Minutes of the Cemetery Committee Meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held in the Community Centre on Monday 15 October 01 at 8.25pm

Present:   PK Oldham (chair)   R Day   B Jefferson   RLE Waters   RJ Farrington
           JE Coston   CJ Lock   TJ Siggs   HM Smith   RT Summerfield
           the clerk SJ Daniels

542/01 1   Chairman - PKO was elected chairman.

543/01 2   Apologies for absence - the clerk apologised for omitting to invite
           I Cowley. He had spoken to BC Waterson, however, to ascertain her
           views about the trees (item 4 below).

544/01 3   Minutes - of the meeting held on 22 January 01 were approved and
           signed as a true record.

545/01 4   Trees
           Sycamore trees at eastern boundary  - the pollarded trees were
           continuing to die back. The clerk reported BCW's opinion that the
           trees should be taken down and new ones planted.

           It was AGREED
             to remove the pollarded trees immediately; and
             in principle to remove all the sycamores and to take advice
             about re-planting.

           Ash tree western boundary - AGREED to pollard.

           Town & Country Tree Surgery to be asked to quote for the above.

           Hedge southern boundary - the clerk would speak to Mr Chapman about
           pruning the hedge on "his" side.

546/01 5   Planting of daffodils
           A resident had offered to plant daffodils in the cemetery.
           It was AGREED to allow planting in front of the wild meadow.

547/01 6   Request for seat
           AGREED to accept offer of a seat to be sited near the end of the

The meeting ended at 8.50pm.