Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting
       held on Monday 26 April 1999 at 8:00pm in the Community Centre

Community Centre

Present:   RLE Waters (chair)   RJ Farrington   JE Coston   IF May
           CF Nunn   PK Oldham   J Sandford   J Shaw   HM Smith
           SJ Snaith   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn
           the clerk SJ Daniels and 17 residents.

Minute 185/99

       1   Introduction
           The chairman welcomed everyone, including Nigel Howlett of
           Cambridge Housing Society, and thanked them for showing an
           interest.  It was the end of the four year Parish Council cycle
           and six councillors had not stood for re-election: D Lee, C Nunn,
           J Sandford, J Shaw, J Snaith and Y Wakeling.
           On behalf of the village he thanked them for their service.
           Thanks also to the other nine - he had enjoyed working with them
           all and expressed his thanks for their support to him as chairman.
           One new councillor Mark Palmer had been elected.

       2   Apologies for Absence
           R Day, M Gray and J Gray.

       3   Minutes
           The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 27 April 1998
           were confirmed and signed as a true record.

       4   Sheltered Housing Update - Nigel Howlett, Cambridge Housing
           Society Residents would be selected early Summer.  37 Milton
           residents aged 60+ were on SCDC housing list,  25 of them were
           interested in sheltered housing.  Priority would be given to
           those at the top of the SCDC list.  Management arrangements such
           as use of facilities for the Day Centre were still to be sorted.
           It was expected that most of the units would be rented but this
           had not yet been resolved.

           Thanks to N Howlett.

       5   Accounts for 1998/99
           The clerk presented the unaudited, draft accounts.  Income was
           approximately #88000 and expenditure #75000.

       6   Charities Report
           The Charities pay for maintenance and servicing of telephone
           lifelines. Donations were made towards the purchase of the war
           memorial land and to Edmund House for their garden maintenance

       7   County Councillor's Report

           JEC attends about 32 different committees including a position
           on the Cambs and Peterborough Fire Authority and has good working
           relationship with the local police.

           Waterbeach Station Car Park
           The car park was opened during the year.  It could possibly be

           JEC had been working with the Highways Agency for improvements to
           the A10 and A14; was also working with the Cambridge Research Park
           to provide quality cycle links through to Milton.

           Foot/Cycle Bridge
           The current A14 cycle bridge campaign had been running for seven
           years. A feasibility study recommended a bridge 3.5m wide with
           ramps starting at Tesco roundabout. It was likely to be built
           in 2001 at a cost of #1.2 million.

           Development at Waterbeach
           3000 car parking spaces were planned for the Research Park.  The
           new town at Waterbeach Barracks would be the size of Newmarket
           with further potential for expansion. The proposal included
           widening part of the A10, a bus lane on the Mere Way and an
           addition to the interchange at Milton.
           The Waterbeach proposal was just one - other plans put forward
           for Oakington, Longstanton and the Newmarket area.

           Rowing Lake
           No real progress as far as the County Council was concerned.
           HMS and JEC attend the Rowing Trust meetings.

           JEC was pleased to work with the Parish Council and the District
           Councillor for the best for the village.

           It was suggested from the floor that Mere Way should be
           considered by English Heritage as an ancient monument.

       8   District Councillor's Report

           Council Tax
           SCDC had levied a Council Tax (#50 per Band D house) for the
           first time in over six years as RTS had warned at the APM of
           1998.  Together with the County Council part this meant an
           increase of 18%.  SCDC still subsidised it, however, and
           intended holding the level for two years.

           Future Growth
           The response of the examination in public for growth in the
           region was awaited.  RTS was convinced that part of the Green
           Belt, possibly to the south and west of Cambridge, would be
           developed.  Both he and JEC were working to protect Milton's

           After public exhibitions and consultation the Parish Council
           had approved a scheme for a dedicated cycleway through the
           village.  Funding would be available for it to be built
           in 2000-2001.

           There had been a 387 response to the recent housing needs survey
           (a high response).  The results show a need for low cost,
           affordable housing.  Perhaps there was scope for such housing
           at the proposed "Farm College" development.

           Entertainments Licence
           There was a large public response to the recent public houses
           applications. The Parish Council tried to be fair in its response.
           The Waggon & Horses and the White Horse were allowed two
           entertainments per month on Fridays and Saturdays,  windows and
           doors to be kept closed - to be monitored by the Environmental
           Health Officer.
           The White Horse had laid a new quieter car parking surface with
           speed bumps. It was hoped that this measure would benefit
           residents nearby.  The landlord had agreed to take down the
           "bouncy castle" but needed confirmation from the area manager.
           The tables in front of the public house did not need planning
           A suggestion was made from the floor that "Highways" be consulted
           about the possible dangers.

           Milton Hall
           Part of a planning permission for car parking by PI Research
           included a new entrance off Ely Road.
           RTS intended asking the planning officers to press for completion.

           Refuse Collection
           Households received 90 bags per year.  A new contract for waste
           collection would start in September. SCDC would continue with the
           'bag' system.  Evidence from the wheelie bin system showed that
           30% more waste was delivered to landfill sites.  SCDC hoped
           eventually to reduce the amount of waste for landfill by 90%.

           RTS thanked Milton Parish Council and the County Councillor for
           their support and also the electorate for returning him, albeit
           unopposed, as district councillor for another four years.

       9   Millennium Report
           The Millennium Committee was co-ordinating events likely to occur
           during 2000 and making recommendations to MPC for funding.  The
           committee was also formulating plans such as:
           millennium mug for all under 16 years;
           a 15 minute aerial fireworks display at midnight 31 December 1999;
           and would be asking for funds from MPC..
           All Saints' Church would be distributing candles to be lit at
           A second meeting for all clubs was set for 8 June.
           The village magazine hoped to record all the events and produce
           a book at the end of 2000.
           There would be no event at the Community Centre on New Year's Eve.
           The path to the Country Park looked likely to go ahead - thanks to
           Julie Gray for her efforts.
           A Millennium picnic had been suggested.  It was hoped that
           children could lay a brick in the Millennium Maze.

       10  Chairman's Report

           Since 1995 the number of reported crimes had gone down,  one
           reason being that MPC actively tried to provide activities for
           young people.  MPC was interested in promoting any idea that
           would reduce crime and supported Neighbourhood Watch schemes.
           Money to purchase signs for new schemes was available.
           One of the main crimes in the village involved theft of and
           from vehicles. Both Tesco and Dillons were included in the
           statistics for Cambridge Road and High Street. SCDC had an
           active programme for crime strategy. MPC fully supported the
           community beat officer and had helped purchase him a mobile

           Milton Community Centre
           The two recreation grounds had been handed over to the
           management committee of MCC on a 125 year lease to manage all
           the facilities.  A substantial grant from MPC was given each
           year.  The MCC was a charity approved by the Charity
           Commissioners. IL Davis intended retiring as chairman at the
           AGM on 12 May.  The committee consisted of hard working
           volunteers and provided enormous amount of recreation and
           leisure facilities for the village.
           A decision about proposed roller blading and basketball courts
           for informal use at The Sycamores would be made at the next MCC
           committee meeting.

           New waste and dog bins had been installed throughout the village.
           Dog owners who contravene the dog bye-laws could be reported to
           the SCDC dog warden.

       11  Question and Answer Session
           The following issues were raised:
           Fly tipping in Fen Road near the river.
           Use of footpaths by cyclists and the dangers of this practice.
           An article in the Village View was suggested.
           A10 accident blackspot.  Report from the Highways Agency was due.

The meeting ended at 9.20pm.