best wishes to be sent. JEC asked for up to date
           information regarding the old Landbeach Road.

385/98     AWA Sewer
(317/98)   Agreed to ask Mr Newitt if the ground had been reinstated
           satisfactorily for his cylinder mowers.

386/98     A10
(319/98)   Agreed to ask if the 'accidents' Study had been completed.
           Noted that the markings at the Landbeach Road junction
           improved road safety; also that debris from previous
           accidents was still on the highway.

387/98     Maintenance/Play Areas
(321/98)   IFM proposed CFN seconded and all agreed that P Whiterod
           stain the village seats (11 in total) at £18 each.
           RJF proposed JEC seconded and all agreed that Council
           accept Herald Contract Services' quote of £1250 for supply
           and spread of 50 cubic metres of woodchip for all play
           areas. (Double the amount as accepted in 321/98).

388/98     Youth
(322/98)   Minutes of the youth meeting of July and report of the
           Bus Project's Summer Term activities were received.

389/98     Cemetery
(343/98)   Work on the gates etc had been finished. Both piers had
           been rebuilt with second hand bricks (the original bricks
           could not be used).  This would add to the cost - approx £300.
           SJS to meet P Whiterod on site.

390/98     Allotments Pump
(344/98)   The Environment Agency had confirmed that a licence was
           needed for the existing pumps. RD proposed CFN seconded
           and all agreed that Council apply for a licence at £110
           plus an annual charge of £25.
           CFN proposed and all agreed to buy another pump so long
           as allotment holders would provide the labour.

391/98     Computer
(346/98)   Files were being transferred to the new computer. Noted
           that the final cost of the computer was £925.30 + VAT.
           (A larger floppy disc drive was installed as the one
           originally proposed was considered insufficient for
           Council's needs).

392/98     Travellers
(363/98)   A barrier had been erected at a cost of £678 + VAT.
           Maximum height and reflective flashing sign to be erected.

393/98     Holt Bridge Opening
(366/98)   JEC PKO and HMS attended the official opening.

       4.  Planning
394/98     Appeals
           The following appeals were due to be heard:-
(489/97)   Crickmore Developments - change of use of land to
           caravan and camping site and use of barn for
           kitchen/toilets at Chesterton Fen Road;
(67/97)    Mr F Smith land at Lomas Farm Chesterton Fen Road -
           change of use to caravans and mobile home for
           residential purposes;
(171/98)   Lucy Gaskin land adjacent to Lomas Farm - change of use
           to caravans for residential purposes;
 (53/98)   T & S Stores (Dillons) retention of storage container
           within parking area.

395/98     Appeal - R Boyd
(306/98)   Noted that the appeal by Mr Boyd had been dismissed due
           to extra traffic movement which would be harmful to
           highway safety; the proposal would also be in conflict
           with the aims of the Development Plan.

           Decisions Received
396/98     5 Scientific and Research Buildings Phase 4 adjacent
(352/98)   Science Park - approved.

397/98     RG & LR Cave - Land at Cave Industrial Estate Chesterton Fen Road
(124/98)   erection of 6 workshop/light industrial units and extension
           to toilet block - approved. Conditions: no bonfires to
           be permitted on site; details of the location and type of
           any power driven plant or equipment and a comprehensive
           plan for the disposal of all surface water and details
           of the materials to be used for the external wall and roof
           to be approved by SCDC; no power operated machinery to be
           operated before 0800 and after 1800 on weekdays and 1300
           on Saturdays (on at any time on Sundays or Bank Holidays)

398/98     D Pask 3 High Street - garage and fence - approved.
(272/98)   Details of the materials for the external walls and roof
           and a landscaping scheme to be approved.

399/98     C & A Brooklyn Unit 1 Chesterton Fen Road - change of use -
(277/98)   approved. All materials to be stored inside the building;
           the front forecourt to be kept clear for parking.

400/98     Amgen Limited  240 Science Park - company sign - approved.
(278/98)   Also approved Fascia Sign at 216 Science Park for Amgen Limited.

401/98     Tesco Stores - refrigeration plant mounted on roof - approved.
(293/98)   Conditions relating to noise emission and a scheme for
           pollution control.

