Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held at 7pm in the Community Centre on Monday 11 May 1998

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   RJ Farrington (till 241/98)
           JE Coston (from 214/98)  R Day  IF May  CF Nunn  PK Oldham
           J Sandford (from 216/98 - apologies for lateness)
           J Shaw (from 215 to 246/98)  HM Smith   SJ Snaith  RT Summerfield
           LC Twinn  EY Wakeling (from 214/98) and the clerk SJ Daniels.

       1.  Apologies for Absence received from DJ Lee

212/98 2.  Election of Chairman
           RLEW was unanimously elected chairman.  Proposed RTS seconded RD.
           He signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

213/98 3.  Election of Vice Chairman
           RJF was unanimously elected vice chairman.
           Proposed CFN seconded SJS.

214/98 4.  Committees
            The following Committees were confirmed:-
            Planning en bloc plus LCT
            Finance en bloc plus PKO
            Maintenance en bloc plus CFN
            Play en bloc
            Cemetery en bloc
            Youth en bloc

            Highways en bloc plus PKO and LCT
            Allotments en bloc
            Community Care en bloc

215/98 5.  Representatives
           Confirmed as before with the exception of PKO becoming
           Deputy Tree Warden; and addition of LCT as Representative
           to the Under 5's Group and JEC to both the Millennium
           Committee and Village View. It was noted that members of
           committees or representatives did not necessarily have to
           be members of the parish Council.

           It was confirmed that the clerk had written congratulating
           the school on their recent successful Ofsted Inspection.

           The minutes of the Planning Meeting of 27 April were confirmed
           and signed as a true record.

218/98 8.  Annual Parish Meeting
           PKO asked that an explanation of Council's Bus Pass Scheme be
           put on the notice board and in the Village View.

       9.  Matters Arising

219/98     Police Local Consultation Group
(104/98)   A report of the meeting of 11 March was received.  Noted that
           the next meeting was set for 1 July.

220/98     Central Refuges
(146/98)   Despite the reassurance from the County Council that the central
           refuges would be lit nothing had as yet happened.  The clerk to
           contact John Edwards.

221/98     A14 Roadworks
(150/98)   Confirmation that the resurfacing was due to take place during
           the summer holidays was received from the County Council.

222/98     Lowered Kerbs
(152/98)   RJF proposed and RD seconded that Council do not ask for the
           kerbs to be lowered where the cycle/footpath meets the road
           near The Rowans open space and Froment Way open space because
           of the possible dangers.  There were 13 in favour and 1 against

223/98     Pond Green
(157/98)   It was expected that a full reply concerning the proposal
           for Pond Green would be received shortly.

224/98     Graffiti - Tesco
(159/98)   The Manager had promised RLEW to arrange for the graffiti
           to be cleaned off.

225/98     Farm College Merger
(160/98)   The Principal had confirmed that the merger was going ahead
           and that the College would approach the Parish Council with
           their expansion plans.

226/98     New Vehicular Access to Milton Hall
(162/98)   Noted that PI's resources were being concentrated on its new
           premises at Cottenham. PI however still intended to implement
           the new road access. Mr Belcham of SCDC was monitoring the

227/98     Tomkins Mead
(164/98)   The Country Park Ranger was looking at ways of improving the
           muddy path near the Coles Road entrance.

228/98     AWA Sewer
(165/98)   Noted that the seeding had not yet been done.  D Ward to
           be contacted.

229/98     Maintenance
(167/98)   Meeting with Mr Rees still to be arranged.
           The Farm College had cleaned the mud from the road.

230/98     Rowing Lake
(168/98)   A Board meeting was set for 4 June.  HMS to confirm that
           the Rowing Trust had contacted the occupier of the Crossing
           Keeper's house.

231/98     Cycling Facilities
(172/98)   Noted that J Richards was looking in more detail at the
           options. Agreed to ask him for his time scale.

232/98     A10/A14 Interchange
(173/98)   The clerk to write to the Highways Agency expressing concern
           at the delay in having the slippage repaired.

233/98     Parking of Vehicles
(175/98)   RJF and the clerk had met with E Thornton.  He would not
           agree to mound or put in bollards at the entrance to the
           industrial estate. It was agreed to write to all the firms
           on the estate. Concerns were expressed about parking on the
           verge near the bus shelter in High Street. It was agreed to
           find out first who owned the land.

234/98     20MPH Speed Limit
(176/98)   Noted that 20mph speed limits could only be installed in
           traffic calmed areas with the consent of the Secretary of
           State. JEC to make further inquiries.

235/98     A10 Junctions
(177/98)   The Highways Agency were monitoring the accidents at the
           Butt Lane junction.  A suggested layout for the Landbeach Road
           junction was received.  Agreed to ask the Highways Agency to
           keep Council up to date with their findings.

