Minutes of the Highways Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 9th June 2003 at 8.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   JE Coston   IR Cowley   B Jefferson
           PK Oldham   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn  
           The clerk  SJ Daniels
           In attendance Philip Sharp
259/03 1   Election of Chairman -  RJF was elected chairman.

       2   Apologies for absence  -  R Day   RLE Waters

260/03 3   Minutes 
           The minutes of the meeting of 16th September 02 were approved and
           signed as a true record.
(395/02)   Noted that Landbeach Parish Council supported the cycle way proposal.

261/03 4   Outstanding Issues
           RJF welcomed Philip Sharp Cambs County Council.  The following
           issues were highlighted:

(234/03)   Coles Road/ Cambridge Road Junction (min 496/02 also refers)
           - The soak-away drain was not flowing freely.  PS to follow up?
           - Reinstatement of double yellow lines had still not been done.
             PS to follow up?
           - Powered stump. JEC had met with Tony Hull CCC who had agreed to
             deal with this.

           Bollards at High Street/Fen Road Junction - these were still not
           working. Committee queried the need for the tall light columns
           (both not working for at least two years).
           PS to follow up?

           Butt Lane Junction - this junction would be re-modelled and
           re-surfaced within two months. The entrance will be narrowed and the
           centre island removed to make it safer for both drivers and
           pedestrians. PS to send a copy of the plan. Stuart Mallott had bid
           successfully to have High Street/Cambridge Road re-surfaced.

           Ely Road Pinch Point - there had been complaints that the pinch
           point was dangerous and that the signing was poor, especially the
           road markings. RTS believed that the pinch point was successful in
           reducing the amount of traffic in the mornings.
           PS to review the signing and layout.

           Ash Tree on verge in front of Farm College and Horse Chestnut by Bus
           Stop High Street - a tree surgeon had looked at these trees and
           agreed the work to be done. PS understood that an order for the work
           had been made.
           PS to clarify the exact nature of the work (by email to the clerk).

           Double Yellow Lines Industrial Estate - JEC had met with PS on
           site. The next stage was a meeting with South Cambs Officers and the
           Country Park Warden. Other suggestions included planting and/or a
           cycle lane to the Country Park. Noted that the County Council had no
           money to improve this estate.

           Foot/Cyclepath Butt Lane to Froment Way (cutting back of trees/
           shrubs) - JEC reported that Mark Kemp had agreed to pay half of the
           costs - £120.

           Additional items discussed:

           Car Parking on Cycle Lane - a matter for the police/traffic warden.

           Puddle Slip Road Path - noted that a large puddle formed across the
           path/cycle lane at the bottom of the slip road near Tesco roundabout.
           A soak-away would solve this problem.   PS to investigate?

           Bollards - replacements needed at northern approach from Ely and on
           footpath opposite White Horse Public House.  PS to follow up?

           Damaged Signs Landbeach Road/A10 Junction - an accident had damaged
           signs leaving posts at a dangerous angle (windscreen height). These
           should be removed immediately.  PS to arrange?

           Speed Hump - one of the blocks in High Street had lifted.
           PS to follow up?

262/03 5   Street Lighting The Rowans
(192/03)   JEC had met with Tony Hull. CCC had no money in the budget for 
           street lights.  RTS reported that SCDC would pay 25% of the costs.
           JEC to discuss with T Hull again.

263/03 6   Northern Approach Slip Road
           A resident of Landbeach had expressed concerns about the dangers
           at this junction.  
           No firm proposal (that was within a realistic budget) was made.
           Committee would monitor.

264/03 7   Overnight Parking of Bus The Rowans
           There were concerns about overnight parking of coaches near Shapers.
           This was a matter for PC Shulver. The clerk would contact him.
           Action:  clerk

265/03 8   AOB
           Silver Street Proposals - details of the scheme for reducing the
           amount of traffic in Silver Street Cambridge were received.
           South Cambs Environmnt and Transport Area Joint Committee - next
           meeting 23rd June - agenda received.

The meeting ended at 8.55pm.