Proposed Changes to CB1-5 Postcode Addresses

The following are extracts from a letter to Milton Parish Council dated 30th January 2006. Any typos are probably down to the process of typing it in.

The proposals for the CB1-5 area relate to the postcode section of the address only. They are due to go out to public consultation on February 14, 2006 for three months. They are designed to reflect the predicted growth in development in Cambridge city and its environs over the next few years - about 27,000 new addresses in the city area and 23,000 in the rural areas - and to address the issue of postcode exhaustion in some parts of the CB1-5 area (75% used and upwards). These proposals form part of the normal evolution and development of the national Postcode Address File (PAF), which records details of all 27 million addresses in the UK.

Under the proposal the CB prefix will remain in all areas, but parts of CB1-5 could change to CB21-25. The proposal is to create sectors encompassing the city only, bordered in general by the M11 and the A14. The parts of the CB1-5 sectors falling outside this will then be recoded as CB21-25 while the majority of city postcodes will remain unchanged.

The proposed changes will be as follows:

CB1 5 > CB21 5
CB1 6 > CB21 6
CB2 2 > CB2 7/8/9
CB2 4 > CB22 4
CB2 5 > CB22 5
CB2 6 > CB22 6
CB3 0 > CB23 0
CB3 6 > CB23 6
CB3 7 > CB23 7
CB3 8 > CB23 8
CB4 5 > CB24 5
CB4 6 > CB24 6
CB4 8 > CB24 8
CB4 9 > CB24 9
Various > CB24 7
CB5 0 > CB25 0
CB5 9 > CB25 9

As part of the consultation process we write to all affected addresses to invite their views. [...]

Should the changes happen, they will come into effect in September this year. We will then write to all customers to advise them of their new postal address. Free address labels are supplied to all households in order that they can pass on their details to friends, family and customers. Royal Mail will make every effort to minimise customer inconvenience.

A phased introduction of the new addresses over a 12 month period should allow our business customers to implement the address changes across their company. It provides time to update vehicle livery, signage and websites, for example, and to use up stocks of pre-printed stationery and promotional material.

Your comments and views are important to us and are a valuable part of the three-month consultation process, which ends on May 15. You can write to:

Brian Davies
Address Development Manager
Royal Mail
Castle Foregate

Yours sincerely

Ian Songhurst
Area General Manager
Royal Mail East Anglia