402/98     Bard Pharmaceuticals  Science Park 3 flue stacks - approved
           (application S/1055/98).

403/98     Carequest  44 High Street - alterations - approved.

404/98     Bride Hall Group Limited - research and development
(355/98)   building and associated parking at St John's Innovation
           Park - refused.
           Contrary to Policy CNF5 of the South Cambridgeshire
           Local Plan 1993:-
           Over development of the site.
           Insufficient car parking accommodation. To achieve
           sufficient accommodation would further erode the
           landscape setting of buildings within this area.
           The disposal of surface water drainage not sufficiently
           considered - could exacerbate existing drainage
           difficulties and cause flooding to existing properties.

           New Applications
405/98     S/1568/97 Bioscience Innovation Centre - amendments
(139/98)   to scheme since planning approval. For information only.

406/98     S/1021/98 - extension - 21 Old School Lane
(354/98)   A letter from Mr C Sandford asked that Council change
           the "no comments" to "no objections" in order that the
           application could be referred to SCDC Planning Committee.
           The application had been refused under delegated powers
           as adversely affecting the amenities currently enjoyed
           by No. 23 causing loss of light and an unacceptable outlook.
           RJF proposed and CFN seconded that Council accede to this
           request and send "no objections" to SCDC.
           Carried by 12 votes in favour 1 against and 1 abstention.
           J Sandford declared an interest and took no part in
           the discussion and vote.

407/98     S/1108/98  Mrs J Hudson  37 Coles Road - Front entrance
           porch and w.c. - no comments (delegated powers).
           Approved by SCDC.

408/98     S/1158/98  D Hyam 31 Froment Way - Sun lounge and utility
           room.  No objections (delegated powers).  Approved by SCDC.

409/98     S/1195/98  Dr M and Mrs LS Hannant 57 Butt Lane - outline
           application for two bungalows on land rear of 57 Butt Lane.
           RJF proposed and JS seconded that Council support the
           objections of residents of Faulkner Close re the
           inappropriate access and concerns for safety.  11 in favour
           and 2 abstentions.  LCT declared an interest and did not
           take part in the discussion and vote.

410/98     S/1197/98  Mr P Runham 49 Fen Road - 2 storey extension
           to form garage and bedroom.  Objections about over
           development of a narrow site and the close proximity of
           the two storey wall to no 47 Fen Road had been sent to
           SCDC (delegated powers).  RTS reported that the Planning
           Committee had viewed the site and had refused permission.

411/98     S/1221/98  Cambridge Children's Hospice -  replacing
           existing temporary structures with two portakabins to be
           used for storage.  No comments (delegated powers).
           SCDC's approval till 31 December 2003 was received.

412/98     S/1292/98  J Jefford Rose Cottage Chesterton Fen Road -
           starter unit.  Concerned that over development would
           further exacerbate the traffic problems in Fen Road
           (delegated powers).

413/98     S/1359/98  Trinity Hall - land at Kings Hedges Road -
           renewal of outline permission S/1086/94 for ClassB1
           floor space.

414/98     S/1402/98  Trinity College and Aula Limited - Land
           between Kings Hedges Drive and Science Park roads
           and drains.
           Objection - concern that access is shown to be at Kings
           Hedges Drive a very narrow road.  The questions of
           controls at the barrier was raised.

415/98     S/1405/98  T & S Stores Plc (Dillons) - retention of
           metal storage container and two car parking spaces on
           land to the rear of the store.  The objections of
           neighbours was supported.  Concerned as to how two car
           parking spaces and a storage container could fit into
           the space available.  ( See also minute 386/98).

416/98     S/1413/98  Eastern Electricity - temporary portakabins
           for office accommodation.  Concerns as to whether car
           parking was sufficient.

417/98     S/1426/98 and S/1427/98/LB Century Inns The White Horse
           Public House - part demolition of existing beer store and
           erection of new extension to form beer store.  No comments.

418/98     S/1429/98  Mr T Tyrrell 162 The Rowans - domestic single
           storey front elevation kitchen extension.  No comments.

419/98 5.  Land rear of Conder Close
(303/98)   As this land was public open space Council were not
           empowered to transfer it to other owner(s) for any other
           purpose. Agreed to inform Mr Ozakpinar and to ask the
           contractor to keep the grass cut up to the fences
           bordering the properties and the bund north of Butt Lane.

