Minutes of the Maintenance Committee
       held on Monday 24 September 2001 at 7.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   B Jefferson   LC Twinn
           R Day   SJ Snaith (deputy tree warden)
           the clerk

       1   Apologies for Absence - PK Oldham   RLE Waters

477/01 2   Election of chairman  - HMS wish to give up the chairmanship and
           agreed to act as chairman for this meeting only. Another member of
           the committee was needed - preferably two.

478/01 3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 3 January 01 were approved and signed
           as a true record.
(521/00)   Russian Vine  and (154/01) Steps on Bund
           AGREED to ask P Ferguson to confirm by mid October that he would do
           these works by the end of the year.

479/01 4   Contract
(427/01)   Documents had been sent out to 7 contractors. Closing date 16
           November - committee meeting set for Monday 19 November after
           planning. A letter from Herald Contract Services confirmed that
           the missed cut of the recreation grounds at the end of August was
           due to adverse weather conditions.

480/01 5   Tree Warden's report
(450/01)   The tree work at the Sycamores had been done.
           The following actions were agreed;
           Landbeach Road/Humphries Way - the clerk would ask if the College
           of West Anglia would prune the young trees as part of their
           training. Failing that a working party would do the work.
           Elderberry on bund - working party ( RD HMS and SJD).
           Hawthorn Hedge willow - working party. The clerk to inform
           neighbours that the tree would be taken down.
           Trees behind 33/35 The Oaks - Herald Contract Services were not
           qualified to work on lowering the top of the sycamore tree. The
           clerk confirmed that this tree was very close to the fence and
           garage of 35 The Oaks and that PKO would ask Council to consider
           felling this tree.

481/01 6   Towpath Clayhithe
           A Wingfield City Council engineer on behalf of the River Cam
           Conservancy was seeking Milton Parish Council's views on providing
           a more permanent surface to the tracks around Clayhithe and the
           haling way extensions. The clerk would inform him that this was
           in Horningsea parish.

482/01 7   Bins
           Dog Bins - The County Council had asked that all dog bins be sited
           at least two metres from lamp posts. The clerk had therefore bought
           6 posts for dog bins from Glasdon. P Quigley of SCDC suggested that
           MPC do nothing until he had negotiated with the County.
           AGREED to store the posts for the time being.

           Litter Bins - noted that two bins (Humphries Way and Froment Way)
           were damaged.
           AGREED that the chairmen of Maintenance, Play and MCC ORG meet to
           discuss replacements here and at The Sycamores Recreation Ground.

483/01 8   Any other business
           War Memorial - noted that Council had not asked Herald Contract
           Services to weed spray between slabs at war memorial.

The meeting ended at 8.00pm.