Minutes of the Finance Committee meeting
       held on Monday 16 July 2001 in Milton Community Centre at 7.30pm

Present:   RT Summerfield (chair)   JE Coston   PK Oldham   TJ Siggs
           RLE Waters   RJ Farrington   R Day
           The clerk

       1   Apologies for absence   HM Smith

410/01 2   Minutes of the meeting of 18 May 2001 were confirmed and signed
           as a true record.

411/01 3   Matters arising
(298/01)   Online Banking - Council was now "online".

412/01 4   Bank Reconciliation and Bank Statements
           The chairman reconciled the bank statements as at 30/06/01.

413/01 5   Review of Debtors
           There were no debtors at 30/06/01

414/01 6   Review of Budget and Year to Date Actuals
           The budget figures and year to date actuals were reviewed.

The meeting ended at 7.55pm.