Minutes of the Meeting of the Community Care Working Group
       held on Friday 26 April 02 at 11am at Edmund House 

Present:   L Sandford [chair]   R Day   M Ellwood   IF May
           SJ Daniels  - Clerk to the Council 
           A Ellwood (warden) and T Ebbon (deputy) 

192/02 1   CCWG  -  M Ellwood had volunteered to join the working group.

193/02 2   Retirement - L Sandford announced that he was retiring from the
           Community Care Working Group having been involved since the
           community care's inception.  On behalf of Council thanks were
           recorded to Len for his hard work over the previous ten years.
           The Working Group would therefore be looking for a new chairman.

194/02 3   Minutes - LS signed the minutes of the meeting held on
           1 February 2001.

195/02 4   Scheme Update  - There were 13 clients at present 7 of whom lived
            in Barnabas Court.

196/02 5   Barnabas Court - There was considerable discussion about the
           admissions policy and referral process for Barnabas Court. IFM
           stressed that priority must be given to applicants with a link to
           The clerk would write to SCDC for clarification and ask the
           following questions: 
           - Do applicants apply to SCDC?
           - What are the criteria for admission?  
           - How do applicants know how many points they have and where
             they are on the list?

197/02 6   Funding - the clerk would submit an application for funding from
           SCDC (copy to Councillor Summerfield).

The meeting ended at 12.25pm