Present:   RT Summerfield (chair)   JE Coston   TJ Siggs   HM Smith
           RLE Waters
           The clerk

       1   Apologies for absence   RJ Farrington    PK Oldham

292/01 2   Election of Chairman   RTS was elected chairman.

293/01 3   Minutes of the meeting of 17 January 2001 were confirmed and
           signed as a true record.

       4   Matters arising

294/01 5   Bank Reconciliation and Bank Statements
           The chairman reconciled the bank statements as at 30/04/01.

295/01 6   Review of Debtors
           Debtors total was £4317.45 at 30/04/01
           - Interest accrued
           - VAT recoverable
           - Allotment rents (two)
           - MYC - hire of building (since received).

296/01 7   Review of Budget and Year to Date Actuals
           The budget figures and year to date actuals were reviewed.
           MCC grant overpaid by £1611.51 in 2000/01. After payment of MCC
           bills in April the grant was £2107 overpaid at 30/04/01 (the
           monthly element of the grant being £1666).
           Noted that administration was £301 over budget (CALC subscription
           £361 paid a month early).

297/01 8   Draft Accounts 2000/01
           Accounts were reviewed.  The following were noted:
           Youth Receipts  £600 - tuck and hire of building.
           MCC grant was increased to £31,143 but grants of £11,143 were
           received from WREN towards recreation ground expenditure - shown
           under donations.

           The Supporting Statement was reviewed and following points noted:
           Reserves - £40,000 balance remaining for the purchase of land.
           Money Outstanding - £5963.96.
           Fixed Assets - Figure for bins revised.
           Loan PWLB  - Loan period remaining 5 years.
           S 137 Payments - Community Care fees deducted from total Community
           Care expenditure - LGA 1972 S 137 Paragraph 4B (f) (iii) refers.
           Youth was now paid under LG (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976
           Section 19 (d & e).

           AGREED  to recommend that the accounts be approved by Council.

298/01 9   Any other business
           Online Banking - Members signed an application for online banking
           to enable transfer of funds between Lloyds TSB accounts.
           Notice of Audit - audit set for 31 July 01.

The meeting ended at 8.00pm