Minutes of the Finance Committee meeting
       held on Monday 24 July 2000 in Milton Community Centre at 7.00pm

Present:   RT Summerfield (chair)   JE Coston   RJ Farrington   PK Oldham
           The clerk

       1   Apologies for absence HM Smith   RLE Waters

352/00 2   Chairman RTS was elected chairman.

353/00 3   Minutes of the meeting of 25 April 2000 were confirmed and signed
           as a true record.

       4   Matters arising
354/00     Cheque 1810 youth equipment not received by County Council.
(201/00)   AGREED to sign replacement cheque - no. 1847.

355/00 5   Bank Reconciliation and Bank Statements
           The chairman reconciled the bank statements as at 31/06/00. Noted
           that up to date Money Master account statement not to hand.

356/00 6   Review of Debtors
           Debtors at 31/06/00
           - VAT recoverable
           - Allotment rent (since received).

357/00 7   Review of Budget and Year to Date Actuals
           The budget figures and year to date actuals were reviewed.
           - Millennium money expenditure may not be finalised until next
             financial year. Possible expenditure - photographs and gifts for
             children. Noted that the school ball did not lose money.

358/00 8   Audit
           The audit report had been received and circulated. Two points were
           noted for future years:
           1 Evidence needed of sufficient buildings insurance by MCC.
           2 It was suggested that Loans Outstanding (PWLB) should be removed
             from balance sheet and recorded in supporting statement.
           AGREED to ask auditor to point out where in the NALC and CIPFA
           Guidance Notes suggestion 2 could be found in order that Committee
           could discuss further before responding.

359/00 9   Salary Scales
           AGREED  to recommend acceptance of National Joint Council for Local
           Government Services pay settlement of 3% as from 01/04/00:
           Litter picker  - SCP 4  = £4.62 per hour
           Mobile warden - SCP 11 = £5.93 per hour
           Clerk  - SCP 21 = £7.70 per hour.
           Suggested that the warden is paid 20 miles per week travelling (from
           15 miles) subject to consideration by Community Care committee.

       10  Any other business
           There being no other business the meeting was closed at 7.30pm.