Want ADSL Broadband?

Written 28/08/02

If you would prefer to use an ISP other than NTL for broadband then, unless you live right on the southern edge of Milton, you're stuck because BT have yet to enable ADSL on the Waterbeach exchange, which serves most of the village. Local businesses, including The Hug have been lobbying our MP, James Paice, about this for some time.

BT have now said they will enable Waterbeach is 450 people register an interest in using it. Only 25 have registered so far so if you want ADSL you need to register. Registering does not commit you at this stage.

You have to register via your chosen ISP, not with BT. Visit BT Wholesale's web site for details of ISPs participating in the registration scheme (Demon, who BT Wholesale's adverts claim are taking registrations, aren't).

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