236/98     Extension - 88 Butt Lane
(178/98)   Noted that the planning officers were recommending refusal.

237/98     Finance
(204-211/98) RTS summarised the Finance Meeting held on 8 May.

238/98 10. Sheltered Housing
(184/98)   Noted that the Archaeologists had finished their work.
           It was agreed to give an undertaking to the Sports Council
           that part of the proceeds of the sale of the application site
           would be used to encourage more formal sports use.

239/98 11. Bills for Payment and Money Received
           Proposed RJF and seconded JS that the following payments be
           authorised:  (See attached sheet)
            Cheque 1273 -  See Minute 179/98
            Cheques 1274-1294
            Cheque 30 from Current A/c 2
            Agreed 12 in favour 1 abstention.
           There was concern that Herald Contract Services (Cheque 1289)
           had done some work without written authorisation.  Action
           to be taken to ensure that this did not happen again.

           Noted that the Fidelity Insurance was taken out on 7 April
           the premium therefore being £309.31 (See minute 180/98).
           Accounts as at 11 May were circulated.  The Chairman of the
           Finance Committee requested it be minuted that Councillors
           had been receiving copies of the Accounts each month since
           April 1997.

240/98 12. War Memorial
(181/98)   Noted that Council were liable for The Treasury Solicitor's
           costs of £300 including District Valuer's fee of £160.
           RD proposed that Council ask Milton Charities to make a
           contribution towards the purchase of this land as it was in
           the general public interest. Agreed.

241/98 13. Milton Community Centre
(170/98)   The date of the AGM was not yet known.  The draft of the
           Lease document had been received comments to be sent to
           the clerk in readiness for the June meeting. RLEW was
           concerned about the time it had taken the solicitor to
           prepare this documet.
           RLEW reported that Julie Gray had accepted the post as
           secretary/administrator; also that the manager had received
           a written warning about the quality of his work.

242/98 14. Notice of Audit
           The audit was set for 20 August.

243/98 15. Play Areas
           The Play Committee had met and were waiting for various
           quotations. J Sh proposed JEC seconded and all agreed that
           Playdale be asked to repair the suspension bridge at The Rowans.
           IFM proposed that Council accept Wicksteed's quotation of £263.50
           for repairs. Agreed. It was agreed also to ask Wicksteed
           to repair damaged equipment at The Sycamores - cost unknown.
           Discussion about basketball provision ensued. No decision was
           taken as to whether the goal at Froment Way should be moved
           away from houses or whether a tarmac surface should be laid.

244/98 16. Internet
           PKO gave a summary of some of the uses of the Internet, Web
           Site etc. It was agreed to authorise PKO to put the minutes
           on the Web Site as from May although HMS had reservations
           about this. It was agreed also that the clerk's computer
           should be updated so that the Parish Council could be on
           the Internet. Costs to be discussed at June meeting.

245/98 17. Planning
           Decisions Received - None.
           New Applications
           S/0726/98  Bard Pharmaceuticals - Erection of exhaust stack.
                      No comments.

246/98 18. Allotments
           Use by Farm College
           It was agreed that the Farm College could use the unlet area
           of allotments at the northern end of the site for a short
           time. The Farm College had agreed to clean up the two disused
           allotments and the fly tipping. As a result there was no need
           to consider Herald Contract's quotations.

           New Pump
           The clerk had received a request for a new pump to be
           installed. The allotment holders were willing to provide
           labour if Council agreed to buy the pump. The clerk to
           investigate with the Environment Agency the possible need
           for a licence before convening an Allotment Committee meeting.

247/98 19. Crime Update
           The latest crime figures were circulated.
           Noted that an "Anglian Crimestoppers Meeting" was scheduled
           for May 20 at the Country Park.

248/98 20. County Councillor's Report
           JEC had received a request for the closure of the layby on
           the western side of the A14 near the sewage works. (Because
           of its proximity to the slip road motorists could mistake
           it for the slip road.)  Council agreed to support its closure.
           JEC was organising an Internet evening for 14 May.

249/98 21. District Councillor's Report
           At the Planning Policy Committee Meeting to be held on 13 May
           the Planning Officers were putting forward their support for
           the inclusion of the cycle/footbridge over the A14 in the TPP
           bid. Noted that Enventure Southern had put £10,000 into the
           Feasiility Study for this bridge.

250/98 22. Correspondence Received
             CALC Bulletin
             Cambridgeshire County Council - Bridge Street closure -
               to be made permanent.
             SCDC - Report by Planning Officer on DOE circular
               "Prevention of Dereliction through the Planning System."
               (Circulated to Planning Committee).
             SCDC - Leaflet "Opportunities for Change" (already circulated).
             Edge & Ellison Solicitors - Notice of Application for
               Transfer of the Licence for Dillons to Mr Walden and
               Ms Fairbairn.

 The meeting ended at 10.55pm.