Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting
       held on Wednesday 26 April 2001 at 8pm in the Community Centre Annexe

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   JE Coston   R Day   M Ellwood   B Jefferson
           GM Richardson   TJ Siggs   HM Smith   LC Twinn
           The clerk SJ Daniels and 16 residents

Minute 238/01

1   Introduction
    The chairman welcomed everyone.  He thanked the clerk for his hard work;
    also the councillors all of whom were volunteers. The Parish Councillors
    introduced themselves to the meeting.

2   Apologies for Absence
    EH Baker  RJ Farrington  DJ Lee  IF May  PK Oldham  RT Summerfield
    A Moore  C Taylor

3   Minutes
    The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 26 April 2000 were
    confirmed and signed as a true record.

4   Draft Accounts 2000/01
    Approximately £77,000 had been spent on capital projects such as cemetery
    path, play equipment, youth building and purchase of allotments land. Much
    of this money had come from the sale of the land for Barnabas Court - there
    being a balance of £40,000 in this account.

5   Charities Report
    A copy of the accounts was received.

    The following points were raised:
    - Noted that the Trustees were advised by a land agent about land rents.
    - Parish Banks - are they owned by the Charities or the Parish?
    - Drains had been filled in causing problems.
    - The Charities earn some investment income.
    - The Rowing Trust had offered a land swap about four years previously but
      had then subsequently withdrawn the offer.

6   County Councillor's Report
    Despite the report in the Cambridge News JEC was still County Councillor
    for Waterbeach, Landbeach and Chittering as well as Milton and Parish
    Councillor for Milton.
    She continued to deal with important issues  (some of which both the
    Parish and District Councils had been involved in):
    - Northern Fringe Development
    - Sewage Works
    - Science Park - traffic issues
    - Landfill Site - JEC had fought the case to attempt to prevent the
      extension of the permission.  Partial success had been achieved as the
      extension was granted to year 2010 instead of 2017.
    - A14 - JEC had arranged a public meeting.
    - A10 - problems along the A10.
    - Bus Service
    - Landbeach Recycling Centre
    - Waterbeach New Settlement - there were plans for other areas also.
    - Waterbeach Station - after the accident yellow lines and a box had been
    - Research Park - cycle path to Waterbeach.
    - Cycle Bridge - work was due to start the next week.

    In her area JEC dealt with 3 waste sites, 2 research parks, 1 rowing lake,
    a new development, the A14 and the A10 plus many other local problems.
    She was pleased to work with the local Parish Councils, and the District
    Councillors RT Summerfield, W Saberton and A Wyatt for the benefit of the

    Questions from the floor concerned:
    The landfill site - the smells, the amount of waste coming from other areas
    and the use of clay from the site for purposes other than what the
    operators had been granted planning permission. The chairman expressed the
    view that there had been a catalogue of mismanagement of the site by
    Environmental Health and the County Council. A letter from C Taylor
    expressed the need for an "action" committee.
    Go-East (the government office for East Anglia) felt that the matter was of
    insufficient importance to warrant a public inquiry.   MPC would debate the
    issues at its next meeting.
    The cycle scheme and the poor workmanship.  MPC had identified 33 points
    needing remedial action and were waiting for the County Council to put
    these right.
    Refuse collections - the mess caused by bags being left out during bank
    holiday weeks.  It was suggested that SCDC should use wheelie bins.
    Skip near Tesco and the amount of rubbish.  The clerk would ask SCDC to
    clean up the area.

7   District Councillor's Report
    A written report was circulated.  The following issues were detailed:
    - Council Tax - although the SCDC element had remained the same for three
      years increases were inevitable in the long term.
    - Future Growth - SCDC position was to protect our villages.
    - Northern Fringe - SCDC had adopted a new development strategy: up to 900
      houses plus local shops, school and employment at western end;
      development in the east would have a mixture of uses including housing.
    - CHUMMS - SCDC opposed strategy 3 (dual carriageway north of Milton) and
      supported improvements to the existing A14 subject to satisfactory
      improvements to Girton, Histon and Milton interchanges.
    - Refuse Collection - a kerbside collection of paper, textiles, cans and
      bottles would be starting in July.
    - Country Park - SCDC were following Government guidelines in closing the
      Country Park during the foot and mouth crisis.
    - District Electoral Arrangements - The Local Government Commission was
      carrying out a review of electoral arrangements.   It was likely Milton
      would be paired with a smaller village and have a second District

8   Chairman's Report
    Crime - in 1995 reported crime for Milton reached an all-time high.  Crime
    figures in 2000 were just over half the number of those reported in 1995.
    The majority of crimes were committed by people from outside the village.
    A high number of crimes were committed at Tesco - about one quarter of the
    crime in the village.
    Milton was not successful at Neighbourhood Watch - more co-ordinators were
    Facilities - MPC had tried to provide facilities for all ages such as
    Barnabas Court sheltered housing scheme and both play equipment and a youth
    centre for the young.  Thanks to HMS for her hard work on behalf of the
    young.  The youth centre was proving to be very successful.
    Community Minibus - MPC in partnership with the scout group was looking to
    buy a new minibus for community use.  Government grants were available.   A
    questionnaire to assess the possible use of a minibus had been sent out to
    all the village clubs and organisations.

9   Question and Answer Session
    Allotments - The Sports Council had withdrawn its objection to the
    sheltered housing scheme on condition the MPC would try to find
    alternative land for a junior football pitch. As a result MPC were
    looking at the possibility of putting a pitch at the northern end of the
    allotments site. MPC would compensate any allotment holders adversely
    affected by the scheme.
    Highways - a complaint about the poor standard of road surfacing and
    reinstatement of verges in the village was made.
    A10/Butt Lane Junction - concern was expressed that the new traffic lights
    would cause queuing of traffic.
    Cycle Path - concern was expressed about possible dangers to pedestrians.
    Footpath Link Landbeach Road to the A10 - this would be discussed by MPC.
    Parking of commercial vehicle on this site was raised.  MPC could look at
    this problem also.
    Roundabout at Tesco - it was suggested that a sponsor be found to
    "brighten" up this roundabout. MPC had refused one such application.
    Maintenance Committee could look at this again.
    Land adjacent A10 - leisure activity use by motor bikes was raised.

The meeting ended at 9.35pm.