Minutes of the Highways Committee Meeting
       held on Tuesday 30 April 2002 at 7.00pm at Ely Road
       and after in the Community Centre

       Present: RJ Farrington (chair)   JE Coston (part)   B Jefferson
                RT Summerfield (for item 1 - apologies for remainder of meeting)
                LC Twinn   TJ Siggs
                The clerk  SJ Daniels

199/02 1   Pinch Point Ely Road
(151/02)   The location and suggestions for the design of a pinch point were
           discussed. The clerk would inform Mr Menzies.   

       2   Apologies for absence   R Day   RLE Waters

200/02 3   Minutes 
           The minutes of the meeting of 19 November 2001 were approved and signed
           as a true record. 

201/02 4   Cycle Scheme
(101/02)   The clerk would advise S Mallott of the outstanding defects especially
           the poor drainage at Butt Lane and Coles Road.  
           Noted that vehicles had been seen turning right into Fen Road on the
           wrong side of the keep left bollards. The clerk would ask Mr Menzies for
           his comments.

202/02 5   Pedestrian Crossing - Cambridge Road
(151/02)   To be put on agenda for Minor Improvements bid in the Autumn.

203/02 6   Landbeach Road - Stopping-Up
(154/02)   JEC reported Ed Thornton's opinion that the piece of land adjacent
           Landbeach Road/Humphries Way was adopted as highway verge. The clerk would
           ask S Mallott for written confirmation.
           It was suggested that a hawthorn hedge be planted around the boundary to
           form a barrier. PKO (Trees Officer) to be consulted.

204/02 7   Street Trading Consent
           The clerk would circulate committee with letter from SCDC.

205/02 8   Any other business
           Bus Services - noted that changes were being made to the X9 service
           Cambridge to Littleport.
           Cambridge Core Traffic Scheme - dates of public consultation exhibitions
           to be circulated.
           A10/Rat Running - a letter from a resident was discussed. The clerk would
           - The lights at the interchange had been deliberately set in the favour of
             the A10 traffic in order to give priority to vehicles on the A10 and to
             try to prevent rat running.  
           - A pinch point in Ely Road just north of the Fen Road/High Street junction
             had been agreed.
           - The A10/A14 interchange had the worst accident record in Cambridgeshire.
             The Butt Lane/A10 junction had the worst record for serious and fatal
             accidents. Although lights at this junction would cause longer tailbacks
             and would probably encourage rat running it was felt that any
             inconvenience was a price that may have to paid to save lives and
             prevent serious injury.

The meeting ended at 7.55pm.