Minutes of the Meeting of the Community Care Working Group
       held Thursday 1 February 01 at 11am at Edmund House

Present:   L Sandford [chair]   R Day   IF May
           SJ Daniels  - Clerk to the Council
           A Ellwood (warden) and T Ebbon (deputy) for item 8

72/01  1   Minutes - LS signed the minutes of the meeting held on 18 October

73/01  2   CCWG - New members of the working group needed as both AL and PM had

74/01  3   Warden - AE was due to go into hospital 25 February.  It was AGREED
           that she could carry over 5 days holiday - to be taken by 31 May.

75/01  4   Expenses
(359/00)   AGREED  to confirm that the warden continue to be paid 20 miles per
           week travelling.  (To be approved by Council).

76/01  5   Funding of the Scheme - The members were satisfied with the
(44/01)    operation of the scheme. It was felt that if extra funds were
           available from the County and District Councils then the elected
           representatives might be able to put a case for these funds.

           Note that Minute 325/94 dated 05/09/94 refers:
           "RJF proposed IFM seconded and all agreed to increase the warden's
           hours to 15 hours per week. It was resolved that the Council in
           accordance with its powers under Sections 137 and 139 of the Local
           Government Act 1972, should incur the following expenditure which,
           in the opinion of the Council is in the interests of the area or
           its inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with
           the expenditure: to meet the costs of up to £5000 per year for the
           Community Care scheme .. and to encourage alternative funding if

77/01  6   Scheme up-to-date - There were at present 12 people in the scheme.
           AGREED  to put an advert/article in the Village View.

78/01  7   Barnabas Court - LS was in discussions with Cambridge Housing
           Society about improvements that CHS could put into place.
           Committee were very satisfied with the success of the scheme.

79/01  8   Report from Warden(s) - Audrey Ellwood  and Tracey Ebbon attended.
           8.1  AE asked if a spare lifeline telephone could be kept with the
                clerk for emergencies. (On two occasions recently when there
                have been problems with phones the clerk to the Charities had
                not been available).

           8.2  The Charities had recently helped fund transport costs for a
                resident for which he was grateful.

           8.3  LS was pleased to record that the scheme was working well and
                that liaison between AE and TE was excellent.

           8.4  Committee pointed out that in any one year Council's sick pay
                conditions allowed for one month full pay and one month half
                pay in total. (After five years service this was increased
                to two months full followed by two months half pay -
                min 44/00 agreed by Council min 71/00).