Minutes of the Maintenance Committee
       held on Monday 19 November 2001 at 8.20pm in the Community Centre

Present:   PK Oldham (chair)   EH Baker   RJ Farrington   B Jefferson
           HM Smith   LC Twinn   R Day   CJ Lock
           The clerk

       1   Apologies for Absence  -  RLE Waters

607/01 2   Election of chairman  - PKO was elected chairman.

608/01 3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 24 September 01 were approved and
           signed as a true record.
(478/01)   Steps on Bund
           As P Ferguson had not replied the clerk had asked for new quotations
           from Herald Contract Services.
           AGREED to accept the quotation of £1025 in total for steps on the
           bund at The Sycamores and both ends of Coulson Close - 4 votes in
           favour 1 abstention.
           Russian Vine
           Quotation of 632.50 was received.
           AGREED to ask for more detail.

609/01 4   Contract
(479/01)   Seven tender packs had been sent out - two tenders received.  Both
           Groomfields and City Services declined to quote.
           AGREED not to have the grass picked up as it would prove too costly.
           The following suggestions were discussed:
           - That Council should employ its own maintenance worker.
           - Council should employ a supervisor to monitor the work done by the
           AGREED to recommend that Council offer Herald Contract Services
           the contract at a total price of £19105 for the year.
           The clerk would ask Mr Newitt of Herald:
           to cut and pick up the grass at the memorial at no extra cost and
           to send Council a monthly itemised bill.

       5   Any other business
610/01     Land between Bund and A10 - the County Council contractor had cut the
           MPC owned land in error.  The clerk would find out whether there was
           an obligation to have this grass cut once a year.
           As the boundary ditch had been filled in PKO and RD would arrange to
           dig it out.
           The clerk would purchase a padlock and chain for the gate (the
           previous lock and chain were missing).

611/01     Tree Surgery - noted that Mr Bevitt Church Lane had been given
           permission by J Hellingsworth to remove a dead elm tree; and that
           Pi Group had been given permission to carry out remedial works to a
           weeping willow tree at Milton Hall.

612/01     Litter Sycamores Car Park - concern was expressed about the amount of
           litter at The Sycamores car park - a matter for the youth committee
           and MCC.

The meeting ended at 9.25pm.