The Sewage Works Pong

Milton and the other communities surrounding the Cambridge sewage works have been suffering from a significant increase in the smell of the last couple of years. Your local councillors have been talking to Anglian Water about this for some considerable time now but despite various measures being implemented by the company things didn't seem to be getting any better and South Cambridgeshire District Council finally took legal action against Anglian Water. This seemed to encourage them into action, as this article explains.

However we still need to monitor the situation and if you notice the smell then you can help to maintain the pressure on Anglian Water (which we still need to continue to do, despite SCDC's actions) by complaining to Anglian Water if there are problems.

Initial contact should be made to their regional call centre which will then ensure that the complaint is logged, a report is sent to the Cambridge Sewage Works and you will be then be contacted if that is your request. You can do this in the following ways:

  1. Write to Anglian Water, Customer Services, PO Box 10642, Harlow CM20 9HA
  2. Online form. The account number field can be left blank on this form.
  3. Telephone. All odour incidents should be reported as quickly as possible to the Lincoln Control Centre by telephone
    Freephone 0800 145 145
    08457 145 145 (Local Rate 24Hr Helpline)
    or 01522 341000.
    Refer to the "CambST" (Cambridge Sewage Treatment Centre) and say "Advice is required", which means they will report back to you about the problem.
  4. Emails should be sent to: .

    Advise the operator that you wish to make a complaint about the smell from the Cambridge Sewage Works (if you refer to it as the "Milton" Sewage Works they won't know what you're talking about).

    You should advise the operator of your name, address and contact telephone number and when the foul odour occurred, giving the date, time and duration if possible.

    If you wish to be kept informed about the action taken regarding your complaint it is important that you advise the operator that you want to be called back by Cambridge Sewage Works.

Anglian Water will respond within 10 working days of receiving your letter or e-mail.

Complaints made in this way will help Anglian Water to take effective action with regards to your complaint and also build up a picture of any complaints, problems or trends.

These smell complaints will be logged and discussed at the Local Liaison Committee Meetings which include Anglian Water Officers, Local, District and County Councillors along with Environmental Health Officers from both Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire District Council.