Milton Bus Shelter Art Competition

The bus stops in Milton are just one of the areas we can brighten up the village for both people who visit Milton and residents. Our current bus stops are looking ‘tired’ and in need of a make-over.
Milton Parish Council have therefore decided to use some funding for the installation of artwork in three of the village bus shelters – the 2 by Tesco roundabout and the other close to the One-Stop. Funding for this will come from some money the Parish Council has received with the proviso that it can only be spent on arts-based projects. It is not from Council Taxes.
What are the positives?
● It cleans up the bus stops which are looking very shabby
● We cheer up the spaces with colourful or informative art
● We promote local artists
● It a visible enhancement to the village which should get interest both in and out of the village
Milton Parish Council are therefore inviting submissions of artwork suitable for installation in our metal frame/polycarbonate bus stops. The selected artwork will be printed onto vinyl and bonded (with an anti-graffiti coating) to the polycarbonate panels in each of the existing shelters.

This is what we currently have


Other places have added artwork to their bus shelters like this

Competition Conditions of entry

● Any Milton resident, Milton based community group and Milton school is invited to enter up to 3 submissions. Parish Councillors and their immediate family are excluded.
● By signing the Copyright/Agreement form you are agreeing to all Competition conditions.
What artwork is acceptable?
● Artwork needs to reflect Milton or have some connection to the village.
● The bus stops are 3012 mm [H] x 2944mm [W] so artwork needs to be capable of being scaled up to this size. This means that if you are producing a small picture does it still work as a large picture when it gets enlarged to 3m x 3m?
● Discriminatory, racist or pornographic artwork will not be accepted
How should I enter the artwork?
● Artwork can be submitted in finished or concept form
● If submitting artwork digitally it needs to be generated in TIF, BMP, JPG or PNG format.
● If you are drawing/painting your artwork as hard copy, we would be happy to accept a scan or digital photograph in JPG format.
● If you wish to submit the physical artwork, please contact the office for further instruction.
● All electronic submissions should be emailed to
● All submissions need to be received in the Parish Council office by 6th January 2022
Prior to the Exhibition.
● Before we can exhibit the artwork, we will need to check who owns the copyright. The artist or group who submitted the approved artwork will need to sign a declaration before the exhibition confirming they own the copyright to the artwork or have a legal right to use it for display in a public place. Otherwise, the artwork will be rejected.
● The condition of entry is that Milton Parish Council is given a licence to use the work for the use on the bus stops/other venues within Milton on a non-profit basis, display in the exhibition and possibly any record/publication of the exhibition.
● Milton Parish Council reserves the right to cancel the project if no suitable artwork is received. The Parish Council’s decision is final.

The Exhibition

● Accepted artwork will be printed by us in preparation for the exhibition.
● In January 2022 [date and venue to be announced] there will be a public exhibition in the village of the approved artwork.
● Artwork will be displayed anonymously
● Visitors to the exhibition will be given a voting paper where they can vote for their 3 favourite designs. From this a short list will be arrived at. The Parish Council will then decide which three designs from the short list are going to be used.
● The groups or individuals chosen for the final selected artwork will receive a cash commission prize of £500 per piece on installation.
What happens next?
● Our production team will work with the 3 winners to ensure the artwork is processed to fit the bus stops.
● The artwork is expected to be installed during February or March 2022.

Artwork Tips

● The final size of the artwork is 3012 X 2944 mm
● The drawing on the last page is to scale and shows the overall dimensions of the finished artwork.
● The final selected artwork will be resampled digitally to full size if not already done so.
● Keep your artwork in the correct proportions when designing it. For those making hard copy artwork the easiest way of doing this is to draw a square as large as possible and design your artwork to fit that.
● Note that the bus stop has a vertical and horizontal fixing bar. The centre vertical frame strut and horizontal bar will obscure part of your artwork when fitted in the bus stop. Try to avoid having important parts of your artwork in these areas if you can.
● The selected artwork will be printed onto clear vinyl for installation onto the bus stop. Those familiar with the bus stops will know that the top part curves over to create a shelter. It also allows light into the bus stop. Therefore, you might want to consider fading out the drawing towards the top [or leaving it completely clear] so that maximum light can still enter the bus stop and display your artwork in the best light.
● You can sign your artwork if you wish on the bottom left-hand corner but this will be obscured for the exhibition. A small plaque with the name of the artist or group will be attached to the bus stop.
● If you have any problems sending the electronic copy of your artwork to us because of the file size let us know. Alternatively, drop off a copy on a memory stick [not returnable] to the Parish Council office
This drawing shows the curve of the bus stop and the vertical and horizontal bars and how your artwork might work best. Also, there are 4 seats on the bottom section which could obscure some of your artwork so bear this in mind.

Have any technical questions or questions about the competition?
Call the Parish Council office on 01223 861477 or send an email to

Fully dimensioned drawing for the bus stop