Minutes of the Maintenance Committee
       held on Tuesday 21 November 2000 at 8.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   B Jefferson   PK Oldham    LC Twinn
           the clerk

       1   Apologies for Absence - RLE Waters

554/00 2   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 16 October 00 were approved and
           signed as a true record.

555/00 3   Quotation PC2236
           a) £550 to grub out Russian Vine at Rowans play area. Committee
              felt that this was rather high. The clerk to seek another quote.
           b) £150 to grub out wild rose from the border in Hawthorn Hedge
              play area - accepted.
           c) £50 to grub out brambles by post office - not accepted. Brambles
              to be cut back hard each year.
           d) £90 to grub out wild rose at Sycamores car park area - not
              accepted - should be cut back hard within contract.

556/00 4   Quotation PC2234
           a) £90 to cut down six conifers behind bund rear of Butcher Close -
           b) £50 to remove lower branches of horse chestnut Memorial Green -
              accepted subject to clarification by Herald with PKO.
           c) £140 to reduce trees at Hawthorn Hedge - accepted.  The clerk
              to confirm cost.
           d) Quotation PC2247  - £75 for tree pruning behind 33/35 The Oaks -

557/00 5   Contract
           Quotations for alterations to the contract had been circulated.
           - to accept quotation of £463 to keep all areas around signs and
             along fence lines weed free; [clerk to confirm that this was in
             effect an increase of £263 from the £200 paid in 2000/01];
           - to accept quotation of £530 to keep trees along bund, Humphries
             Way etc weed free [increase of £100];
           - to accept reduction of £150 as land along side A10 had now been
             removed from contract;
           - not to accept quotation of £285 for cutting and collecting
             daffodil cuttings - as this was considered too high;
           - to point out that the areas adjacent the Community Centre and
             bowls green were already part of the contract and should be cut
             weekly at no extra cost [quotation of £720 received];
           - to query extra cost of £40 for cutting cemetery.

           The clerk would query Herald's inflation figure of 3%. Committee
           would await Herald's response before finalising contract.

           The above decisions to be ratified by Council at its December

558/00 6   Footpaths
           HMS, BJ, LCT, RLEW + the clerk had met with Patrick Joyce County
           Council Access Development Officer to discuss a possible circular
           walk north of Milton and linking with the bund. He agreed to
           investigate both this and the possibility of improving the surface
           of the haling way [min 517/00].
           AGREED that clerk should inform residents of Council's intention
           to cut a path through the trees on the bund [min 521/00] and to
           defer discussing quotation for creating path until responses are

559/00 7   Any other business
           It was suggested that trees offered by RD and HMS be planted on
           the bund by The Sycamores and Humphries Way.

The meeting ended at 9.05pm.