420/98 6.  Land at War Memorial
(263/98)   The transfer of the land to MPC was signed by the
           chairman and clerk.  Total cost £680.50.

421/98 7.  Community Care
           Agreed that the warden could have three weeks holiday
           in March 1999.  Community Care committee to meet to
           discuss deputy and mileage allowance.

422/98 8.  Sheltered Housing
(359/98)   Minutes of the meeting of 30 July had been circulated.
           Work was expected to start January 1999, completion date
           December 1999/January 2000.

423/98 9.  Money Received and Bills for Payment.
           Proposed RJF seconded DL and agreed by all that the
           following payments be authorised:- (See attached sheet).
           [not available on Web - see clerk for details]
           Cheque 1330 to 1360 and Account No 2 Cheque 33.

424/98 10. Request from Pre-School
           A request was received to help support financially a
           child at pre-school.  RTS proposed no action as it was
           not within the remit of the Parish Council and that it
           could "open the floodgates" - seconded RJF.  HMS proposed
           an amendment that Council discuss this at a later stage
           if all other avenues for funding were exhausted seconded JEC.
           The amendment was not carried there being 4 votes in
           favour 8 against and 1 abstention.
           The substantive motion was then carried 9 votes in
           favour, 2 against with 2 abstentions.

425/98 11. Roundabout at Tesco
(361/98)   Proposals for maintaining this roundabout had been
           circulated.  Concerns that the distraction of more signs
           would add to the dangers at this roundabout were expressed.
           RTS proposed that Council reject the idea - seconded PKO.
           Carried 10 vote in favour, 1 against and 2 abstentions.

426/98 12. Waste Local Plan
           It was agreed to defer till October and to invite a
           County Council officer to that meeting.

427/98 13. MCC
(360/98)   Noted that the Lease had been forwarded to the Charity
           Commissioners for stamping.  The Treasurer of MCC had
           asked that £7500 be paid for the first half year and
           that the balance of the grant be made available to the
           new Charity. It was agree to pay £7500 less the bills
           paid by MPC eg new manhole cover Coles Road Recreation
           Ground car park.

428/98 14. Crime Update
           Crime figures were circulated.
           Neighbourhood Watch signs  JEC proposed IFM seconded
           and all agreed that as a policy Council should pay for
           signs for any Neighbourhood Watch area that did not have
           one and for any new Neighbourhood Watch area set up.
           Noted that each sign cost £19.50

           Damaged Seat and Trees Froment Way
(363/98)   RJF proposed that a claim be made for the vandalised seat
           and that Council accept City Services quotation of £477
           for a replacement cast iron seat - agreed.
           The clerk pointed out that the cost to replace the two
           trees was £71 each not £48 as reported previously.  It
           was agreed not to replace these trees as it was difficult
           for the contractors to cut round them and the soil was poor;
           also it was considered the wrong place for trees.

429/98 15. Fen Rivers Way Association
           JEC proposed and RD seconded that Council join the Fen
           Rivers Way Association subscription £10.  Agreed 11 in
           favour and 2 abstentions.

430/98 16. County Councillor's Report
           The car park at Waterbeach Station had been started.  A
           feasibility study about cycleways to Ely on the A10 was
           in progress  JEC had spoken to the new Research Park
           about it.  The owners of the Cambridge Research Park and
           the County Council were in discussion about a bus route
           to Cowley Road, Science Park and Waterbeach Station.
           Noted that the traffic lights at the A10/A14 interchange
           were not on full time.  The clerk to query this.

431/98 17. District Councillor's Report
           RTS reported that SCDC were preparing a prosecution of
           a dog owner for not complying with the dog byelaws on
           the Sycamores Recreation Ground.

432/98 18. Correspondence
           Guide on managing common land
           Cambridge Regional Heritage Strategy
           Local bus services
           Village composting schemes
           Housing needs survey
           CALC Bulletin
           Cambs County Council information leaflet - budget
           Care Network conference 22 October
           SCDC Strategy Statement Summary 1999 - 2004
           Land adjacent allotments - to be discussed at October meeting.

Meeting ended at 11.25pm.