Minutes of the Cemetery Committee Meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held in the Community Centre on Wednesday 1 March 2000 at 7pm

Present:   PK Oldham (chair)   Rev IM Cowley   R Day   RLE Waters
           the clerk SJ Daniels

           AGREED that Ian Cowley be elected to this committee.

       1   Apologies for absence  M Ellwood

95/00  2   Chairman
           PKO was elected chairman.

       3   Minutes
96/00      The report of the meeting held on 23 June 1999 was approved and
           signed as a true record.

(276/99)   Scattering of Ashes
           Members recollected that Council had not agreed to scattering of
           ashes at all, although the minutes of full Council did not reflect
           this. It was AGREED that scattering of ashes should not be allowed.

97/00  4   Closure of Milton churchyard - old part of cemetery
           The clerk reported that parishioners had a right to be buried in the
           churchyard even when it is full. To extinguish this right an order
           to close the churchyard is needed. All Saints' churchyard was closed
           many years ago.
           Although the "old" part of the cemetery, which in effect was an
           extension to the churchyard, was full there seemed no need to ask
           for a closure as the cemetery extension would cater for the village
           for many years.

98/00  5   Areas for burial plots
           IMC suggested that the cemetery could be divided into sections so
           that burials could take place, for example, at the eastern end.
           AGREED to continue burying from the western end and work towards the

99/00  6   Proposed Driveway
           IMC objected to the proposed driveway as he felt that it was
           unsuitable, a desecration of the cemetery and an encouragement to
           the public to drive into the cemetery.
           Council's objective was to provide better pedestrian access for the
           elderly and those in wheelchairs and for the hearse, although it
           was noted that there had been no problem with access for the
           undertakers to date.
           It was AGREED to recommend that Council proceed to build the
           driveway with the following condition:
           "No public vehicular access will be allowed to the cemetery".
           [To prevent unauthorised access the gate will be locked, allowing
            pedestrian access only - keys being held by the rector, clerk and
            grass cutter].
           This motion would be discussed at the Church Council meeting to be
           held on Tuesday 7 March.

           Grant Funding
           The clerk would make an application to Wren and ask Milton
           Charities to provide the "third party funding" - £531.60.

The meeting ended at 7.50pm.