Minutes of the Finance Committee meeting
       held on Monday 31 January 2000 in Milton Community Centre at 7.30pm

Present:   RT Summerfield (chair)   RJ Farrington   PK Oldham   HM Smith
           RLE Waters   IF May for item 5   PT Mynott
           The clerk

           Apologies for absence - JE Coston

41/00  1   Minutes of the meeting of 26 July 1999 were confirmed and signed as
           a true record.

       2   Matters arising - none

42/00  3   Bank Reconciliation and Bank Statements
           The chairman reconciled the bank statements as at 31/12/99 -
           Commuted Fixed Account still to be reconciled.

43/00  4   Review of Debtors
           There were no debtors at 31/12/99.

44/00  5   Review of Insurances including "sick pay"
           AGREED to recommend that play equipment, metal seats and silver cup
           be omitted from policy. New photocopier to be included.
           The clerk would find out whether play equipment and seats were
           covered against "all risks", including theft.
           AGREED to recommend that as a caring employer Council should apply
           the same sick pay conditions to mobile warden and litter picker:

            Up to six months service               nil
            From six months to five years service  one month full pay
                                                   one month half pay
            After five years service               two months full pay
                                                   two months half pay.

           Noted that the clerk had "preserved rights" (Section 5 paragraph
           50 of the National Joint Council for Local Authorities'
           Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical Services) as
           per his contract signed 6 July 1995.

45/00  6   Review of Budget and Year to Date Actuals
           The budget figures and year to date actuals were reviewed.

46/00  7   1999/2000 Projected Expenditure
           Estimated spending to 31 March 2000 was revised to £77,750
           (original budget estimate £77,110).

47/00  8   New Projects
           Teenage play area phase 1  £20,000
           Drop-in centre: capital £20,000
                           annual running costs £9,600 
                                  (for 2000/01 pro rata £6,000)
           Cemetery path £5,300
           Bus shelter £3,000
           New footpath Community Centre £2,000 (estimated)
           Highway maintenance £200 (addition to grass cutting contract)

           AGREED to recommend that:
           1. Council earmark £80,000 sheltered housing money for purchase
              of land;
           2. £20,000 sheltered housing money be set aside to be spent on youth
              projects and teenage play area - priority for allocation to be
              decided by youth committee.
           Outside sources of funding should also be sought.

           Noted that this level of spending would exceed the S 137 limit. 
           The clerk would investigate and report back.

           AGREED to request that MCC meet the costs of the BMX track; also
           that the footpath from bowls pavilion towards Community Centre be
           deferred or costs met by MCC.

48/00  9   Free Resource
           Report circulated showed that the 1999/2000 level of spending would
           be well within the limit.
           It was anticipated that approximately £1,500 projected millennium
           spending would come out of the "free resource".

49/00  10  Expenditure Review 2000/01
           Estimated spending for 2000/01 amounted to £84,005 less estimated
           income £12,820 making a net total spend of £71,185.
           AGREED that £5,300 cemetery path should be taken from commuted sums
           and that external funding be sought e.g. Wren.
           Total estimated spending therefore:  £78,705 less income
           £12,820 = £65,885.

50/00  11  Precept 2000/01
           AGREED to recommend that Council set a precept of £65,000 an
           increase of 4.8% from 1999. (For a Band D house this amounts
           to £40.50).

The meeting ended at 10.30pm.